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Bleeding Burglar Breaks into Business Before Bashing Buses

Police arrested a 30-year-old man late Sunday night after he broke into a business, a home, damaged a bus, attempted to damage a second bus, and attempted to kick in the door of a second home in the Pinehurst neighborhood.

Witnesses called police to the 11300 block of 5th Avenue NE around 10:50 pm for a report of a man who had broken into a business in the area.

Police arrived and began following a trail of blood from just inside the business, near a shattered window. They saw that a fire extinguisher had been taken from the business, which, they surmised, had been used to break the front door.

Additional 911 callers said the suspect had been just thrown the extinguisher at a Metro bus, breaking the windshield before running off.

The suspect then kicked in the front door of a home, entered, briefly spoke with the homeowner, then grabbed a nearby glass table and threw it out the door. The suspect then picked up the table frame and threw it at another passing Metro bus, this time not causing any damage. The suspect then approached another home and attempted to kick in the door but was unsuccessful.

Police soon caught up with the suspect who was bleeding profusely from a gash on his leg. The officers applied a tourniquet and called for Seattle Fire Department medics. An ambulance transported the suspect to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of his injuries before he was booked into King County jail for burglary.