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Man Arrested After Leading Police On Brief Chase In Stolen Aid Car

After jumping through a hotel window Saturday night, a 23-year-old man stole a Seattle Fire Department aid car and led police on a brief chase in the Sand Point neighborhood before officers were able to convince him to surrender.

Around 11:30 PM, officers and Seattle Fire Department EMTs were called to a downtown hotel after the man reportedly jumped through a bay window 10 feet off the ground. The man then stole an aid car and fled to North Seattle, where fire officials and police began tracking the vehicle.

Officers found the aid car driving through the Sand Point neighborhood with its lights and sirens running and began following it at from distance.

When police tried to box in the suspect in the 7700 block of Sand Point Way, the suspect turned the stolen aid car around and headed back toward officers. The suspect struck the front of one patrol car as he pulled around police and continued driving.

As police turned on their lights and sirens and began pursuing the suspect, Officer John Marion used his loudspeaker to address the man, explain the danger he was creating, and convince him to pull over.

The suspect finally came to a stop in the 5000 block of Northeast 65th Street and surrendered to police.

The suspect, who appeared dazed when he was arrested, was treated for injuries he sustained during his incident at the downtown hotel and was booked into the King County Jail for auto theft.