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Man Arrested in Northwest Greenlake After Traffic Stop Uncovers Narcotics Trafficking

Officers arrested a man after they found him passed out behind the wheel of a car and in possession of a half kilogram of methamphetamine and over 100 grams of heroin late Thursday night.

A person in the 8000 block of Ashworth Avenue North at 11:50 pm Thursday, noticed that a gold 1969 Cadillac DeVille was stopped in the Southbound lane with the driver passed out behind the wheel. The witness called 911 to report the issue and police were dispatched to investigate.

When police arrived the car was still there and the driver was still behind the wheel and the car was in gear.

Officer Alyssa Mustain knocked on the window and roused the 42-year-old driver. She asked the man to step out of the vehicle and noticed he was clearly under the influence of some type of narcotic. Officer Mustain placed the driver under arrest for DUI and when she searched the suspect found over 115 grams of heroin and 102 grams of methamphetamine.

Officer Mustain also served a search warrant on the vehicle and recovered another 517 grams of methamphetamine.

Officers booked the man into King County Jail for various drug charges.