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Officers Arrest Man After He Poisons Mother in Everett Home

Officers arrested a man Monday night after he walked into the East Precinct and told them he may have poisoned his elderly mother.

A 52-year-old man walked into the East Precinct at 11:50 PM and began telling the desk clerk about a perceived plot by the operators of Bitcoin. He also stated that he may have given his mother, who lives in Everett, too much of her medication.

The clerk immediately contacted Everett Police and requested a welfare check on the mother. Officers there discovered the woman who was barely conscious in her home, which had fresh bullet holes in a wall. Medics transported the woman to the hospital where she is currently recovering from a medication overdose.

The East Precinct clerk asked the man if he had any guns in his vehicle. The man stated there were two AR-15 style rifles in his car and that officers could go take them out of the trunk. Officers searched the car and found two rifles, one of which was loaded with the safety off, and four full 30-round magazines.

Everett Police detectives responded to the East Precinct and took custody of the man and all evidence. Everett Police will be conducting all follow-up investigation.