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Cameron McLay to Advise City of Seattle on Police Reform

The City of Seattle announced the hiring of consultant Cameron McLay as the City of Seattle’s Senior Advisor on Police Reform, working with the Mayor’s Office and the Seattle Police Department.  As a consultant, McLay will support the City by working to continue to implement and measure reforms to help ensure a successful two-year sustainment period.

McLay will work with key stakeholders, including the Community Police Commission, the Inspector General, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Office of Professional Accountability, and the Federal Monitor.

While the City was deemed in “full and effective compliance” in January 2018, the City must stay in compliance for two full years and meet all the reporting deadlines before it can petition the Court to terminate the Consent Decree in January 2020.

McLay, who is the former Chief of Police of Pittsburgh, implemented a series of reforms in Pittsburgh. McLay’s background will be valuable as the Seattle Police Department continues moving forward with the sustainment phase of the federal consent decree.

McLay began advising the City in October, and his contract goes through January 31, 2020.