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Sandwich Shop Diner and Bike Sergeant Team Up to Save Life

On March 10 at around 6:44 p.m., West Precinct Bicycle Sergeant Rob Brown responded to a ‘man down’ call at a sandwich shop in the 1400 block of 3rd Avenue.

According to witnesses, the patient, a 29-year-old man, bought a cookie and asked for the restaurant’s restroom codes. A few minutes later, patrons heard what sounded like a body falling onto the restroom floor.

Out of an abundance of caution, a restaurant employee opened the bathroom door and saw the patient lying on the floor, unresponsive. A diner quickly checked the patient for a pulse and breathing. Detecting none, the diner instructed a second patron to call 911. The diner then commenced with CPR.

Bicycle Sergeant Rob Brown arrived and hurried into the store to evaluate the patient. Brown saw that the man’s face was pale and ashen, his lips were blue, and that he appeared dead. With the diner continuing CPR, Brown administered a dose of his department-issued nasal naloxone.

Within 20 seconds, the patient had a pulse. Shortly thereafter, the patient was breathing on his own.

Seattle Fire Department medics arrived on scene and took over emergency care.

Mere minutes later, the patient opened his eyes and sat up. The patient admitted to using heroin in the restroom. Seattle Fire medics transported the patient to Harborview Medical Center for additional treatment.

This incident marks the 17th time officers have successfully used naloxone since Seattle police began carrying it in mid-March.  The case will become part of the ongoing study conducted by the University of Washington into SPD’s use of naloxone for a possible department-wide deployment.

As a reminder, Washington law provides immunity from criminal drug possession charges for anyone seeking medical aid for themselves or someone else experiencing an overdose.