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Man Arrested For Trying to Steal Another Cop Car

A man arrested in April 2015 for stealing a police SUV was arrested again this morning for attempting to abscond with another police vehicle.

Around 8:15 AM, officers were checking on a possible stolen car in a parking lot in the 2600 block of 1st Avenue.

Police had parked their patrol SUV, gotten out, and were circling around a parked brown Acura, surveying the debris left inside and out, when a man rode into the parking lot on a bicycle.

As officers came around the other side of the Acura, they noticed the man standing on his tiptoes, leaning his entire torso through the partially-open window of their vehicle. Officers quickly took the  man into custody.

He soon admitted to officers he’d planned to steal their vehicle, and a few minutes later, officers learned he’d already stolen a bike from outside a bakery a few blocks away.

Officers booked the 37-year-old suspect–who was was still wearing the victim’s (also) stolen bicycle helmet at the time of his arrest–into the King County Jail for investigation of theft and attempted auto theft and returned the bike to the victim.