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Officers Use Heavy Machinery to Rescue Man on West Seattle Bridge

Some jobs call for a ladder, others call for a 13 tons of steel, 127 horsepower (net, of course) and a quiet, but powerful hydraulic system.

Witnesses called 911 Thursday afternoon to report a man on a ledge in the 2600 block of SW Spokane Street.

Officers found the man standing on a ledge that they estimated to be six inches wide, occasionally slipping.  Fearing for the man’s safety, Officer Morgan Irwin, whom you may remember from the time he commandeered a jetski,  spotted a nearby backhoe driving down the road.  Officer Irwin ran over to the driver and asked him for help.


The driver was able to position the machinery below the 48-year-old man allowing him to safely jump inside it.

Once on the ground, medics took the man to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

Officer Irwin could not be reached for comment about what he planned to commandeer next.