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Move Left For First Responders Working to Clear Crash Scenes

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) declared November 13 – 19, Traffic Incident Response Week, to highlight the work first responders do to keep the public safe.

Seattle Police, Seattle Fire, and Seattle Department of Transportation employees respond to crashes every day. The City of Seattle recognized that this can be a dangerous part of the job and adopted a law to help protect those men and women as they work to clear the roads.

If you are driving and see a first responder parked by the side of the road and using their emergency lights, move to the left. If it is unsafe to move over, slow down. If you follow those two rules it reduces the chances someone will get hurt by a passing vehicle. It also eliminates the chance that you will receive a ticket for breaking this law. Failure to do so could cost you $212.

Seattle Police Traffic Collision Investigations Detective collecting measurements after a serious crash.

To find out more about the people who respond to crashes in our city, check out the Seattle Department of Transportation’s blog.