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Man Tries to Steal Bike After Failing to Steal Moped, Fails at That Too

A 41-year-old man, apparently intent on acquiring a new two-wheeled vehicle early this morning, was arrested in the Meadowbrook neighborhood after he stole a moped and then a bicycle from two homes.

Around 6 AM, a neighbor called 911 and reported a man wearing bright blue gloves was wheeling a motor scooter down the street near the 10700 block of 35th Avenue Northeast.

Officers found the man who, by that time, was pushing a gray bicycle down the street and discovered, had two warrants. Officers also found the motor scooter dumped next to another home nearby. The suspect reportedly ditched the scooter after he was unable to get it started.

With the help of neighbors in the area, officers were able to return the motor scooter and the bike to their rightful owners, and also recovered a pile of opened mail, apparently stolen from another home in the area.

Officers arrested the man for auto theft and possession of stolen property and booked him into the King County Jail.