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Chief O’Toole Statement On Immigration Status

As affirmed by Mayor Murray, the City of Seattle remains committed to values of equality, inclusion and openness. So does the Seattle Police Department. I have heard from people in our community who fear that the policies of the SPD with regards to immigration status will soon change. They will not. Throughout my career in policing and as Seattle Police Chief, I have unwaveringly supported the rights of undocumented people, who are vulnerable, too often victimized and exploited, and may not feel safe coming forward when they are victims of crime. I am a founding member of the Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force and fully support its principles. I have also provided testimony in amicus briefs nationally supporting protections for undocumented people who interact with local law enforcement.

The policies of the Seattle Police Department regarding immigration status will not change.

It is the intent of the Seattle Police Department to foster trust and cooperation with all people served by the Department. Complainants, witnesses and victims are encouraged to communicate with Seattle Police officers without fear of inquiry regarding their immigration status.