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Chief Best’s Message To SPD Personnel Regarding The Order U.S. District Judge James Robart Issued Today

The Court’s ruling today affirms both that the reforms put in place under the Consent Decree have truly taken root in our operations and that the Department has embraced a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. The Court has validated the hard work of many in our ranks over the past six years, but none more so than the men and women of our Patrol Operations Bureau, who day in, day out, perform their service with integrity, compassion, and the utmost professionalism. 

You have my tremendous appreciation and respect; it is because of your steadfast effort and commitment that we remain on-track to see federal oversight of these areas of the Consent Decree end on schedule, eight months from now.  

I appreciate the Court highlighting an issue around which there is much discussion nationally.  As the practice of modern policing continues to rapidly evolve to meet increasingly complex demands, it is equally important that the systems by which we are held accountable keep pace in a manner that ensures full transparency and due process for all. 

We will remain committed to embracing and advancing best practices as they emerge, and to working in good faith with City partners to meet the expectations of the Court.