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To the Man Who Stole $600 From a Girl Scout Cookie Table: We Cannot Stop Them; Your Only Hope is to Turn Yourself In

Why would you rip off a moneyed organization with thousands of members trained in mechanical engineering, cybersecurity investigations and archery? Only one man knows for sure.

Just before 8 pm on March 3rd, a group of young scouts were selling cookies outside a grocery store in the 11100 block of Roosevelt Way Northeast when a man ran up, grabbed their money bin–containing more than $600–and fled on foot toward Northgate Way.

Police were able to obtain security camera footage of the man and are hoping someone out there recognizes him.

If you recognize the man, please contact the North Precinct detectives at 206 684 5735 before, hypothetically, a small, highly-mobile teams of Girl Scouts armed with bows, poison-tipped arrows, and a Terminator-like unflinching dedication to relentlessly pursuing their target do.

  • 3/12 Updated with additional photos