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Suspect Arrested Following Early Morning Burglary/Robbery in Licton Springs Neighborhood

Officers arrested an 18-year-old man Wednesday morning after he broke into a house and then struggled with the homeowner outside.

Just before 8:00 am, a resident in the 9700 block of Ashworth Avenue North was asleep when she was awakened by noise downstairs.  She discovered that some of her property had been moved and other items appeared to be missing.  The resident looked outside and saw an unknown man inside her vehicle.  The woman ran outside to confront the suspect.  The suspect had her backpack and other stolen items in his possession.  The victim grabbed onto her backpack and tried to pull it away while demanding that the suspect return her items.  The suspect attempted to flee on foot, but the victim would not let go.  The suspect dragged the victim on the ground after knocking her down and kicking her in the head. The suspect broke free, keeping the backpack and fleeing on foot.

A neighbor, witnessing the struggle, called 911.  Patrol officers responded to the area and located the suspect several blocks away.  The suspect was positively identified and arrested.  The victim was treated at a local hospital for minor cuts and scratches.  Detectives from the Major Crimes Task Force responded and will handle the follow up investigation.

The suspect was later booked into jail for burglary and robbery.