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Cops Reunite Car-Surfing Cockatoo With Owner

bird3Peaches McFly, a bird, was safely returned to his owner Monday after he reportedly car-surfed from his Madison Valley home to Capitol Hill.

A concerned citizen flagged down Officers David Allen and Kurt Preuss in the 1400 block of Harvard Avenue around 11:30 PM and informed them a white bird was hanging out on a car in the area and appeared stranded.

No one at the scene came forward to claim the bird–who refused to turn stool pigeon on his owners–so Officer Allen did an internet search for recent online postings about lost birds in Seattle.

He soon found a post about a missing white cockatoo, named Peaches McFly, and discovered that Peaches had his own Instagram page.

Officers were able to coax Peaches into a patrol car (they were delighted to discover the bird was house-broken) and contacted the bird’s owner through Instagram.

The cockatoo’s owner arrived to retrieve the bird, and informed officers that Peaches, like that other McFly, sometimes “car surfs” on slow-moving vehicles to travel about the East Precinct.

A photo posted by Peaches McFly (@peachmcfly) on