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Man Arrested for Kidnapping After Stealing Truck, Trapping Worker in Cherry Picker

You know that recurring nightmare everyone–not just us–has where you’re trapped in the bucket of a truck’s cherry picker as the driver careens around, while you dangle helplessly over the road? Well, one man lived that nightmare last night in downtown Seattle.

Around 7:15 Monday evening, two workers were installing signage on a light pole near 4th Avenue and Cherry Street. One man was five feet off the ground in a cherry picker lift while his co-worker stood outside the truck.

Suddenly, a 34-year-old man approached the two workers, shouted something at them about taking gold out of the light poles, opened the door to their truck, threw his duffel bag inside and climbed in after it, driving the truck north on 4th Avenue with a worker trapped inside the cherry picker’s bucket.

The second worker called 911 and chased after the truck for three blocks, where it stopped at 4th Avenue and Madison Street. There, he and his co-worker pulled the suspect from the truck and held him until police arrived. The worker who was trapped in the cherry picker was understandably shaken up during the incident and sustained an injury to his hand.

Officers booked the suspect for investigation of kidnapping and auto theft.