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Teen Arrested For Bringing Handgun to School

Seattle police arrested an 18-year-old woman Wednesday afternoon at Chief Sealth High School in West Seattle after she was reportedly seen with a firearm.

At around 2 PM, a fellow student reported seeing the young woman drop a firearm in bathroom, before picking it up and leaving the school building.

School staff called police and put the Sealth and nearby Denny Middle School campuses in shelter in place.

Officers identified the student alleged to have a firearm and found her at the Westwood Village shopping center. Police were not immediately able to locate the handgun, but arrested the 18-year-old for a firearms violation.

During the investigation, officers also attempted to contact a group of students near the school after they ran from police.

Officers were able to contact the group of students and determine they were not connected to the young woman seen with the firearm. Police, however, did find a bag of marijuana while attempting to contact the group, but it remains unclear whether it belonged to any of the students.