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37 Days and a Wake Up

Police were called to Pike Place Market Thursday after a man’s political street performance received pour reviews.

According to witnesses, a man wearing a rubber Donald Trump mask, with a handcuffed Hillary Clinton doll strapped to his front, reportedly made his way through the market, while making thrusting motions and shouting the word “rape.”

As the man was walking in the 100 block of Pike Street, he felt something wet dripping down his back and turned to see a woman with a water pitcher in her hand walking away.

The man called police and claimed the clerk at a nearby anarchist bookstore had doused him.

The clerk said she’d called market security on the man, but denied pouring water on him.

Officers were unable to find any witnesses willing to assist in the investigation, but did speak with market security, who asked the man to leave as they had reportedly received numerous complaints about his performance.