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June Gun and Drug Seizures

Officers made a number of seizures of firearms and narcotics in the downtown core and other parts of the city in June.

Officers seized a…significantly modified…shotgun from a man after he brandished it behind a West Seattle business.

Police also arrested a man and a woman near 3rd Avenue and Pine Street for flashing a gun during a dispute.

Also in the downtown core, police arrested six people for narcotics violations near 3rd and Pike.

Investigators seized two handguns and booked a man into jail following a shooting at 7th Avenue and Union Street.

Officers arrested a 27-year-old man for unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon after spotting a handgun protruding from his pants near 3rd and Pike.

Police nabbed two dealers for selling meth, crack and heroin in Prefontaine Park.

SWAT officers and Gang Unit detectives arrested a 19-year-old convicted felon and seized the handgun he was unlawfully carrying.

And West Precinct bike patrol and Anti-Crime Team officers made a series of arrests downtown, seizing a stolen handgun, 20 grams of methamphetamine and 17 grams of heroin from a 37-year-old man at 5th and Olive.

They later arrested 12 people for narcotics violations and Department of Corrections warrants, and seized 12.4 grams of crack cocaine and heroin, and over $1,200 cash.

…along with two prolific downtown dealers, who investigators tracked to a North Seattle motel, where police recovered a stolen handgun and 3.5 grams of heroin.