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Man Arrested After Neighbor Spots Him Breaking Into Shed

Officers arrested a man after he was spotted by an eagle-eyed neighbor breaking into a shed Monday afternoon.

A witness called 911 at 4:30 p.m. Monday to report a man was stealing items from his neighbor’s shed in the 1200 block of South Sullivan Street. The witness told officers he saw the 27-year-old man enter his neighbor’s yard through a hole in the fence. The witness threw a rock at the shed wall and scared the suspect away. The witness was able to snap a few photos of the suspect before he fled the area.

Police quickly found the suspect just blocks away and took him into custody. Additional officers spoke with the property owner who told them no one had permission to be in his shed and the door had been damaged, possibly by the suspect trying to enter the shed.

Officers booked the suspect into King County Jail for burglary.