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One Man Shot Following Tenant Dispute at Wallingford Rooming House

A tenant in a Wallingford rooming house was shot and wounded by another tenant, after he reportedly chased after a third tenant while armed with a knife.

While investigators are still on scene gathering details, it appears the incident unfolded shortly after 4:15 PM Tuesday in the 1900 block of North 46th Street when two tenants, who live in separate apartment units, became embroiled in a dispute. One of the three tenants in the home reportedly armed himself with a knife and chased after another tenant. The second tenant went to third tenant for help. The third tenant, who saw the suspect was armed with a knife, armed himself with a handgun and shot the first tenant.

Police have previously responded to the home regarding disputes between tenants.

The man shot in the incident was taken to Harborview with non-life threatening injuries. Investigators are still questioning the other tenants and gathering details at the scene.