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Report of Man with Rifle on Eastlake Most Likely a Pellet Gun

Police were called to the 3100 block of Eastlake Avenue East Friday afternoon for reports of a man with a rifle on a balcony.  After an extensive search of the area and building, it was determined that the rifle in question was most likely a BB or pellet gun.

At around 12:40 pm, officers were called to Eastlake Avenue East after a witness reported seeing a man with what appeared to be a rifle standing on the balcony of a building.  According to the witness, the man fired the rifle into the ground before going back into the building.

Officers began searching the area and were joined by SWAT officers on the call.  After speaking with additional witnesses, investigators determined that the weapon in question was most likely a BB or pellet gun.  The reported male had left the building prior to police arriving on the call.

After determining that no danger existed, officers cleared the area.