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UPDATE – Detectives Investigating Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting in Licton Springs

UPDATE – January 3, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.

The Seattle Police Force Investigation Team (FIT) continues to investigate the New Year’s Eve officer-involved shooting that occurred in the Licton Springs neighborhood.

In the interest of transparency, and in adherence to SPD policy, the department is releasing dashcam and bodyworn video of this incident.

The following video shows the suspect running from his car during a traffic stop, as well as a physical struggle with officers just a short distance away. Officers stopped the suspect because the car he was driving had a Department of Licensing flag indicating the registered owner had a suspended license. Officers also observed the suspect make an improper lane change. The below video includes dashcam of the suspect running from his car, and five separate body cam angles of the foot pursuit, the physical struggle with the suspect, and the officer-involved shooting. The video concludes with some footage slowed down and the suspect’s gun highlighted by a red circle.

Warning: This video contains graphic content.

FIT detectives requested an ATF trace of the suspect’s handgun. A Washington Crime Information Center (WACIC) check revealed the suspect possessed a stolen handgun, originally taken during a 2016 car prowl in Renton. FIT detectives released the following photos of the handgun and fully-loaded magazine.

The suspect was carrying $1,160 in cash and a vial containing 263 pills with the code for oxycodone stamped on them at the time of his death. The pills tested positive for fentanyl and acetaminophen.

The suspect’s car remains in the Seattle Police Processing Room. Detectives will search it pending a search warrant.

FIT detectives interviewed and released the adult female passenger who was in the suspect’s car at the time of the traffic stop.

FIT detectives have also interviewed the six officers present during this incident. Per SPD policy, the officer-involved in the shooting is on paid administrative leave. The involved officer was hired by SPD in September of 2015.

Detectives are asking anyone else who has information about the case to call them at (206) 684-9292.

This remains an active and ongoing FIT investigation and will proceed according to policies and procedures established by the Department of Justice and the Seattle Police Monitoring Team.

This information is preliminary and subject to change as the investigation proceeds.

ORIGINAL POST – Updated January 3, 2018 at 2:10

Seattle Police Force Investigation Team (FIT) detectives are investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting that occurred tonight in the Licton Springs neighborhood.

Just after 5 p.m., North Precinct patrol officers stopped a motorist in the northbound lanes of Aurora Avenue N at N 96th Street. The suspect stopped his car, but then immediately eventually got out and ran away. The three six officers present during the traffic stop chased after him.

The suspect crossed the southbound lanes of Aurora in his attempt to flee, but the officers caught up to him just west of Aurora.

The suspect and the officers engaged in a physical struggle, and the suspect produced a handgun.

One officer drew his own handgun, and shot the suspect.

Officers provided first aid to the wounded suspect and called for Seattle Fire Department medics. SFD medics arrived and declared the suspect deceased at the scene. Detectives recovered the suspect’s handgun.

FIT and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) detectives responded to the scene to interview witnesses, and search for and collect forensic evidence.

The suspect’s car will be impounded and towed to the Seattle Police Processing Room. Detectives will search it once they have obtained a search warrant.

Per SPD policy, designed in collaboration with the Department of Justice, detectives were joined on scene with representatives from the Office of Police Accountability and the Office of the Inspector General. Also per SPD policy, the officer involved in the shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

This information is preliminary and subject to change as the investigation proceeds.