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Man Arrested After Galaxy-Brain Crime Spree in Queen Anne

Imagine being a person with the audaciousness, the self-confidence, the temerity to burglarize a home, prowl a car and then waltz into a college campus security office and ask to use their courtesy phone so you can call for a getaway car. And then when your ride takes too long, you leave and go steal a car. Well, one extremely—perhaps overly—confident 39-year-old man is now being held in the King County Jail after committing such an expanding-galaxy-brain series of escalating crimes early Monday.

Around 5:30 AM, school security at Seattle Pacific University called Seattle police and reported a car prowl on campus.

The 39-year-old suspect reportedly stole backpacks, a guitar, amps and other items from a car and stashed them on the sidewalk in the 600 block of West Emerson Street, along with a TV, apparently stolen in a break-in earlier in the morning, which he hid behind a garbage can.

The suspect then walked into the school’s security office and used their courtesy phone to call for a ride. He apparently became impatient during the wait and left to steal a car to retrieve the items he’d taken in the prowl and burglary.

Campus security apparently became aware of the suspect’s crimes through surveillance footage and called police.

SPD officers arrived and arrested the man, who was interviewed by Major Crime Taskforce detectives and booked into the King County Jail for Interviewed by Major Crimes Taskforce detectives and booked into the King County Jail for booked for theft, possession of stolen property and vehicle theft.