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Timelines of Police Responses to Demonstrations

Since May 29th, the Seattle Police Department has managed a series of ongoing, dynamic demonstrations across the city.

To provide an overview of the Seattle Police Department’s response to these events, SPD is publishing a timeline of events as documented by the Seattle Police Operational Command in real-time.

These logs reflect radio traffic from officers and commanders responding to rapidly evolving events, spanning multiple precincts. Please note this is not a comprehensive timeline of all events reported, nor a complete damage assessment, details of events are based on information available at the time the log was created. Arrest and officer injury data are also preliminary.

The Seattle Police Department will continue to update these event logs with information on any additional large-scale events which may occur.


Arrests: 0

Injuries: 0


Arrests: 0

Injuries: 0


Arrests: 0

Injuries: 0


Arrests: nine – obstruction, failure to disperse

5-7k marchers at South Precinct3:39:00 PM
SDOT currently boarding up the East Precinct4:04:00 PM
9,400 people at South Precinct march4:15:00 PM
Reports of gas can in a shopping cart near barricades4:23:00 PM
using PA to advise crowd to be mindful of fence and not to climb or they will be subject to arrest4:50:00 PM
Male subject on other side of line sitting on fence – warning issued – so far subject still just sitting there5:01:00 PM
Protesters talking about blocking vehicles at 12/Olive6:03:00 PM
12/Olive blocked by protesters – count at approximately 5006:14:00 PM
Protesters complaining that barricade fencing is not put together correctly and may collapse and injure people6:15:00 PM
Group laying down6:25:00 PM
Protesters at all 4 points of Precinct perimeter – some people laying down and not allowing anyone to leave6:25:00 PM
National Guard deployed at 12/Pike6:26:00 PM
200 protesters at 12/Pike6:26:00 PM
Bike Units deploying to East Precinct6:28:00 PM
11/Pine barricades are not secure and look like they are tipping6:31:00 PM
Male protester at 11/Pine using tool to mess with fencing6:31:00 PM
300 at 13/pine6:54:00 PM
single male straddling fence7:08:00 PM
Group along fence at 11/Pine trying to breach fence7:17:02 PM
Protesters breached fence at 11/Pine7:17:39 PM
multiple warnings given to crowd to organize themselves – protesters still breaching – other protesters trying to regulate them and pull them back7:20:52 PM
More protesters breaching fence – peaceful protesters with megaphones trying to convince them to go back behind the barricades7:34:06 PM
SPD formulating tactical plan for arrests7:35:25 PM
Activate body cameras7:35:45 PM
SPD will request compliance – after will be warnings for those who breach – last will be arrests7:36:22 PM
protesters pulling fencing at 11/Pine7:38:00 PM
1938 – SPD negotiating with organizers7:38:00 PM
1938 – multiple protesters coming thru fence at 11/Pine – SPD holding line7:38:00 PM
two very loud blasts to the South – SPD reporting may be SPD that deployed7:40:00 PM
North side of protest – protester with white t-shirt has pepper spray7:42:00 PM
Approximately 17 have crossed the barricades7:42:00 PM
protesters who have breached have set up own line of bicycle fencing and are refusing to move back7:43:00 PM
still announcing requests and warnings to protesters that have breached – protesters refusing to comply and are laying down7:44:00 PM
Count is approximately 30 protesters who have crossed original fence line and are refusing to pull back7:45:00 PM
Protesters continue to breach South line7:47:00 PM
Protesters breaching North line7:47:00 PM
North side of Police line completely breached7:47:00 PM
requested a PIO and has issued multiple warnings to protesters who have breached line and set up own fencing7:49:00 PM
crowd at 12/Pine trying to break thru fencing and breach line7:51:00 PM
More resources available to those on the line on each side of Precinct7:52:00 PM
Drone flying over East Precinct protest area (information only)7:53:00 PM
additional warnings given to group breaching line at 11/Pine7:54:00 PM
All Units on line activate body worn video per Car217:55:00 PM
Cameras show group that breached the line at 11/Pine is growing7:55:00 PM
removing original bike fencing and they are setting up their own8:00:00 PM
protest organizers are unable to dissuade agitated elements8:00:00 PM
east of 11 on pine 100 have crossed fence line8:00:26 PM
SPD needs to hold line to protect precinct8:01:00 PM
on west side protesters are deploying umbrellas and changing activity8:08:00 PM
west side protesters are getting ready for a coordinated effort of some sort8:16:00 PM
car driving into crowd  – has weapon8:20:00 PM
man with long gun shot one person8:20:00 PM
man with gun arrested8:21:00 PM
man with gun in custody – inside east precinct8:21:00 PM
spd has gun – suspect in custody8:21:00 PM
fire standby for victims8:22:00 PM
victim of shooting south of 11/pine8:25:00 PM
shooting victim not critical8:26:00 PM
13/pine – group has dumpster8:30:00 PM
reports of additional shots near 12/pike8:32:00 PM
possible 2nd victim of shots fired8:33:00 PM
fire standby for additional victims8:34:00 PM
fire waved – no additional shooting victims located8:38:00 PM
protesters blocked 13/pine with dumpsters and pallets8:39:00 PM
shooting suspect to be taken directly to HQ8:41:00 PM
protesters surrounding shooting suspects car – black Honda Civic –8:46:00 PM
red Ford escape – BM driver – passing out rocks to small crowd at 12/Pike8:47:00 PM
blue suburban in intersection of 12/Olive8:48:00 PM
15 minute ETA for shooting suspect vehicle impound8:48:00 PM
protest organizer told protesters to head to 12/Olive8:51:00 PM
crowd size about 200 on one side of the Precinct perimeter – protesters respecting line8:52:00 PM
crowd looks to have water balloon launchers and projectiles8:53:00 PM
shooting incident #20-1834268:53:00 PM
media chopper flying over to the North – too loud for SPD to operate – radio calling8:54:00 PM
north end of line – male trying to mix something with gloves on8:56:00 PM
pio contacting komo news now9:00:00 PM
increasingly growing and hostile crowd at 12/Olive9:00:00 PM
one arrest at 12/Olive – pedestrian interference9:00:00 PM
crowd inching fence line on west side9:01:00 PM
12/olive – 300 people in crowd – some shining flashlights into officers eyes9:03:00 PM
person in crowd on south side of 12/pike bending down and working on something suspicious9:06:00 PM
protesters forming a bike line around officers trying to process shooting suspect vehicle9:08:00 PM
15 minute eta for lincoln towing9:12:00 PM
arrest incident #20-1834499:15:00 PM
one over the fence at 11/Pine – sand colored sweatshirt and grey sweats9:18:00 PM
protesters have new line of bicycle fencing at 11/Pine9:20:00 PM
13/pine have taken down barricade and protesters are making announcements to burn down the precincts9:20:00 PM
crowd at 11/pine pushing line toward officers9:21:00 PM
car21 – warnings given to not remove fencing and to not advance toward officers9:23:00 PM
second person now over the fence at 11/pine9:23:00 PM
south side of perimeter – fence connectors have been cut or are disconnected9:24:00 PM
green laser being pointed at officers9:24:00 PM
gave warning to crowd to not shine green laser at officers6:14:24 AM
recruiters in the crowd are telling protesters to head east9:31:00 PM
three people now on spd side of line at 11/pine9:32:00 PM
shooting car impounded – rocks and shears recovered9:33:00 PM
south side of line – looks like subject is putting together some sort of launcher9:33:00 PM
crowd is continuing to inch fencing forward despite verbal warnings over pa9:35:00 PM
1600 blk 12/pine – crowd encroaching and has pushed fencing 10-15 feet9:36:00 PM
12/olive – crowd picking up bicycle fencing and moving toward spd line – very hostile and now dismantling permanent fencing and moving concrete barriers9:37:00 PM
crowd has successfully dismantled fencing at 12/olive9:38:00 PM
despite pa announcements and warnings, crowd continues to take fencing apart and move toward spd line9:39:00 PM
group of people messing with metal barricades that were dismantled earlier in the day9:41:00 PM
spotlights turned on at east precinct9:42:00 PM
fire will not respond for minor injuries – anyone with minor injuries will have to walk out of protest area9:42:00 PM
another pa announcement for protesters to stop advancing past fencing and to stop dismantling fencing9:45:00 PM
large piece of plywood with BLM set up – protesters moving fencing again at 12/Pike – crowd does seem a little smaller9:48:00 PM
person advancing toward spd and not moving back9:51:00 PM
protesters at 11/pine advancing again9:51:00 PM
spd officers on the line need to mask up9:51:00 AM
one in custody9:51:00 PM
reports of possible launcher to the south – looks like large crowd forming there9:53:00 PM
number of people have umbrellas up and ready – announcers telling people to close their windows in preparation for something9:58:00 PM
moved by our bicycle fencing by our line10:00:00 PM
if crowd stops short of spd line they will hold, if they advance and try to pass, spd will not allow10:01:00 PM
protesters bringing traffic cones to front of line – 12/olive10:04:00 PM
have advised crowd over pa that they have advanced toward spd and spd has not moved toward crowd – have said clearly that spd will not allow crowd thru the line10:05:00 PM
report of wm/25 with pistol at 12/olive – red hoodie black backpack10:06:00 PM
crowd breaking fence and using it as weapons10:10:00 PM
if fencing is being raised over head, officers are to defend themselves and other officers10:12:00 PM
crowd cut bottom of bicycle fence off so they can lift the fencing and throw it easily at officers10:12:00 PM
20 protesters with shields, helmets and gas masks trying to start a disturbance10:13:00 PM
11/pine – possible ied10:16:00 PM
bicycle fence half removed on south side10:17:00 PM
bicycle fencing pulled apart and moving forward toward spd line10:18:00 PM
H/M with red bandana advancing line on north side10:18:00 PM
protesters moving green dumpster NB on 13 Av from pike10:19:00 PM
crowd slowly advancing10:19:00 PM
protesters using/passing out walkie talkies front of crowd10:20:00 PM
if crowd gets within 5 feet of officers, munitions will be deployed10:21:00 PM
protesters taking multiple items out of a bag and putting them on the ground10:22:00 PM
have advised crowd over pa that they see the walkie talkies, fencing and items – will give dispersal order if crowd advances within 5 feet and munitions will then be used10:22:00 PM
another report of protesters taking items out of a bag and placing them on the ground10:23:00 PM
south side – crowd moving toward the line10:26:00 PM
officers are still having lasers pointed at them by crowd10:26:00 PM
12/pike – crowd brought up shields to the fence line10:28:00 PM
protesters at 12/olive moving to front of line with signs made out of plywood10:33:00 PM
medic requested near east precinct lobby10:34:00 PM
at least one person putting flowers in faces of officers – gave another pa warning to crowd to not advance and stated that spd has not advanced10:36:00 PM
protester gave something to officers voluntarily – spd noting it was not aggression10:36:00 PM
medic stationed at precinct lobby10:36:00 PM
pio has not yet made contact with 216 – media advising they are unable to get into protest area10:37:00 PM
info from fire – dumpster blocking view of south side of building10:40:00 PM
protesters are asking for more shields to be brought to the front of their line from others in the crowd10:48:00 PM
line on the south side creeping closer to officers – pa announcement went out advising protesters to move back – protesters told spd to move back10:50:00 PM
protesters are about 5 feet from officers at this time10:53:00 PM
multiple warnings over pa have been given to move back – crowd refusing10:53:00 PM
crowd encroaching at west end – currently under control with sufficient resources10:54:00 PM
13/pine intersection blocked with dumpsters and pallets10:56:00 PM
12/olive – crowd increasingly hostile and pushing fence line – currently under control with sufficient resources10:59:00 PM
citizen calling in from 11/pine – someone following person with megaphone and had something in front pocket that is shaped like a gun – 10 minute delay – w/m11:04:00 PM
protesters flashing lights into officers eyes11:10:00 PM
individual with sign board with shiny side that he is using to try and blind officers – has been asked to cease but is refusing11:12:00 PM
crowd has advanced another foot or two11:13:00 PM
another request made over pa for crowd to step back11:15:00 PM
disturbance in front of crowd – one protester trying to move crowd back and another pushed him11:16:00 PM
protester on e pine walking and watching people with hand in his pocket – information only11:17:00 PM
another pa warning given to crowd to step back – crowd refusing and telling spd to step back11:18:00 PM
crowd putting ear plugs in11:18:00 PM
down to 30-40 at 13/pine11:31:00 PM
12/olive count down to approximately 50-60 people11:32:00 PM
north side at olive about 40-50 people11:34:00 PM
glass bottle thrown at national guard on the north side –11:36:00 PM
gave pa announcement to stop throwing items at officers and national guard11:38:00 PM
bottle throwing incident #20-18352011:40:00 PM
crowd is now 1 foot away from officers11:45:00 PM
13/pine – officers found one unlit molotov cocktail on the ground11:45:00 PM
13/pine – crowd just threw water bottle11:45:00 PM
bottle contained chemical irritant and officers are now masking up11:52:00 PM
requesting car with pa at 13/pine11:52:00 PM
crowd approaching the line at 13/pine11:52:00 PM
rocks, boulders and trash bins are blocking 13 Av11:53:00 PM
13 Av is designated at the safe entry/exit point for SPD – bike units will give orders for crowd to move and if they refuse, arrests will be made11:56:00 PM
crowd is bringing up wooden shields to front of line11:57:00 PM
activate body cameras11:58:00 PM
oc deployment12:00:00 AM
obstacles clear on 13 Av12:00:00 AM
additional plywood coming up thru the crowd to the front12:00:00 AM
caravan of spd cars moving – bikes trying to clear protesters12:01:00 AM
some of the plywood shields have nails in them concealed by paint12:02:00 AM
confiscate shields with nails if possible12:03:00 AM
11/pine – hold air for disturbance12:04:00 AM
oc deployment12:04:00 AM
deploy oc blast balls12:05:00 AM
camera shows protesters throwing items at officers12:05:00 AM
fireworks and bottles being thrown by crowd12:06:00 AM
pa announcement to disperse12:06:00 AM
items being thrown at officers – 2 dispersal orders issued and warning of munitions – green laser being pointed at officers12:07:00 AM
injured officer with national guard medic in sally port12:07:00 AM
shield and foot troops prepare to move forward12:07:00 AM
units to hold intersection12:08:00 AM
crowd throwing large amounts of fireworks at officers12:09:00 AM
3rd dispersal order12:09:00 AM
deploy blast balls12:09:00 AM
national guard and spd involved in arrest12:10:00 AM
move forward to block intersection12:10:00 AM
continue to push past intersection12:10:00 AM
taking projectiles12:11:00 AM
units surrounded on 3 sides12:11:00 AM
more munitions requested12:11:00 AM
crowd surrounding officers12:12:00 AM
crowd continuing to throw items and fireworks at officers – hold the air12:12:00 AM
officers taking glass bottles12:13:00 AM
male with firearm middle of intersection 12/pine – blue shirt12:13:00 AM
authorizing cs12:14:00 AM
swat deploy cs – authorized12:14:00 AM
disperse the crowd – cs approved12:15:00 AM
push forward and hold intersection12:15:00 AM
bike units forward12:15:00 AM
officers taking projectiles12:17:00 AM
national guard holding line at 11/pine12:17:00 AM
swat push with cs12:17:00 AM
holding at nagel12:18:00 AM
line established – crowd of 150 ahead and 40-50 to east and west12:19:00 AM
officers taking more projectiles while continuing to push12:20:00 AM
moving wb on pine from broadway12:21:00 AM
under control at 13/pine12:21:00 AM
giving additional dispersal orders12:21:00 AM
line holding at broadway12:21:00 PM
all units hold12:22:00 AM
bike units taking projectiles from different directions12:22:00 AM
bike units see main group at harvard – will fall back to 11/pine and hold with swat12:23:00 AM
get photos of items thrown at officers12:23:00 AM
2w90 reporting injured officer – officer ok and remaining on line – located at 12/pine – ordered to pull off line and get medics12:24:00 AM
officers taking more glass bottles12:26:00 AM
all injured officers report to e pct12:27:00 AM
do not clear street – all objects to be photographed12:28:00 AM
hold intersection of 11/Pine12:28:00 AM
Guards reporting man with pistol 11/pine south of.12:29:00 AM
Bright blue shirt, B/M12:30:00 AM
If more projectiles are thrown, another dispersal order will go out over pa12:30:00 AM
more cs deployed12:31:00 AM
protesters are continuing to advance toward officers and throw things12:32:00 AM
dispersal order given over pa12:32:00 AM
lasers being shined12:32:00 AM
pyrotechnics are being thrown at the line to the north12:33:00 AM
team set up at 11/pike – all barricades removed12:34:00 AM
11/pine from north – vehicle slowly advancing on line12:35:00 AM
slow vehicle now making turn –12:35:00 AM
fire reported a denny/olive – full fire response12:37:00 AM
given 2nd dispersal order – will wait 5 minutes until next order12:38:00 AM
spotted possible suspect w/ weapon – standing on north side of rancho bravo12:39:00 AM
all units to hold intersection – if crowd advances will take necessary action12:40:00 AM
12/pike under control – no protesters12:42:00 AM
21/olive secure – less than 20 protesters12:42:00 AM
13/pine secure – 25 protesters12:42:00 AM
melrose secure – less than 20 protesters12:43:00 PM
3rd dispersal order given – still have large crowd at 10/pine and 11/pine12:45:00 AM
holding position at 11/pine12:45:00 AM
if crowd stays static, no more cs – only munitions to be deployed if necessary is oc spray per car2112:46:00 AM
reports that male with gun is in front of the bus stop at rancho bravo – confirmation that male is armed in waist band holster12:47:00 AM
barricading wb pine with dumpsters12:47:00 PM
fireworks still being thrown at officers12:48:00 AM
bottle thrown with oily substance from west side12:48:00 AM
car21 – subject with weapon – hold until threat is made to keep resources available for protests12:49:00 AM
another vehicle approaching from the north at 11/pine12:50:00 AM
officers reporting fire at 10/pike – bonfire in the intersection12:50:00 AM
fire’s on the way12:51:00 AM
2 veh’s 11/pine north side12:52:00 AM
Not safe for fire.  Not safe to go in solo12:52:00 AM
Not safe for fire. Do we cancel?12:52:00 AM
Cancelling fire12:53:00 AM
sb 11/pine advancing on ofcrs12:53:00 AM
susp tried to detonate an explosive device behind a dumpster/ device detonated him12:54:00 AM
south side Pine crowd slowly moving it’s way to the intersection.1:00:00 AM
units wb on pine.  Do not want dumpsters to advance.  Poss pyrotechnics in the dumpster.1:02:00 AM
12/Olive resetting barricades1:03:00 AM
concerned with dumpster on Pine.  Poss devices inside.1:05:00 AM
dispersal orders given to 10/Pike and 11/Pine1:06:00 AM
c one in custody1:07:00 AM
we are going to arrest two more1:13:00 AM
protestors are attempting to come towards officers1:14:00 AM
car21 – new order given to disperse now.  we will hold at 11/pine1:16:00 AM
fire in the st. outside the loc.  no property in danger. no fire response. crowd of 30-40 standing around.1:18:00 AM
Crowd on 10/pine picking up evidence and throwing it in trash. 1:19:00 AM
don’t worry about it now.  hold position1:19:00 AM
1000 block Pine secure1:20:00 AM
Barricade created1:23:00 AM
Protestors setting up barricades south of Pine on 11th.1:25:00 AM
z30 – crowd on Pine barricading streets on Pine by 7 eleven1:27:00 AM
The line is moving on Pine.  Getting more brazen.  Requesting more1:27:00 AM
Need more dispersal announcements for crowd on Pine.1:28:00 AM
pulling more large dumpsters onto Pine1:30:00 AM
holding , we have a group on 11/pine and one just west 11/Pine1:31:00 AM
crowd on Pine approx 125 and crowd on 11th is poss 751:33:00 AM
Fire at 10/Pike.1:34:00 AM
Fire in dumpster1:34:00 AM
Radio will pass it to fire.1:35:00 AM
per z30 took bottle from crowd on pine.  Did not hit any ofcrs1:35:00 AM
Bringing dumpster NB on 11th1:36:00 AM
Information: 4 dumpsters on fire1:37:00 AM
Ok to take masks off1:39:00 AM
Fire going in solo1:39:00 AM
Group of 4 rushing EB on Pine moving toward officers with metal pole1:40:00 AM
ABS done processing scene 11/Pine.  Cannot get to scene where subj blew himself up.  will process tomorrow.  Scene is not secure.1:44:00 AM
Closing in on the line1:53:00 AM
Unless you are on the line, you can stop using video1:54:00 AM
taking a bottle from the crowd near Rancho Bravo1:55:00 AM
what intersection for photos on evidence – 11th and pine South side2:04:00AM
person approached at 11 and pine with a long chain in his hands2:30:00AM
having more people approaching the line on Pine2:30:00AM
whole crowd moving forward to the line2:31:00 AM
taking the dumpster that has the devices in it toward the officers2:32:00 AM
moving the crowd WB on Pine2:34:00 AM
have a protestor running EB through Cal Anderson with a paintball gun possibly2:37:00 AM
more deployment of OC and blast balls2:39:00 AM
officers pushed as far west as nagle2:40:00 AM
male approaching bleachers at baseball park2:42:00 AM
group at 10 ft away from officers at 10/pine2:54:00 AM
put a line at 11/pine just to the east2:57:00 AM
all resources to start withdrawing back to original perimeter2:58:00 AM
SPD in front of NG all the way back to the perimeter2:58:00 AM
the crowd is advancing on them back to 11/Pine at their same pace2:59:00 AM
bonfire inside the park – fire not going3:01:00 AM
holding the line3:03:00 AM
223 to all patrol officers – pull back, bikes will hold the line3:04:00 AM
SW ACT to stay with bikes3:04:00 AM
officers on west side of 11/pine3:05:00 AM
all units to collapse back towards the line3:06:00 AM
bikes moving back behind the barrier/fencing3:09:00 AM
bikes at 12/Pine to take a break3:09:00 AM
in the center Woman with a can of purple paint3:13:00 AM
there are no demonstrators and 12th and Pike3:28:00 AM
once we collapse to 12 / pine and get car set up you are relieved –3:46:00 AM
Any outstanding turtle gear out there?4:02:00 AM

End Event


Arrests: Six — Obstruction, failure to disperse, assault

Five officers injured, one requiring transport to Harborview Medical Center.

8000 Crowd on streets around city hall.  10:17:12 AM
8/james down to 4th crowd size10:17:48 AM
8000 crowd, small disturbance10:18:29 AM
1000 coming down on Cherry10:18:55 AM
couple thousand coming down cherry now10:21:06 AM
blocking vehicles10:21:20 AM
try to have police vehicles a block out so they don’t get stuck in crowd10:23:14 AM
bikes antagonistic/but manageable10:24:59 AM
tail cleared out, safe access to HMC10:25:58 AM
media on scene10:31:09 AM
still continue towards city hall plaza, no problems10:35:14 AM
King co jail being blocked @ James10:36:07 AM
Speeches continuing no problems11:00:05 AM
Organizers calling for an end to the rally, people starting to leave11:02:43 AM
There are people leaving, slow to disperse, multiple thousands still packed in11:07:00 AM
crowd is encouraging a march heading nb, have heads on the front to see where they are headed.  11:19:25 AM
still a large group in front of city hall11:20:46 AM
people heading e of james, 2 impromptu marches, people dispersing, 11:21:10 AM
male kicking a vehicle at the 200 blk of james11:22:06 AM
folks in front of street of city hall, group headed nb on 4th11:22:51 AM
lead at 4/union11:25:22 AM
civilian bicyclists are securing roads as crowd 11:25:54 AM
3 av blocking each street as march moves forward11:26:24 AM
moving eb on pike, march stretches for many blocks11:28:17 AM
eb on pike at 7th11:29:18 AM
Bicyclist stopping traffic for protestors, Don’t be alarmed by the bicyclist tactics, let them manage themselves11:30:23 AM
7 pike eb headed for e pct11:31:26 AM
eb just past convention place, very large crowd, 4-5 blocks stretch across sidewalk to sidewalk possibly 2000 crowd size 11:33:12 AM
Pike/Boren approaching e precinct11:35:37 AM
religious group with crowd @ Pike/Boren11:37:00 AM
religious group person being harrassed, get west resources to respond11:38:53 AM
12/pike 11:40:06 AM
5/pine male not allowing traffic to flow, in middle of street11:40:34 AM
tail is at 4 back open11:41:07 AM
Pike/Harvard head of protest11:41:49 AM
Some disturbance at the back of group – some seem to be holding back at this time12:25:48 PM
Peaceful protesters trying to stop others from causing issues in the crowd12:26:18 PM
Group is NB on 11 – unsure of route at this time – seem to be rallying12:28:43 PM
6-7 protesters with backpacks – took off SB on 13 Av when Officers approached – unknown location12:37:21 PM
2000 marchers at Alaska Junction – 4 to 5 blocks – all lanes of traffic blocked from Alaska/California to California/Hines1:23:21 PM
Alaska Junction protesters laying down in intersection1:26:08 PM
Appears to be a disturbance in the middle of crowd at 12/Pine1:35:00 PM
WM w/ American flag walking in crowd with assault style rifle slung over his back – causing a disturbance earlier 1:35:54 PM
Protesters in West Seattle having sit-in1:37:26 PM
One male trying to organize a march from Mercer to South Lake Unit – looks like a group is splintering to march 1:45:06 PM
Group stopped at Broadway/Pine1:48:56 PM
Per Captain Davis – West Seattle protest group at about 4500/5000 people – starting to rain 1:49:10 PM
About 100 people still at 11/Pine1:51:55 PM
Cars at Howell/Broadway are all making U-turns1:54:52 PM
East Precinct marchers continuing WB on Pine from Broadway1:56:02 PM
Bicyclists making up the rear of East Precinct march on Pine from Broadway 1:56:59 PM
Male climbing up fire escape of building on SW corner of 11/Pine – now on roof1:57:52 PM
East Precinct march – marchers now at Bellevue/Pine1:59:26 PM
East Precinct march approaching Pine/Melrose2:02:10 PM
East Precinct march is stationary and blocking intersection of Boren/Pine 2:06:02 PM
East Precinct march count approximately 1000 – just turned NB on Boren to begin marching again2:06:32 PM
EP march continuing on Boren – approaching Howell 2:09:43 PM
EP march approaching Fairview2:13:52 PM
West Seattle group count at approximately 2000 – Oregon/Edmunds is now open 2:14:17 PM
EP march now stopped on Fairview – NB from Denny/John2:21:18 PM
Space Needle march now SB on 2nd from Broad – tail just crossed Denny/Broad – count approximately 500 to 1000 2:22:49 PM
Space Needle march WB on Bell to 1 Av2:29:22 PM
Metro buses having trouble navigating Fairview due to EP marchers 2:30:00 PM
EP march headed NB on Fairview 2:34:22 PM
EP march at Fairview/Harrison2:37:26 PM
EP march intention is to shut down Mercer 2:38:18 PM
State Troopers are shutting down NB/SB I5 traffic2:40:24 PM
All directions of traffic blocked at Mercer 2:48:19 PM
EP march holding intersection of Mercer 2:48:34 PM
Group in intersection of 11/Pine is about 400 people 2:56:25 PM
EP march at Mercer is about 150 people 2:56:44 PM
Space Needle march count at 1000 people – headed EB on Pike then SB on 3 Av from Pike 2:57:00 PM
EP march now moving WB on Mercer 2:58:09 PM
Fairview and EB Mercer now open3:00:20 PM
EP march approaching Westlake3:01:35 PM
EP march headed SB on Westlake from Mercer3:02:08 PM
EP march count approximately 6003:03:11 PM
Space Needle march at 4/Union – Approximately 1500 – very peaceful 3:04:01 PM
EP march still SB on Westlake 3:04:46 PM
Fairview at Mercer now open both directions – I5 to open back up both directions3:05:53 PM
Space Needle march EB on Pike from 4 Av3:06:54 PM
EP march still SB on Westlake crossing Harrison3:07:27 PM
Space Needle march now close to 2000 3:07:47 PM
EP march at Westlake/Denny – will approach West Precinct in 5 minutes3:08:40 PM
Space Needle march continuing EB on Pike – crossing 7 Av3:09:34 PM
Space Needle march passing Convention Center3:10:35 PM
EP march says they will head to Pike and head EB back to Cal Anderson Park – count at approximately 200 to 300 people 3:11:30 PM
EB march approaching Westlake/Lenora 3:12:50 PM
Units have cleared Denny3:14:01 PM
EP march stopping at Westlake/Lenora3:14:26 PM
Estimated crowd at East Precinct is about 1000 people – 11/Pine3:17:01 PM
Space Needle march – 2500 to 3000 still EB on Pike heading to Bellevue 3:18:55 PM
Space Needle march NB on Boylston from Pike 3:25:47 PM
headed to Cal Anderson from Boylston3:26:51 PM
crowd 2000, under control3:27:06 PM
sb westlake approaching 7th3:27:21 PM
Pike/Summit tail Space Needle march3:27:57 PM
Space Needle March – approaching Broadway eb3:28:54 PM
Westlake and Stewart, Sb on 53:29:36 PM
2nd group – 2-300 3:30:11 PM
Space Needle Group EB 10th approaching w/Cal Anderson Group3:30:51 PM
Boyston/Pike EB Space Needle Group3:30:54 PM
E Pct Group – SB 5 passing Olive3:31:52 PM
Units cleared Olive interchange at I53:34:35 PM
EP march now approaching 8/Pine3:38:19 PM
Disturbance between religious group and other protesters at 5/Pine3:39:31 PM
EP march lead approaching Boren/Pine3:42:19 PM
Tail end of EP march passing 9/Pine – Religious group following behind 3:43:32 PM
500-700 people gathered in Red Square – group now moving – headed NE out of square to unknown location3:50:07 PM
now secure from venue – all went off without a hitch – kudos to all involved – estimated 5000 people involved in protest3:51:59 PM
UW group looks to be heading to Magnuson Park 3:53:06 PM
EP March now re-joining group at Broadway/Pine3:53:32 PM
All 3 separate groups at East Precinct are now back together in one large group at 11/Pine3:54:17 PM
Red Square clear 3:57:41 PM
EP group has splintered and a portion has headed NB on Broadway3:58:36 PM
Crowd size at 11/Pine about 2500 4:25:56 PM
UW group NB at 15/Pacific – UW Police monitoring group – seems peaceful 4:38:48 PM
UW group size approximately 200-300 people4:45:51 PM
4:53:48 PM
PA move on other side of fence, crowd going over fence 
In the process of having them go back over the fence4:52:12 PM
5 people just went over the but went back peacefully4:54:47 PM
UW group headed NB on University Way crossing 45th5:13:37 PM
UW group now laying down in intersection of University Way/45th 5:22:05 PM
East Precinct perimeter is packed with protesters 5:30:56 PM
Drone flying near East Precinct5:36:13 PM
Public announcement made on PA for subjects to stay on other side of fence and not cross over – East Precinct6:00:27 PM
protesters laying in the street on 12/Olive blocking Patrol cars6:01:17 PM
Man with mirror in front line trying to blind Officers with the sun6:02:34 PM
Crowd let Officers know there was a male starting fights inside the crowd – Officers have extracted male from crowd6:10:48 PM
Groups at 13/Pine and 12/Olive seem to be coordinating6:19:37 PM
Group up front knocked down some barricades – East Precinct Officers to issue verbal warnings and re-establish the line 
All East Precinct Units to push the line and re-establish fencing 
East Precinct line has been re-established – continuing to make announcements to keep people back 7:01:35 PM
800 people gathered now at Magnuson Park7:04:16 PM
Ferrari dealership has (3) armed security guards – pepper spray and AR15 weapons7:18:49 PM
Large drone flying above East Precinct 7:21:10 PM
Crowd has pushed fence line back at least 15 feet7:22:39 PM
Officer issuing warnings7:23:23 PM
Fence line now pushed back at least 20 feet – Officers forming plan to push back line and re-establish line7:23:42 PM
Crowd setting up umbrellas at the line7:24:51 PM
SWAT at the line 7:25:29 PM
East Precinct Officers/Command formulating coordinated plan to push the line back 7:27:07 PM
Body camera on now7:28:05 PM
One more announcement before moving forward to reset the line7:31:02 PM
SPD moving forward to re-establish the line7:35:51 PM
Protesters throwing items and trying to take fencing from SPD 7:36:31 PM
OC deployed 7:36:47 PM
Deploying blast balls7:37:02 PM
Holding the line7:37:35 PM
More Bike Units needed to clear crowd at 11th7:38:26 PM
Deploying blast balls 7:39:07 PM
Crowd still throwing items at Officers7:39:23 PM
Creating space with OC and blast balls 7:39:34 PM
Shifting line to NW and deploying more blast balls7:40:14 PM
Crowd throwing explosives at SPD7:41:23 PM
Deploy OC as SPD sees fit 7:41:37 PM
Deploy blast balls on last push7:43:03 PM
SPD taking bottles7:43:22 PM
Crowds of 300 to North – 100 to South and 400 to West 7:46:03 PM
SPD taking glass bottles7:46:25 PM
Units holding at North side 7:46:52 PM
OC deployed 7:47:22 PM
Preparing for at least one arrest7:49:00 PM
One male holding on to something and staying put 7:49:12 PM
Glass bottles and fireworks being thrown at SPD 7:50:37 PM
Holding line at Broadway – working on plan to head back to original line – fences have been re-established7:50:55 PM
Line held currently just East of Broadway7:53:10 PM
Officer injured – Fire to update status7:54:12 PM
Fire requested to stage at East Precinct – multiple Officer injuries 7:57:36 PM
2 prisoners in holding cells at East Precinct 7:58:44 PM
Medics arrived at East Precinct to treat 2 Officers for injuries8:04:36 PM
1 Officer headed in to East Precinct to get checked for injuries8:13:31 PM
Leaders of peaceful protests want to march peacefully with Officers – they will take lead of line to control marchers8:14:23 PM
Subject taking possession of traffic cones – 8:15:08 PM
Crowd using improvised explosives and throwing at Officers8:19:15 PM
is abs on scene to recover improvised exposives?  be there in a min8:25:30 PM
2000 marchers in North precinct – stretches from Magnuson Park to Windemere8:26:08 PM
SPD will establish a line just to the West of Broadway/Pine8:34:23 PM
Approximately 50 people walking in the street blocking traffic – NB 10 Av/E Prospect 8:35:26 PM
Need another foot squad on the line8:46:45 PM
Group in all black making molotov cocktails – in alley behind 11 Av8:50:47 PM
Group of 8 making molotov cocktails headed NB on 13/Pine8:51:43 PM
Group of 8 making molotov cocktails headed WB on Olive toward the front of line8:52:59 PM
Subjects in black approaching rear of group8:55:09 PM
Subjects in black approaching front of line8:55:56 PM
Subjects in black at front of line next to person with a green sign8:56:34 PM
SPD moving people back 8:57:05 PM
Marchers do not want to take freeway and will give statements to promote non-violence8:58:13 PM
SPD still moving back to original line spot9:00:15 PM
Protesters pushing against Officers on the line as they are backing up – now throwing projectiles9:00:30 PM
Protesters are linking arms – no in/out access9:06:05 PM
SPD re-establishing fence line9:07:27 PM
Officers only to turn off body cameras when entering the Precinct 9:08:34 PM
Recruiters are trying to get people to rush the SPD line9:09:03 PM
SPD to hold Police Line about 10 feet back 9:09:17 PM
All units not on the line can deactivate body worn camera9:12:25 PM
Protesters trying to push other lines around perimeter of Precinct9:12:48 PM
12 people making molotov cocktail on foot near Cal Anderson9:17:40 PM
pushing fence @ 11/pine head eb9:19:44 PM
trying to break fence again9:20:43 PM
Chief Mahaffey to the Pct9:25:45 PM
throwing object 11/pine officer struck9:29:13 PM
crowds using strobes front line 11/pine9:29:56 PM
lasers being pointed at ofcrs from crowd9:34:43 PM
Shining red laser onto the roof at ofcs9:37:12 PM
line of protestor bikes blocking ws 12/pike letting civilians thru may not let spd cars thru9:41:14 PM
advise still have someone in the crowd lasering officers in the eye.  Subj in whi hard hat, pointing lasers at ofcs on the roof9:43:43 PM
protestors block pike 9:53:09 PM
100 protestors 12/pike pretty vocal, blocking the roadway9:53:53 PM
100 protestors 11/pine sb10:07:39 PM
shining green laser guy has protecting eyewear10:13:35 PM
13 pine is blocked by protestors laying down with their civilian bicycles line behind them 10:14:38 PM
65 at 13/pine10:16:42 PM
wm, 30 blu adidas jkt with orng bandana – he is to be arrested 10:17:41 PM
susp with laser is wb on pine passing rancho bravo10:22:06 PM
crossing boradway wb at pine is to be arrested10:24:13 PM
approaching pine/harvard n side10:25:05 PM
still walking wb approaching belmont10:26:09 PM
suspect at belmont/pine10:28:10 PM
info people on roof where the stranger is located where they are possibly shining the laser10:33:41 PM
fireworks being thrown at officers 11/pine10:37:28 PM
1 in custody enroute to W. Pct.10:37:56 PM
3k, male throwing things at the line10:38:20 PM
3k, 100 people north & 100 people south of intersection dispersed10:46:58 PM
Arrest at 13/pine 11:06:55 PM
will use bearcat to give dispersal announcement11:07:48 PM
abs wants to look at a device at n 13/pine.  ABS & swat enroute to take a look at that item11:10:51 PM
do a announcement on the stobe light?11:20:19 PM
activate body cameras 13/pine11:23:26 PM
people putting signs on road11:28:33 PM
Someone shining laser at front line.  Coming from SE corner 11:56:50 PM
Male w/blue laser 11:58:22 PM
safe access for line is eb harrison from broadway12:01:09 AM
Laser being shone on officers ne yellow & whi umbrellas12:02:59 AM
bright spotlights in ofc eyes 12/olive12:12:41 AM
protestors are dismantling the fence12:25:26 AM
activate body worn camera on the line12:29:42 AM
All foot troops get ready12:32:13 AM
crowd is continuing is break apart the metal fence line.  get pa announcement12:44:35 AM
members of the crowd are trying to reinforce the fence send pa12:46:42 AM
people are attempting to block streets and access, Arrest at 12/pike12:48:00 AM
Leaf blower se corner12:49:43 AM
they are trying to prevent the line from moving forward but they will not move back12:50:52 AM
12:51:39 AM
crowd front 300 12:55:13 AM
Static for now12:56:28 AM
crowd is stabilized, trying to keep everyone back12:57:18 AM
barricades along 11th blocking traffic to the no12:58:28 AM
11/howell barricades12:58:58 AM
stealing fence; moving segments to 11 / pine 1:32:24 AM
fencing was set down on east side of the park1:33:27 AM
fire to 12th and Pike – medical attention1:39:07 AM
taking bottles on the line 1:40:56 AM
crowd is starting to dismantle the fence 1:41:00 AM
keep pushing line 6 feet each time1:44:21 AM
glass is being thrown1:45:54 AM
taking pallets out of vehicle and placing them into the intersection1:57:12 AM
throwing cans at officers1:57:33 AM
looks like it came from west side back of crowd1:58:29 AM
looks like they are trying to block NB using pallets and part of the fence. north side of the street2:00:09 AM
east bikes to 12 and pine 2:03:52 AM
approx 50-60 in the intersection2:23:18 AM
protesters putting obstacles in exit routes
made announcement to protester to stay at least 5 ft away from officers3:18:01 AM
re-established our line at 11th and Pine5:04:05 AM

End of event


Arrests: One, obstruction

Motorcycles head to Franklin HS for possible march.  11:52:19 AM
@ Rainer Av/S Mt Blvd, 200 peaceful12:10:06 PM
Protest on school grounds1:51:37 PM
collision scene at this loc … Demonstration of about 1001:51:44 PM
8618 Rainier Av S/S Mount Baker BV1:52:15 PM
more people showing up. Now occupying all 4 corners1:53:06 PM
200 people now, more showing up1:56:26 PM
Rainer av s/s henderson st1:56:51 PM
estimated the crowd about 150 sb on 122:38:35 PM
12/olive2:39:46 PM
sb 12 approaching Jefferson2:48:25 PM
group moving sb on 12 approaching jefferson2:59:30 PM
group size about 150 @ 11/pine3:28:17 PM
200 peaceful @ 11/pine 3:29:39 PM
200 in crowd4:17:19 PM
Have group 30 in bus lane nb 5/cherry.  6 protestors on 5/james st otherside not blocking traffic4:21:30 PM
Crowd size 23/jackson 20004:55:37 PM
40 marching s on 11 turning eb on pike5:00:22 PM
12/olive 5:04:29 PM
had unk person spray soda on ofcrs @ 12/pike5:13:30 PM
small group march 20-30 sb 11th 5:25:19 PM
23 Jackson establishing a line of bicycles and taking over a lane5:33:32 PM
there is a  shirtless male looks like going to jump over barrier s end of line5:57:46 PM
shirtless male jumped over fence, saw earlier in crowd possible crisis male per behavior5:59:37 PM
male moved back over barricade now6:02:07 PM
male hopped back over fence6:04:43 PM
large group marching wb6:07:51 PM
wb pine from 11th6:08:49 PM
group stalled mid block 10/11th6:13:10 PM
2g12 marching wb pine majority of group6:25:36 PM
group is regrouping6:26:06 PM
mid block between 10/11 still walking a few back and forth approaching broadway/pine6:30:19 PM
sb broadway from pine, crowd size 750 additional 200 staying @11/pine 6:32:42 PM
sb broadway passing pike6:39:23 PM
2 horses in crowd being ridden6:40:11 PM
sb broadway passing union6:42:22 PM
broadway/madison6:43:55 PM
broadway/madison6:50:19 PM
hanging out broadway/madison doing some speeches there6:51:55 PM
sb on broadway6:53:38 PM
group of people climbing fire escape of bldg sw corner 11/pine 6:56:05 PM
people climbing fire escape sw corner of 11/pine on roof6:57:50 PM
head of group is 6:58:27 PM
group is possibly at james st now7:01:31 PM
report may be turning wb james from broadway7:05:13 PM
group @ broadway minor holding steady7:09:26 PM
group is blk nb & sb from group @ minor7:10:34 PM
broadway/boren7:16:09 PM
eb on boren av7:16:26 PM
car 21 –  location for march se on boren av7:18:39 PM
boren/yesler now se direction7:22:06 PM
se boren passing yesler7:31:10 PM
boren/jackson now7:31:35 PM
someone walking up se corner of 11/pine7:31:43 PM
EB on Jackson from boren7:34:53 PM
someone launched drone over 11/pine7:35:36 PM
Drone flying above crowd & officers7:38:14 PM
eb on jackson 17 av s 7:39:53 PM
crowd size 2000 7:40:31 PM
5/james update – group headed that way now headed eb jackson following in vicinity of 23/jackson7:43:54 PM
23 & 23/jackson, crowd few 100 at most8:04:16 PM
gathering @ auto zone parking lot close to 2000 traffic getting around corner of 23/jackson8:05:50 PM
crowd coming out parking lot 23/ nb8:08:13 PM
incident fire a few nights ago talked to or needs to be talked to.  Blks away from e pct.  8:08:47 PM
291 – incident a few nights ago eb from olive/denny talked to or needs to be talked to.  regards to shots fired, rounds found on top of a bldg, 8:11:27 PM
12/olive car did a burn out then took off, per National guard, just no of gry van.  Eyes on roof notes smoke coming from charcoal grill8:28:25 PM
1 hopped the first line & taking picture between gate8:33:16 PM
hopped back over and back in crowd8:33:55 PM
crowd resumed march nb 23/jackson8:35:40 PM
Part of crowd jackson/yesler other part is at 23/jackson 8:38:57 PM
crowd 13/pine getting more agitated, blocking road but under control8:40:44 PM
march slowly moving up 23/yesler tail8:46:43 PM
march is slowing moving up 23, tail at yesler9:07:47 PM
crowd size about 200 and highly energized uc through9:08:02 PM
approx 15 subjects peacefully protesting, using using mics speakers, no other disto, no weapons9:09:03 PM
490 march jefferson/23 nb9:15:17 PM
Veh was scouting at 12/pike9:23:37 PM
23/cherry still nb 
patrol car tried getting out of gate, crowd laid down to stop them9:28:44 PM
23/union9:45:56 PM
head of march there9:46:05 PM
216 all bike sgts to 12/pine9:46:12 PM
electric motorcycle doing burnout at 12/olive, 9:49:00 PM
wb on union from 239:50:22 PM
Reports of green laser being shined at Officers from head of march9:54:06 PM
wb union approaching 12/madison10:07:19 PM
crowd size 20010:07:49 PM
nb on 12/madison10:08:04 PM
crowd turning nb on 12th10:12:37 PM
stopped s side on 12/pike crowd continuing to let traffic continue10:12:52 PM
crowd eb on pike from 1210:21:09 PM
group trying to use mirrors to shine lights in officers eyes10:28:00 PM
one arrested10:35:00 PM
stadium lights on – green laser coming from park 10:35:21 PM
large crowd moving wb lead by blue van. 10:36:54 PM
group about 100 large10:37:56 PM
13 and pine NB on 13th 10:38:11 PM
we have one coming across barricade – we are moving down 10:46:16 PM
advise 7-10 mins ago a subject came over the barricade she wouldn’t leave and was arrested.  Friend wanted to retrieve her coat. 10:46:32 PM
number 16 Seahawks jersey crossed the barracade. 10:51:05 PM
12 people on top on Rhino Room now10:54:02 PM
announcement to group to stay behind barrier and arrested if crossed. 10:55:45 PM
several people in front in crowd holding large mirrors trying to shine lights back to officers 10:58:00 PM
mirror may be a photo so not sure if they are trying to shine light back10:59:36 PM
estimated crowd 300 at intersection and 150 in Cal Anderson11:10:03 PM
status on protestor on 12th and Pike – estimated at 20.  two subjects are laying down at access point.  We can get it open.  They are moving for medical personnel .  They are inside secure area11:13:40 PM
12 and Pike officers just took a water bottle to back of the head11:15:04 PM
can any one advise if anyone is hurt11:15:32 PM
At 12th and Pike – protestors are throwing paint on officers 11:15:56 PM
car 21 – I need an ofc to meet officer and write a report and document assault of paint thrown on them.  No injury beyond the paint11:16:33 PM
East pct clerk will do the assault report for paint assault 11:19:30 PM
small group at 12th and Pine11:21:07 PM
gave warning to group at 12th and Pike that if they continue to throw paint they will be arrested11:21:17 PM
shields enroute to 12th and Pike11:22:28 PM
someone threw a soda can11:32:00 AM
what side? It was thrown eastbound from 11th and pine.  Middle of crowd11:32:18 PM
crowd  side North and South  of intersection of 12th and Pine- 50  people to south and probably same to north 11:38:40 PM
unit leaving east pct with AMR to KCJ 11:41:10 PM
moving up at 12th and Pike to let AMR out11:42:31 PM
AMR successfully out11:44:41 PM
13/Pine growing – 50 people 11:45:20 PM
we have a few up on roof again on NE corner of 12th and Pike ; where things have been thrown from 12:16AM
those on roof are not doing anything right now, but wanted to make a note of it 12:23:04 AM
attempting to get gate open, but same subject laying on the ground12:26:37 AM
several subjects at 12th and Pike refusing to move.  Units going to that area.  Total number of protestors is 5012:29:00 AM
everyone back in and crowd is getting hostile12:31:00 AM
giving laser warning to the crowd12:50:43 AM
2 went over barrier and 12th and Pine; give warnings to get back1:40:03 AM
trying to get people back over the fence.  Successful in getting them over the fence1:41:05 AM
giving another warning at 11 and pine about fence intrusion. 1:42:32 AM
let east radio know that they have loud amplified music playing so noise complaints may be coming in.1:49:00 AM
is asking to speak with a LT if one if available. 1:55:40 AM
we are getting noise complaints from citizens2:00:24 AM
throwing fruit at the rooftop from  East side Cal Anderson 2:06:00 AM
1 beer can and soda thrown at S gate – suspects running away2:12:39 AM
Lyft driver stated that people are stopping her from driving on Broadway and Pine2:27:20 AM
one across the barrier2:40:30 AM

End of event


Two officers injured, one requiring transport to a hospital

Two arrests for obstruction, assault

8:40:38 AM20 people 11/Pine under control
9:10:12 AMat 0844 hrs., the group was approaching the precinct and refusing orders…. Moving back now. – under control
11:08:52 AM no significant change at east. 20-25 peaceful in the intersection 11/pine, have been overnight, just outside the fence line. They stopped giving speeches and are just in the street.
11:50:46 AMstill holding, approx 30 in the intersection 11/pine, still peaceful
1:02:17 PMgroup is approx 50- still in the intersection 11/pine, static
1:24:36 PM70-80 at 11/Pine, giving speeches, still static
3:22:09 PMDrone, just north  of 11/pine hovering
3:22:27 PMapprox 50 gathered at Othello
3:30:49 PM40 people gathered at Westlake, peaceful
3:33:53 PM50 left Westlake, peaceful, eb on pine
4:21:07 PMmultiple people have jumped the fence line
4:21:37 PM12 people have passed the barricade
4:22:07 PMmore running up
4:23:55 PMcrowd size 500-700 vocal
4:24:27 PM2nd arrest, 10 feet behind the fence line
4:26:07 PM people still trying to climb over, 2-3 still over. Organizers are trying to get those individuals back over
4:27:06 PMcrowd is highly energized
4:35:27 PMorganizers urging protestor to be peaceful  resetting the line
4:46:39 PM3 people on the roof sw corner 11/pine
4:53:56 PMleader indicate they will march to the Youth center
4:55:07 PMcrowd is moving. 
4:57:35 PM12/pike group approaching
4:58:07 PMsb on 12 from pike
5:01:49 PMmarch approaching marion
5:06:56 PMbroadway e cherry sb group
5:07:36 PMlooks like crowd trying to start make a plan, possibly breach gate pine/11 side
5:09:15 PMgroup sb broadway at e cherry st
5:09:25 PM organizer is talking about driving
5:16:20 PM12/remington stopped ysc group
5:18:11 PMgroup proceeding sb on 12/near terrace
5:21:25 PMprotestors stopped at 12/alder
5:21:49 PM321 continuing sb 12 passing alder
5:26:02 PMcontinuing sb 12 av from spruce
5:26:45 PMcontinuing sb passing e fir, civilian bicyclists blocking the streets
5:27:50 PMysc group eb yesler from 12th
5:29:52 PMysc group eb approaching 14th
5:30:53 PM20 nb 12 back to ysc
5:31:20 PMmain group nb 14 towards spruce
5:35:08 PMgroup of 15-20 passed ysc no other groups on 12th av 
5:44:24 PMnb on 14 av approaching e jefferson
5:45:49 PM223 status of ysc group, 14th nb approaching e remington, 500 in crowd
5:49:33 PMysc group stopped on 14th in front of ysc
5:53:29 PMgroup on 14th chanting
6:05:25 PMno change in the ysc group
6:07:36 PMgroup breaking off @ 11/pine
6:09:43 PMgroup sb 11 past Pike – approaching Union
6:09:57 PMYSC group eb on Jefferson from 14th
6:12:11 PMysc group entire 12th ave from jefferson
6:12:51 PMstill utilizing bikes to stop traffic that are coming their way 
6:13:18 PMysc taking up entire 12 av n/bound
6:14:19 PMysc nb cherry/12 taking entire 12th av
6:16:07 PMsb on 11th ysc
6:16:21 PMnb 12 passing e columbia ysc group
6:16:46 PMheading possibly on 12th 
6:17:04 PMsb from 12/spring and possibly meeting up with th up with ysc group, ysc group passing e marion
6:18:56 PMmedia is on the roof of bldg to the ne
6:20:22 PMgroup coming sb 11/pine
6:20:38 PM319 group is taking a knee 12/marion
6:21:17 PMlast part of group rounded corner 12/madison av sb
6:22:38 PMboth groups stopped kneeling at marion/12 taking up entire 12 av
6:23:53 PM800-1000 in kneeling group
6:24:59 PMgroup of 50 wb pine
6:28:06 PMboth groups combined crowd size is 800-1000
6:28:31 PMgroup @ 12 marion is now standing still stationary 
6:31:02 PMno change 12 ave, allowing cars to drive down
6:45:25 PMlarge group went up union or madison then turned right eb
6:52:34 PM216, crowd 800-1000 chanting, energized
6:56:33 PM216, contingent of group marching w/b on pine
6:57:38 PMprotestor laying  at opening of gate opening 12/pike
7:05:49 PMapprox 500
7:12:35 PMappears the crowd 11/pine divided into 2 group, one group at fence line  4-500 fence line 7-800 10/pine stage
7:16:21 PMsubjs on the move w/bound e union from 16 av trying to get coordinated
7:17:48 PMgroup is spliting off 1 group eb on e union
7:20:11 PMeb now couple of stragglers decided to go wb on e union st
7:37:33 PMStill south on 23rd heading toward Marion
7:47:01 PMsb jefferson, 300-500 
7:47:59 PMturning into Garfield parking lot
8:13:02 PMclose to 1000 separating marching wb towards broadway
 group of 2000 sb broadway
 75-100 protestors 23/E Jeff wb
8:19:11 PMsb group Broadway/pine
8:23:37 PMlead of the march is Jefferson/18 approaching Swedish hospital 
8:24:55 PMlead Broadway/union
8:42:11 PMcurrent location travel for group 14 marion approaching cherry sb slowly block in length
8:49:05 PMseveral 100 blocking 12/jeff
8:54:26 PMpeople walking around
8:57:26 PMlead broadway/jefferson
9:03:58 PMsb group headed to ysc from broadway/jefferson
9:19:31 PM800 @ Jefferson between 11/12th stationary 
9:23:39 PMGroup is nb 12/cherry
9:31:12 PMgroup headed back to e pct on madison
9:39:32 PMcrowd size 500 ofc’s reported green laser pointed from no side.   Also using projection onto bldg on n side
9:49:18 PMstatus location group from garfield.  Still static same location.  12/Cherry
10:00:19 PMgave announcement on pa to crowd 
10:06:01 PMcrowd moving nb 12/e cherry
10:10:35 PMlead @ 12/Madison
10:14:06 PMnw wading pool @ cal anderson park set on fire crowd gathering
10:16:08 PMAdvise Seattle Fire if issues will have them address
10:38:55 PMPA respectfully refrain from pointing green lasers
10:39:40 PMfire is getting higher @ Cal Anderson, guardian 1 up
10:40:43 PMlast observation fire got larger, they have several fire extinguishers.  30-40 people.  Any risk to structure or prop damage, doesn’t appear to be close to structure, some trees in area.  
10:42:54 PMfire is small not large enough to cause problems 
10:58:26 PMShining laser @ Guardian 1
11:01:07 PMPA respectfully do not shine laser @ police, guardian 1.   guardian 1 suggest announcing it’s federal offense to point at aircraft
11:36:26 PMwest line tried to throw some water bottles
12:49:20 AMThrowing things
12:49:47 AMCivil dispersal order ready
12:50:03 AMGet the dispersal order started
12:50:18 AMOpen rocket projectiles
12:50:28 AMMultiple rocket projectiles
12:52:08 AMDispersal order
12:56:45 AMadd’l warning orders
12:56:57 AMreq we want a peaceful demonstration
12:57:13 AMrepeat we want a peaceful demonstration
1:00:54 AMcrowd size 3-400 
1:20:22 AM2 people jumped over the west barricade spreading flowers
1:29:41 AMinjured ofc took rock to shin going to harborview
1:41:28 AM2 injured officers – 1 to leg will go to hospital, other to hand not going to hospital


No arrests

No reported injuries

1:17:34 PMapprox  200 at Cal Anderson
1:48:59 PMover 1000 reported at Cal Anderson
2:12:31 PM244- they are taking the street, 1500+ going down Pine. Traffic resources needed
2:13:41 PM3000-4000 marching
2:13:58 PMmake that 6000-7000 marching
2:14:17 PMSB on Broadway
2:16:45 PMapprox 10000 crowd size, still sb, tail has not left the park yet
2:18:03 PMcrowd is still moving out of the park
2:18:20 PMgroup is heading to HQ
2:23:01 PMhead of the march is Madison and Broadway
2:23:59 PMgroup is pausing
2:24:08 PMtail is 10/pine
2:25:03 PMhead of the march is sb on broadway
2:31:22 PMlead is at Broadway/Cherry
2:33:56 PMgroup is going down Yessler
2:34:37 PMThey are going down James
2:34:47 PMenergized, hostile group, heading to HQ, improvised weapons/shields spotted in the crowd
2:35:51 PMgroup is WB on James
2:38:12 PMmarch approaching Boren
2:39:07 PMsocial media: group posting all of SPD tactical transmissions.
2:52:57 PMwb on cherry from 6th
3:01:04 PMgroup is at 5/James on the move
3:03:38 PMlead has stopped between 5 and 6 on James
3:09:44 PMlead is at 5/James
3:10:26 PMwb past 5/james
3:11:00 PMcrowd has stopped
3:11:43 PMcontinuting west past 5th
3:12:58 PMmarch is at 4th
3:13:11 PMlead is NB on 4th, filling into the plaza
3:18:47 PMgroup of about 150-200 taking over intersection 11/pine- peaceful
3:23:41 PMtail of the march5/James. People are sitting down
3:28:56 PMFYI: substantial crowd coming down James, and a group to the north from 5th
3:34:12 PMgroup met with yesterday, at EOC, saying they have a meeting Chief/Mayor. Are they at the right place, can someone come and advise where to meet
4:02:08 PMcurrent estimate of the crowd: 300-400 11/pine
4:18:52 PMcrowd is about 500 now
4:23:56 PMapprox 1000 crowd size
5:21:24 PMthe lead is E Union/Broadway
5:23:05 PMabout 3000 more heading that way on Broadway
5:24:14 PMmarch is at Pike approaching Pine- once they turn on pine, Traffic units are headed back downtown
5:27:21 PMgroup made the turn on Pine from Broadway, 3000+ crowd size
5:58:35 PM3 males trying to climb the fire escape, sw corner 11/pine
6:30:37 PMcrowd size 4-5000
6:31:13 PM5000-7000 at 11/pine. Improvised shields in the crowd, frozen water bottles, lots of umbrellas
6:31:45 PMpine and broadway, group has set up their own bike line
6:40:40 PMgroup of about 50 at 12/pike nb, under control
6:59:27 PMcontingent walking sb 11/pine
7:00:40 PMgroup splintering off, sb…
7:01:17 PM11/pine for medical – someone injuried
7:01:34 PMif person could come to the fence line, we will get them assistance.
7:03:30 PMgroup continuing sb on 11th – approx 300-400
7:05:22 PMgroup stationary
7:06:36 PM12th from Union EB
7:07:46 PM12/olive, 150 group size and peaceful
7:38:55 PMsplinter group nb on 11th/pike
7:42:35 PMat least 3000 at Cal Anderson
7:48:26 PMnb 11 on Pine- group breaking off
8:19:19 PMRadio: to all units, the Mayor has lifted the curfew.
8:21:19 PMcrowd surrounding civillian cars, we need units
8:22:03 PMmanaged to move crowd away from the cars, confiscated weapons
8:22:40 PMnb on broadway, 300+, under control at the intersection, it is now open
8:23:59 PMcrowd size 150-pike and 12
8:24:10 PMapprox 100 at the north location,
8:34:45 PMlarge contingent of bikes broadway and pine, preventing vehicles or movement eb on pine. They also have considerable numbers at the south end and olive
8:36:03 PM11/pike the group has set up another line, 12/union as well.
8:37:46 PMreports of a SUV running people over at broadway and republican- intersection is taken over by a group of people
8:38:14 PM11/pine group passing out bottles of something and masking up- south side of the intersection
8:48:07 PMbottles thrown, pa announcements any further acts of violence will result in dispersal order and will be deemed unlawful assembly. Warning only at this time
8:49:30 PMcrowd energized, at least 4 bottles thrown. Crowd created a barrier covering their movements at the front line
8:53:17 PMin response to the crowd, withdrawn from fence line, due to safety
8:53:47 PM12/pike taking the entire intersection
8:54:08 PMlarge crowd sb on broadway from republican
8:54:54 PMcrowd that’s sb is about 300-400
8:55:05 PMestimating higher than that
8:55:14 PM12/pike 150 crowd size
8:55:32 PMbroadway/john, group is taking a knee
9:00:21 PMBroadway/john group is sb on broadway
9:01:59 PMbroadway/john group is over 1000
9:02:42 PM5 on top of the Rhino Room
9:23:28 PMPeople in the crowd with lasers pointing them into national guard eyes
9:25:11 PM12/olive, 100-150
9:25:42 PMshining frontline officer w/laser s end of crowd
9:37:39 PM12/pike starting to get agitated,  rocks being thrown, unknown where it came from.  Could be coming from rooftop ne corner
9:40:41 PMgroup of 6-8 people 12/pine on roof.  Leaning over the rail watching, will keep eye on them
9:50:21 PM12/pike peaceful still
9:55:47 PMbreaking off from the march on pine
9:58:58 PMupdate on group of 500 broadway/pine blocking intersection
10:08:32 PMlarge group that broke off going Northbound Howell/Broadway
10:14:29 PMBonfire on nw home plate at Cal Anderson
10:44:33 PMprotestors are monitoring frequency do not give out phone numbers
11:13:57 PMCaller reporting crowd of protestors on 14 Av NB
11:35:46 PMeyes on crowd headed sb on 15th approaching e aloha
11:38:53 PMother group headed s going 15 av e valley, 200-300
11:54:06 PMangry crowd chanting16 Ave E Republican street
11:57:12 PM2nd group sb 15th e john st 150 people
11:59:36 PMcrowd is on  E howell heading wb approaching 14 av
12:20:20 AMe pine st/boylston group of 5 spray painting
12:26:43 AM20-25 on baseball diamond
12:39:54 AM11 pine 2-300 people still
12:59:47 AMthose leaving area nb on 12th egress
1:03:57 AMe pine 11th about 200
1:14:34 AMfence move to mid block
1:56:42 AMcrowd is handing out water bottles to folks in crowd.  Be advised
2:07AMlooks like we have a disturbance brewing in middle crowd male wearing beanie green coat and grey hoodie. Crowd calling him a paid informant
2:16AMnorth side intersection all in white coveralls handing out water bottles
4:01:48 AMsomeone is passing out some cans of drinks or something by blue van.  Crowd of about 10-15
4:04:59 AMtagging going on  – west side / south of intersection
5:16:01 AMtagger going WB on Pine
5:16:33 AMdisregard – tagger is back in the crowd
5:18:42 AMtaggers at Broadway throwing bottles at traffic lights
5:25:00 AMeast is responding to Mud Bay for Arson call.  Broadway and Pike.  Suspect seen holding gas can near dumpster
EndEvent Closed


Arrests: 2 — Charges include: failure to disperse/pedestrian interference, incitement

At least 4 Officers injured, 1 treated at hospital

11:02:36 AMgroup of about 200 gathered Benaroya
11:04:31 AMgroup NB on 3rd from Union
11:06:42 AMGroup nb on 4th – approx 400-500
11:10:01 AMgroup is peaceful
11:11:32 AMBenaroya, NB 4th, on east sidewalk, toward Lenora
11:17:33 AMhead of march 4 / Bell, tail 4 / Stewart
11:21:13 AMlead is approaching Vine
11:22:00 AMreaching Denny, both sides of the sidewalk, various groups, peaceful
11:26:27 AMmarch has turned eb on Broad from 4th
11:26:42 AMgroup is scattered out, groups of about 30-60
11:29:13 AMlargest contingent of the crowd is crossing Broad
11:29:28 AMhead is NB approach Harrison on 5th
11:30:22 AMcrowd size is approx 500
11:31:03 AMgroup is peaceful, on sidewalks, heading into Center Grounds to McCaw Hall
11:33:31 AMhead of the march is wb on Mercer approaching 4th ave N
11:33:51 AMnext big group is crossing Broad
11:36:26 AMhead of the march is at McCaw
11:39:10 AMtail is about to cross 5/Harrison, still nb on 5
11:43:46 AMtail WB Mercer from 5th
11:45:48 AMgroup starting to go into street along Mercer in front of McCaw Hall
11:59:45 AMcrowd is still stationary outside of McCaw Hall, peaceful and taking up 1 lane
12:04:45 PMgroup is still at McCaw, parts of the group are breaking off
1:01:29 PMMcCaw Hall group breaking up 
1:25:33 PMNational Guard arriving at West Lake
1:33:22 PMPeaceful sit-in at the Seattle Center at 1600 hrs.
2:34:18 PMcrowd at westlake 250 giving speeches, some wearing gas masks
2:43:12 PMorganizer at Westlake wants to talk about a route.
2:49:05 PMInfo -2nd to Pike from WB Pine from Cal Anderson for speeches and then back to Westlake on WB Pine
3:04:01 PM245XXV minor and howell, associated with group of individuals with leaf blowers heavy backpacks
3:10:11 PMGroup 300-350 now
3:13:02 PMStady flow of people heading towards Westlake from 8/pine
3:19:28 PMcrowd is growing
3:26:03 PM500-600 crowd @ Westlake
3:26:28 PMCal Anderson about 10 protestors
3:35:13 PMMetro advised to divert nb traffic on 4th av onto to 3rd
3:35:46 PMcrowd seems to be moving
3:36:37 PMmarch is on 2nd now
3:37:27 PMsb on 2 av crossing pike
3:37:34 PMmarch stopped at 2/pike
3:37:42 PMsb on 2nd 
3:38:40 PM4 pine wb in street for splinter group
3:39:36 PMmoving sb on 2nd 
3:40:40 PM2nd group staying back, following 1st group
3:41:30 PM700+ people
3:43:30 PMleaf blower group in back
3:45:10 PMHead approaching 2 marion
3:50:24 PMholding at 4/james
3:51:04 PMhead is on james now
3:52:05 PMcontinuing to march north james
3:52:51 PMSb on 4th
3:54:39 PMcrowd headed toward eoc
3:56:18 PMwill be riding with group in front, seem peaceful so far
3:56:44 PMsb 4th & james tail 
3:57:15 PMgroup at westlake possibly preparing a march 
4:00:16 PMcrowds allowed fire trucks out, will determine where they will park
4:01:34 PMLead nb on 5
4:03:28 PMgroup is wb on pine from westlake 600-800 people
4:06:45 PMgroup 800 crowd size sb on 2 av
4:07:59 PMgroup is eb on pike from 3 av
4:11:38 PM6/pike eb head
4:12:47 PMeb on pike towards E. pct crowd of 1000
4:20:50 PMagitator in the group trying to isolate that subj to prevent further 
 crowd of 1500 @ east pct
4:43:17 PMeoc, one of the city vehicles has damaged to one of the windows, some of the group is outside
4:49:00 PMnot seeing prop damg, crowd is peaceful
4:55:34 PM300-500 up east
4:55:43 PM50-75 gathered @ Westlake and growing
4:56:43 PMgroup outside is standing back up 
4:57:20 PMgroup is SB on 5th 
5:00:10 PMcrowd taking a knee
5:02:32 PME pct group approx 500 marching they are currently approaching 16/aloha
5:04:23 PME pct group 18/aloha
5:04:49 PM crowd is 300-400 crowd 5/yesler but more coming in
5:06:26 PME. Pct per guardian 1 group appears peaceful
5:07:46 PME Pct, E prospect from 18 crowd moving
5:08:44 PM50 rocks 1111 E piling up, east pct
5:09:29 PMgroup of 100 @ westlake 
5:10:07 PMcurrently have a protest at east pct that is 700-800, 300 at 5/washington
5:23:29 PME. pct crowd is now @ SB 15/Aloha across Mercer, Thomas
5:27:04 PMsplinter group 500 continuting wb to join eoc group, wb on pine approx broadway
5:29:19 PMEOC crowd is up on feet, approx 400-500 unknown where they are going
5:29:40 PMeoc group small pieces are leaving
5:31:17 PME. Pct group went E on Howell from 12th
5:32:30 PMeoc group wanting to go nb 5/av
5:37:47 PMintent of group is nb on 5 wb jeff to 4, pike to broadway, broadway to pike.  Heading to Cal Anderson Park
5:38:34 PMgroup is wanting to go to cal anderson
5:42:35 PMwb jefferson approaching 4 av
5:42:44 PMnb 4 av approaching james
5:43:41 PMreaching cherry
5:44:29 PMnb 4th approaching columbia
5:45:21 PM4 columbia nb
5:45:54 PMCal anderson group @ E pct
5:46:29 PM4 marion nb
5:47:16 PM4 madison nb, slowing down for stragglers
5:47:59 PM4 passing madison nb
5:49:15 PMspring st 4th will be static.  Head of march is in the middle of street
5:50:42 PME pct crowd 2000
5:50:51 PMother crowd is wb on 5th go down to 4th to meet up with other group.  Several 100
5:51:46 PMgroup has stopped and is kneeling or laying down on 4 av between 
5:52:23 PMgroup is still stopped @ 4 spring between 4 spring/columbia group is static
5:53:42 PME. Pct. group of about 800 moving to Cal Anderson
5:55:23 PMmarch at seneca continuing nb
5:55:32 PMtail approaching madison
5:55:39 PM300-400 @ 5/james
5:58:19 PMapproaching union.  need to make sure pike is clear for the group 
5:58:50 PMapproaching pike and then will be eb from there
5:59:54 PMGroup at westlake starting to move eb
6:00:13 PMtail 4 university
6:00:49 PMeb pike approaching 5 av
6:01:10 PMsplinter group took 4/pine small group of 60
6:01:36 PMgroups are joining from westlake
6:01:52 PMgroup 5th and james headed wb
6:03:04 PMeb on pine splinter group doesn’t want to join the main group
6:03:24 PMwill let group continue to march as they have been peaceful
6:03:49 PM1500-2000 at E Precinct
6:04:10 PMgroup is nb on 3 av from the headquarters group 300-400
6:07:51 PMsplinter group EB cherry from 3rd going up to 4th av.  Street preacher is having some altercations with group.  Preacher is running away
6:09:10 PMEOC group is headed up 7/Pike 
6:14:52 PMSplinter eb on pike/4 Av, 100 not causing any traffic issue
6:45:42 PMGroup plans to march around the barricades to Cal Anderson
6:55:20 PMa couple minutes ago announcement was made to stay off the fence line
6:55:56 PMcrowd at 12/pike walking eb
6:56:06 PMcrowd at 12/pike walking eb
6:56:36 PM10-15 passing around syringes with unknown substance
6:59:19 PMsmall group has wooden shields 14/pike
6:59:45 PMgave another pa announcement to have them respect the fence line
7:01:12 PMsmall group wb on olive
7:02:47 PM214 small group wb on olive
7:03:06 PMat 11/pike male in white shirt with microphone being surrounded by 50 people nothing physical just north of 11/pike
7:08:29 PMGuardian 1 reporting someone ontop of Starbucks at Pike/Broadway, appears to be setting up a sign 4 people sitting on top
7:09:56 PMgroup 20 surrounding male with mega phone and jesus loves you sign suspect grabbing vic arm no weapon seen
7:30:47 PMimprovised shields, umbrellas, googles, and female w/large pipe in front of crowd
7:35:10 PMgave another PA announcement to get off the fence for everyone’s safety
7:36:40 PM824 E Pike, individuals on Starbuck painting a fist for the spotlight
7:38:25 PMpeople with face mask, face shields, and mask protection in the crowd
7:49:56 PMAnother announcement about the fence line
8:10:45 PMprotestors seen in area with gas cans & spray bottles/ contacted one
8:12:12 PMtalked to organizers to come up and move people back and put down some of the umbrellas
8:47:50 PM12/pike starting to throw stuff
8:49:01 PMjust one agitator throwing items on 12/pike
8:54:02 PM11/pine several thousand still very energized
8:58:21 PM6/Bell piles on rocks left out
9:00:06 PMfront of line are deploying umbrellas
9:31:45 PMguy starting to kick barricade 12/pike
9:33:59 PM12/Pine challenging barricade
9:36:14 PMExplosion s & w of aerial mortars
9:39:01 PMstatus of explosion, sw 11/pine sounds like it came from the middle of 11th 
9:42:17 PM1100 broadway reports of fireworks being set off
9:45:37 PMsame crowd size, still engerzied, no change
9:49:29 PMSW Corner 11/pike climbing building
9:54:53 PMappears to be moving wb, may not be all of them
9:55:49 PMmaybe 1000 people heading wb
9:56:41 PM3000 people heading wb
9:57:27 PMmortar explosion and fireworks from bobby morris playground
9:59:00 PMwb Broadway continuing 
9:59:21 PManother PA announcement to stay off the fencing
10:03:05 PMStill several 1000 at East Precinct
10:03:17 PMthis crowd is stopped summit/pine/east
10:04:28 PMlaunching mortars summit/pine wb
10:05:13 PMsb towards bellevue & pine
10:06:38 PMsb bellevue/pine
10:07:21 PMBellevue/pike sb towards union
10:07:46 PMcontinuing sb thru pike/bellevue
10:09:06 PMSB minor/University
10:10:54 PMsb minor/university
10:11:10 PMmore fireworks in the crowd sb minor
10:13:49 PMminor/seneca sb
10:14:28 PMsb crossing minor/spring
10:15:55 PMsb crossing madison
10:18:01 PMsb minor/marion
10:18:21 PM50 or so breaking off sb 11 av/e pine
10:19:37 PM12 pike about 10 people 
10:19:49 PMsb minor/columbia
 Cal anderson lighting fireworks, at least 1 went towards e pct.  In soccer field male red sweater, blk jkt, jeans lighting fireworks
10:21:55 PMcherry sb
10:22:07 PMsb towards james
10:24:00 PMeb on james
10:26:16 PMeb james from broadway
10:28:08 PMeb from 11
10:28:38 PMeb cherry approaching 12
10:31:30 PMending walk at 12 cherry just west of
10:34:53 PMmultiple seen on rooftops all appear to be peaceful
10:36:00 PMgroup decided to block all of 12/cherry
10:36:40 PMsomeone down on front line possibly other side of fenceline.  do not want spd assistance, have medic coming  11/pine man having a seizure
10:37:24 PMNo way to escort fire at this time.  Moving him to East side of the park and tending to him
10:38:39 PMgroup on cherry has stopped again west of 14th
10:39:01 PMgroup size 300-400
10:41:32 PMhad 1 rock thrown at national guard line 11/pine
10:42:28 PMeoc, medical emergency will be on the baseball diamond side at the park, fire notified
10:43:33 PMeoc, is safe for fire to come in.  come in from north from nagel
10:46:30 PMguardian 1, get a visual so they can escort fire
10:46:58 PM16/cherry march
10:47:25 PMwill bring individual to fire
10:48:16 PM11/pine several thousand still energized
10:48:32 PM3 mary, confirmation se side emt with seizure person.  fire staging on nagel
10:49:30 PMsb 16/cherry crowd breaking 300
10:50:19 PMnational guard getting green laser pointed at their eyes 
10:50:56 PMlaser sw corner 11/pine 3rd story where they think laser beam is being pointed at national guard
10:57:51 PMguardian 1 lighting up to get eyes on person hiding on barclay bldg.  Appears to be sneaking around pillar
11:01:41 PMseizure patient being loaded up
11:04:48 PM300 going westlake 
11:09:29 PMgroup says going to boren then going to westlake approx 300 now thinning out
11:11:30 PMsb 16/alder
11:13:54 PMsb 15 made way to 16/spruce
11:16:34 PMsomeone is holding large metal pipe north side of line, possibly a piece of the fence, small metal rod
11:20:50 PMguardian 1 appx 50 people n & s of pine
11:24:34 PMWB crowd, 16 spruce stationary still
11:27:27 PMgroup broke up, walking nb 16/alder
11:31:40 PMgroup walking down sidewalk on cherry/14  headed wb very small group
11:36:10 PMBottles thrown at the front
11:36:20 PMgo ahead and use oc and blast balls
11:37:45 PMnot getting separation, deploy cs
11:37:57 PMall units deploy cs
11:38:20 PMcs getting thrown back at us
11:40:14 PMmove to cross broadway
11:40:51 PMnot running huddling up on 11th
11:41:33 PMI-5 is closed
11:41:48 PMcrowd coming on 10th
11:42:34 PMMortars fired from the park
11:42:57 PMbroadway crowd lined up 50 yards to left
11:44:17 PMholding harvard/pine 100 running
11:44:28 PM11 pine clear, headed no on 11th 
11:45:06 PMthrowing rocks 11 pine
11:45:15 PMline establish facing wb & sb
11:45:54 PMwalking eb
11:47:03 PMgroup 40 harvard/pine
11:48:29 PMtaking fireworks @ East Precinct
11:51:08 PMholding harvard/pine
11:51:18 PMolive dumpsters laid down
11:51:35 PM11/pine moving dumpsters in direction if close deploy less lethal
11:52:14 PMis there a crowd to give a dispersal order to
11:52:44 PMharvard/pine large crowd moving toward east precinct
11:53:03 PMdumpsters towards spd on pine
11:53:44 PM 1700 blk 11th av subjects starting fire
11:54:13 PMlast group eb 10/pine crossing on pine
11:56:01 PM2 more dispersal orders given 
11:56:56 PM11 olive heading sb
12:02:20 AMget any injured officers back 
12:06:39 AM50 or less in the park
12:09:53 AManother dispersal 3 min then going to move, from last dispersal order 
12:10:59 AMcrowd has reorganized not responding to dispersal order 200 @ pine nagle to west
12:12:13 AMlooters breaking bartells on broadway between pike/union
12:14:12 AMissued dispersal gave them 3 more min 014 hrs
12:20:02 AM3rd and final dispersal warning given, subject to arrest if remain at pine/nagel
12:22:17 AMwb pine from broadway
12:22:57 AMadvanced on crowd took off running to the west crossing broadway
12:24:10 AMarrest just east of pine
12:32:28 AM11/pine stragglers
1:02:36 AMEvent closed

6/1 Events

Arrests: 11 — Charges include: assault, obstruction, burglary, pedestrian interference, failure to disperse, failure to obey emergency order

At least three reports of officers injured.  Two required treatment at hospital.


1:55:42 PMCaravan coming across 520, headed to U-village, Per Capt. Sano
2:12:18 PMWill begin to trespass people
2:29:45 PMshutting down entrance
2:42:42 PMSound Transit is shutting down UW station
 Specifically warn people to leave the property
2:57:55 PMgroup of 10 at southwest entrance, were turned around and are heading down the ramp/trail
3:14:16 PMsubjects walking behind QFC
3:16:20 PMsubjects are hooded and masked
3:18:46 PMgroups advised that U Village is closed, they are moving along as well as the other group on foot
3:20:30 PMblock off alley behind Safeway
3:23:05 PMbike unit check out west side of U Village, bunch of people walking in
3:27:33 PMlarge group east of 45th, crowd size is approx 40-50
3:30:17 PMgroup is marching on the sidewalk, westbound on 45th.
3:37:17 PMCrowd is westbound on 45th over the hill/overpass
3:43:51 PM15-20 have exited the Safeway lot and are walking off
3:48:46 PMGroup taking over the road 45th/15th
3:53:16 PMpossible group gathering at O’Reilly’s – approximately 30 people
4:05:40 PMPer UWPD, group march to U district is on the way back, approx 40 people, eastbound on 45th crossing 17th.
4:09:49 PMCrowd growing putting hoods and masks on
4:25:45 PMneed dispersal order for alley for private property
4:26:10 PMUnit 226 can give the dispersal
4:27:55 PMinside stairwell, property damage taking place
4:29:15 PM226- dispersal order given
4:34:11 PMLooting at Safeway at NE 45th – 60 people in the lot, 40 inside- 10-15 more cars, cars in the back
4:35:11 PM226- 3rd dispersal order given, SWAT is moving people out
4:36:31 PMofficer getting assaulted behind Safeway per citizen
4:37:26 PMlooters through Burgermaster lot eastbound
4:39:12 PM Male white, bullet proof vest, camo, has gun..
4:45:01 PMAdvise everyone, person allegedly has gun, is the person bleeding from the head UW has him in custody
4:48:03 PMBurke Gilman/Blakey, group of 10, one with hammer, red hoodie, dark pants, subject with hammer waving it at people
4:48:59 PMMan on 45th giving out bottle rockets/fireworks
4:51:48 PMa lot of vehicle unloading at Burgermaster
4:58:03 PMFour to five people fighting, one subject with gun, northbound on 15th
5:05:37 PMMan with skateboard handing out fireworks at the chainlink fence
5:08:01 PMCrowd indicated they are using a police scanner…
5:23:58 PMMan in group of 10 brandished firearm, far west edge of University Place
6:18:18 PMsending squad of National Guard for relief…
6:26:53 PMLarge group showing up here. Approximately 40 at Safeway
6:30:17 PMNational Guard says crowd trying to get through fence… units will check it out
7:27:39 PMQFC- approximately 17 walking, trying to throw water bottles, missed officers
7:37:31 PMRegarding earlier incident with potential shots fired, report that an employee of grocery store (QFC or Safeway) was boarding up the store, got in an altercation with a protestor(s). To defend himself, he pulled a gun, protestor(s) backed off and reported man with gun. UWPD picked up the man, who was bleeding because he was assaulted. UW assisted with medical resources, which is why he was unable to be located
7:39:29 PMlast of the protestors leaving the alley
9:16:43 PMper U Village IC: will let group stay until 2300 will then give dispersal, hoping to have things wrapped up by midnight
11:52:47 PMevent has concluded.


2:22:19 PM75 protesters at Westlake park
2:28:56 PM75-100 now at Westlake
2:29:17 PMNational Guard deploying
2:56:26 PM10 or so masked up at library
2:58:21 PMCheck 1000 4 Avenue for masked up protesters with bats
3:08:55 PMNational Guard has deployed
3:13:47 PMCrowd is 500+ making contact with group and will escort if marching. If unlawful conduct, group will be moved to the south
3:18:59 PMGroup has leaf blowers
3:21:01 PMGroup plans to march to court house and then back, part of route on 3rd Ave
3:37:26 PMcrowd size increasing
3:50:04 PMcrowd size now over 1000
3:53:58 PMOfficer struck by rock/unknown injury
3:59:33 PMcrowd size now over 1500
4:07:54 PMcrowd stopping at Federal Building
4:21:24 PMcrowd stopped at 3rd and James
4:32:45 PMEstimates 2500 in group now
4:38:05 PMGroup giving speeches at City Hall Park, may move at anytime
4:43:40 PMSome in group starting to mask up at 3rd and James
4:45:50 PMtwo separate groups
4:56:54 PMMale in orange jersey picking up rocks at 516 James Street
5:00:42 PMSubjects attempting to destroy bike
5:05:42 PMMan trying to break into a medic van
5:08:06 PMGroup now approximately 4000, now heading to Westlake, northbound on 4th Ave
5:09:02 PMgroup of 6 on south side 6/James, one has large stick
5:16:22 PMUsed blast ball to disperse disturbance at 4/Columbia
5:27:16 PMGroup is 2 1/2 blocks long
5:37:19 PMArrest 4/University, need transport
5:40:06 PMCrowd now approximately 7000, crowd talking about marching to East Precinct
6:04:03 PMWSP may be shutting down I-5
6:04:34 PMBottles thrown at officers at 5/Pine, and I-5 will be shut down
6:12:49 PMApproaching Boren
6:28:31 PMcrowd members trespassing on scaffolding at Boren and Pine
6:34:21 PMhead of march on Bellevue and Pine
 sneaker city just looted
6:46:59 PMOfficers needs help at 2nd and Pine
6:47:35 PMunder control, 2/pine/no additional info
6:52:00 PMmarch stopping often, still not to broadway
6:54:59 PMhead of march at Harvard, still eb
6:57:37 PMtail of march, summit and pine
7:11:17 PMmarch stopped at police line, 11th and pine
7:12:53 PMcrown at 11 and pine, now all on knees
 group moving s/b on 11th ave
8:09:04 PMnow part of the group at 12 and pike
8:14:52 PMnow n/b from 13th and pike
8:15:51 PMnow n/b from 13th and pine, continuing n/b
8:41:57 PM13 Pine Disperse, NB from 13/Pine
8:50:23 PMSome of group moving nb
8:54:11 PMFireworks @ 13/Pine
8:55:35 PM2000 marchers,
 15 E/Madison southside3 Males w/backpacks w/bats, walking WB
9:04:16 PMthey are attempting to push through barricade
9:04:28 PMwe need more units they are pushing hard
9:04:37 PMneed support 11/pine
9:04:52 PMall units push…. Deploy OC
9:06:08 PMGroup pushed through fence line, activate cameras, threw 1 bottle
9:07:45 PMMask up, not allowed to push again
9:09:08 PMSeveral in group with umbrellas
9:09:21 PMAll Units goggles & masks
9:10:15 PMPer IC deploy blast balls & CS
9:11:18 PMCrowd breaking up now
9:11:33 PMSome headed south, some headed west
9:13:55 PMLargest group headed southbound on 11th/Union
9:22:15 PMMob is over 80 running WB on Pike WB
9:22:26 PMTaking bottles, rocks & pyro
9:22:59 PM100 now all in black wb Pike from Broadway
9:26:13 PMGroup 150-200 @ Cal Anderson Park
9:28:07 PMDeclaring a Riot 216
9:29:00 PMPA announcement
9:29:17 PMPatrol vehicle needed for dispersal order
9:29:36 PMCar tried to hit an officer
9:31:16 PMRolling dumpsters down the hill in front of Hugo House at 11 Ave
9:33:14 PMPreparing to give dispersal
9:34:45 PMIndividuals throwing rocks & bottles pushing north
9:38:28 PMgoing to head back to westlake, crowd of 100 at Westlake
9:44:14 PMgroup of 30 nb on 12th on w side of street
9:46:21 PM500 running wb towards downtown
9:48:14 PMGroup at Pine and Boren confrontational, throwing things, jumping on things
9:49:11 PM500 crossing Boren overpass
9:50:35 PMNational guard enroute to Westlake
9:50:58 PMAssault rifle @ the Ihop parking lot in grey car
9:52:30 PM1 injured officer being treated @ East Precinct
9:54:41 PMWest Precinct is under control
10:02:17 PMVehicle fleeing downtown w/rifle / black Dodge Charger
10:03:13 PMInjured officer going to Harborview Medical Center
10:03:23 PM200 people steady stream Westlake
10:05:10 PM300-400 at Westlake
10:24:49 PMGroup of 300 marching up towards E. pct,
10:39:11 PM300 headed back to West Pct
10:50:19 PM300 returning west from East Precinct
10:51:14 PM100 protestors out with national guard, crowd is hostile
11:03:58 PMCrowd SB on 5th ave
11:07:24 PMcrowd at 6/University
11:09:26 PMGroup @ University & 5th
11:11:19 PMwb on Spring/6th, per Guardian 1
11:12:16 PMHeaded S on 5th from Spring
11:12:55 PMHead wb on Spring
11:13:21 PMstopped @ 5th & Spring
11:17:33 PMcrowd size 200
11:17:40 PMGoing downhill on 5/spring
11:19:13 PMWB on Spring on 3rd
11:19:26 PM150-200 crowd size per Guardian 1
11:19:37 PMMale w/ar15 in the middle of the group
11:23:04 PM2/University group
11:24:04 PM2/Seneca arrest
11:24:08 PMcrowd size NB 2nd 200+
11:24:33 PMNB on 2nd against traffic
11:26:29 PMMale w/AR has been arrested
11:26:50 PM W/M arrested w/rifle, weapon seized and under control
11:29:01 PMGroup approaching Stewart with flares
11:29:23 PMRifle has been confiscated, compliant suspect headed to pct.  Arrested due to officer safety/hostile crowd
11:34:02 PMshots fired east of 12/Pike
11:34:19 PMviolent aggressive crowd, pushing officers refusing to follow orders
11:46:25 PM1/spring male w/rifle
11:46:41 PMcar 21, remind them of civil emergency curfew order regarding weapons
11:48:16 PM13/Pine shots going off couple blocks east

Additional 6/1 East Precinct Incidents From Separate Radio Channel

10:26:08 PM
Approximately 200 11/Pine, another 300 enroute
10:26:53 PM100 Harvard EB per Guardian One
10:32:49 PMProperty damage at Game Stop- broken windows
10:36:57 PMreport of male with AR 15 south side, strapped to his chest white male, last report east pct south side in the crowd…. 11/pine intersection- black or brown helmet, on sw west corner
10:38:42 PMper civil emergency order confiscate the firearm
10:38:59 PMbottles and rocks 11/pine
10:40:19 PMMan with rifle south of intersection 11/pine – red beanie
10:40:46 PMif we contact him, we can confiscate the rifle, if he refuses, he can be arrested
10:45:40 PMWestbound on Pike from 10, maybe heading toward Westlake, 300 people approximately
10:48:33 PMgroup attempting to light a dumpster fire…  individual put dumpster fire out
10:49:34 PM group is wb pike approaching Boylston
10:53:06 PMhead of the group is approaching Belmont
10:54:06 PMgroup turning NB on Minor
10:54:41 PMinfo: subject with rifle in the rear just past Bellevue and Pine
10:55:28 PMcrowd is west on Pine
10:56:18 PMwb Pine crossing Boren
10:59:07 PMstopped 800 block of Pine
11:00:28 PMthey are on the move again
11:02:03 PM2 males breaking into 7/pike, Regal movie theatre, breached doors
11:03:06 PMProperty damage suspects running into crowd

5/31 West and East Precinct

Arrests: 21 — Charges include: burglary, assault, obstruction, robbery, assault/unlaful possession of a firearm

1:12:24 PMat 1500 hrs., protest outside the jail 5/James
1:54:26 PMReport from citizen-White male, blue jeans, black sweatshirt and backpack with possible incendiary devices- Westlake
1:55:40 PM10 protestors at Hing Hay park
1:57:40 PMgroup at 5/James
1:59:33 PMunits with individual with backpack and possible incendiary devices, another unit requested.
2:06:28 PM40 at Westlake
2:07:42 PMunits to Hing Hay, crowd is about 20, getting hostile
2:09:22 PM50-60  at Westlake
2:10:36 PMlooting in progress at 2/Pike Target
2:11:55 PMgroup is about 100 at Westlake
2:18:00 PMcrowd of protestors heading to Westlake from East
2:30:33 PMtreat this as a standard demo, keeping road ways open, will address any acts of violence and property damage
2:32:21 PMlooters in Walgreens
2:40:31 PMApproximately 130 at Westlake
2:49:05 PM300+ at Westlake, so far peaceful
2:50:41 PMspoke with organizer there are a few non peaceful individuals in the crowd, will be pointed out. Organizers intent is to hold a peaceful demo and they do not intend on marching.
3:16:31 PMfireworks thrown near officers near Abercrombie
3:16:51 PMapprox 300 at Westlake
3:19:18 PMgroup at jail is approx 50 and growing
3:23:12 PMgroup starting to move, nb 5/James… intentionally blocking the intersection
3:40:16 PMmarch is wb on pine
3:40:22 PMprotestors walking with large signs/shields toward 5/james location
3:40:41 PMgroup of about 500 en route
3:46:27 PMWestlake is now empty
3:48:45 PMover 1000 Marching
3:48:54 PMWSP in front of HQ/City Hall
3:51:31 PMGroup is SB on 5th
3:51:58 PMWestlake march is at Columbia, tail is at spring
3:54:11 PMgroup is north past James
3:55:07 PMgroup eb on James
3:56:40 PMgroup broke EB on cherry HQ heads up
3:57:22 PM2nd group going up 2nd
4:00:27 PMcrowd – EB on cherry from 3
4:01:16 PMbottles and rocks thrown at 1st/cherry
4:01:35 PMGive the dispersal order if need
4:01:54 PMunlawful assembly, give the dispersal order…
4:02:07 PM4/cherry, group giving speeches at city hall
4:03:02 PMdispersal order is being given
4:04:59 PMgroups will meet up 4/Cherry
4:07:19 PMgroup size is approx 1000-1500 on 4/cherry
4:12:15 PMarrest at the rear
 needs medical for officer, 2 arrests
4:16:03 PMmain group is at Marion
4:16:35 PMgroup turned, wb approaching 3/Seneca
4:18:09 PMmultiple OC deployments
4:19:51 PMuse OC, deploy blast balls
4:20:23 PMtaking rocks bottles and cans per 216
4:22:49 PMstill taking rocks, going wb
4:23:59 PMdispersal order given
4:24:16 PMrocks, compost bins thrown at officers
4:25:53 PMviolent portion north on 4th; as soon as aid to officer is provided, we will leave this intersection
4:28:34 PMSubject shoved then punched officer, subject in crowd sprayed officers with OC, 1 in custody, individual who sprayed is not in custody.
4:42:02 PMlarge group EB on Union
4:43:43 PMgroup is at belmont/union approx 300 eb
4:44:01 PMgroup is at Westlake
4:44:44 PMgroup is union/boylston
4:47:41 PMgroup pike/broadway
4:47:56 PM300-400 broadway/pike
4:50:50 PMlarge group is assembling at Cal Anderson
4:52:41 PM10/pine group nb on Nagel
4:54:26 PMgroup at Westlake appears to be ready to break up…
4:58:18 PMgroup is nb approaching E Denny on Broadway
5:00:23 PMgroup is holding at Olive and Broadway
5:00:46 PMgroup turning WB on olive
5:00:58 PMgroup it taking the intersection, approx 300
5:01:39 PMgroup is splitting, one group eb on olive, the others remaining in the intersection
5:05:02 PMgroup is eb on John from Broadway
5:09:51 PMgroup is east from 13th
5:10:51 PMofficers were pepper sprayed – 4/Seneca
5:21:21 PMgroup will be EB on pike toward Capitol Hill
5:22:01 PMsomeone in the front said they are heading back down town
5:25:04 PMapprox 400 in the group approaching boren,
5:25:59 PMlead is 8th ave
5:27:02 PMgroup is approaching convention place
5:29:40 PMlead at Convention pl
5:29:49 PMgroup approaching Broadway from Mercer
5:30:17 PMgroup sb on broadway
5:38:55 PMGroup is N/B Broadway
5:41:26 PMStill W/B Olive Way from Broadway
5:42:12 PMPassing Belmont Av now
5:42:53 PMOther group is E/B Pine approaching 11th
5:43:49 PMSmall group went S/B from Olive Way, 4 people w/ backpacks
5:44:18 PMGroup stopped, sitting in intersection, Olive and Bellevue
5:45:09 PMhead is still northbound passing olive
5:47:37 PMlead is at the over pass approaching Boren
5:49:12 PMgroup is continuing past Nagel on Broadway
5:50:49 PMgroup approaching Olive/Boren
5:51:06 PMgroup is off the highway, Olive/Minor
5:56:09 PMwhole in the group moving toward overpass
5:56:46 PMgroup is sb on melrose
5:56:51 PMissued a warning for the civil emergency order to the group- Olive/boren, east on olive
5:58:12 PMlarge group headed to Olive on Melrose
5:58:46 PMMelrose group approx 500
5:59:33 PMhostile crowd turning their attention to the officer Olive/Melrose. N side I 5 on ramp area.
6:00:21 PMCrowd is SB on Melrose
6:00:50 PMgroup is Pine/Melrose, eb on Pine
6:01:07 PManother 1500 joined the group
6:02:08 PMthey are pounding on the van
6:02:28 PMgroup eb on Pine, estimated size approx 1000
6:04:38 PMwarning regarding curfew was given, item thrown at vehicle
6:06:04 PMstationary on Pike between Boylston/Belmont, tail still eb
6:07:07 PMcrowd moving again, tail is at Belmont
6:08:06 PMhead of the group is approaching Harvard
6:09:42 PMheading of the group past Broadway
6:10:11 PMtail of the group is at Harvard
6:10:44 PMgroup stopping at E Pine/Nagel
6:14:21 PMprotestors sitting down in front of the precinct.
6:18:45 PMlarge group is approx 700
6:23:11 PMgroup is demanding to go eb
6:26:10 PMportion of the group sb on 11th
6:27:57 PMgroup is EB on Pike from 11th
6:29:27 PM approx 300 remain, the rest went to 12/Pike. Group continuing on Pike
6:32:25 PMwas there an assualt in the crowd…tough to see…
6:32:58 PMunit reporting that it appears they are removing a female..
6:34:29 PMgroup of 400 heading toward 13th
6:35:58 PMcrowd is at the barricades 13/pine
6:37:37 PMofficers are at the fight, under control
6:39:20 PM 13/pine taking bottles
6:41:52 PMcrowd pushing on the fence- 13/pine
6:43:03 PMgroup is covering their faces and putting on goggles
6:55:32 PMlarge group SB on 11th
6:57:41 PMlead is wb on pike
6:59:34 PMlead is approaching Pike/Harvard
7:00:26 PMgroup turning SB on Harvard
7:01:13 PMreports that subjects are going through garbage cans near QFC looking for stuff to throw
7:03:16 PMlead is WB on university
7:04:05 PMgroup is wb on seneca at Boylston
7:04:39 PMhead of the group running wb on Seneca
7:06:43 PMhead of the group is approaching Seneca and Boren
7:07:32 PMgroup is sb on minor from seneca
7:08:21 PMgroup is headed toward madison
7:14:28 PMBoren/Madison. Denny wb traffic along boren, approx 800
7:38:17 PMGroup in alley off Columbia, 900 block
7:40:14 PMgroup coming down Spring
7:42:24 PMgroup crossing Boren heading west on Spring
7:42:38 PMlarge group nb on Minor towards Madison
7:43:12 PManother warning regarding mayor’s curfew was given
7:44:02 PMgroup at Spring/Cherry heading wb
7:44:18 PMgroup heading down james
7:44:26 PMgroup running on James, block them before they get under the highway on James
7:46:27 PMgroup approaching cherry throwing rocks blowing out windows- guy in red, guy in yellow
7:46:52 PMbottle thrown Madison/Boren
7:48:16 PMgroup wb on Marion toward 8
7:48:24 PMBoren/Madison increasingly hostile
7:50:08 PM large group heading NB on Minor
7:51:25 PM large group turning eb on University
7:58:33 PMbunch going down the stairs on 9/University
7:58:47 PM large number going to pop out at Seneca shortly
7:59:05 PMgroup crossing Seneca now
7:59:41 PMincreasing numbers black clad heading into Westlake area, ignoring police tape
8:00:39 PMgetting through downtown core from Seneca
8:00:58 PM group of 40 breached Seneca… they are at 6/Seneca
8:04:06 PMapprox 15-20 black clad individuals walking sb on 5th
8:05:13 PMgroups flooding in downtown via Freeway Park
8:08:19 PMgroup gathering near University..
8:11:25 PM200-300 group is at Cal Anderson
8:11:59 PMgroup marching NB on Boren on Pine, will turn them back into Westlake
8:12:16 PMapprox 200-250 walking wb on University, now NB on 3..
8:17:01 PMcrowd continuing nb
8:18:24 PMhead of the group wb on Pine
8:20:07 PMbarricades pushed, heading into westlake
8:26:21 PM4/pike blocked
8:29:18 PMturning on 4 ave from Olive- group, one has improvised weapon. Units to follow up
8:32:45 PMgroup of 5-6 hoodies, walking sb… molotov cocktail…
8:33:27 PMOfficer has eyes the individual with molotov cocktail, west side on 5th
8:41:28 PMhostile crowd 7/Olive
8:43:44 PMcontinuing wb crossing 6
8:45:52 PMlarge group is at 3/Stewart
8:47:29 PMgroup changed directions sb on 3 from Stewart
8:48:04 PMcrowd size down to about 300-400
8:48:34 PMlarge group is turning eb on Pine
8:53:32 PMgroup of 200 9/pine wb
8:55:50 PM300-400 that are joining westlake group.
8:58:08 PMpreparations to give a dispersal orders
9:03:05 PMCal Anderson is empty
9:06:01 PMreconnect with organizer, convey curfew, will give dispersal order, 10 min 2nd dispersal, then mask up etc, give final dispersal order…
9:13:49 PMstarting to get a slow trickle of protestors sb from 5/olive, will end up behind the east line
9:32:21 PMpeople coming back down 5th
9:33:14 PMproperty damage east on 5th/pine
9:33:32 PMproperty damage, will execute plan now
9:37:50 PMproperty damage has subsided, holding at Westlake,
9:39:36 PMgave civil emergency order warning
9:44:00 PM7/olive breaking windows, walking wb, knocking over barriers
9:46:43 PManother warning regarding curfew was given
9:46:54 PMtaking bottles
9:48:30 PManother bottle 5/pine
9:51:28 PMsb 4 to eb pike, sb boren
9:52:08 PM helmets on shield down
9:53:07 PMtaking bottles again
9:53:26 PMcar 21- gave another warning over the PA regarding curfew order
9:53:56 PMline 5/pine, 2 glass bottles and other objects. At the next object thrown, will push line, will deploy gas
9:56:27 PM1st dispersal order given
10:01:35 PMblack clad with backpacks:  5 from stewart south towards parked vehicles
10:06:15 PMcontinuing on to 6th toward capitol hill
10:07:16 PM2nd dispersal order given
10:10:47 PM100 around 5/pine, several hundred at westlake spread out
10:16:16 PMorganizers will get everyone to gather together then will move them out…
10:19:58 PM3rd dispersal order has been give
10:23:29 PMmoving into the park now
10:29:20 PMnational guard to stay in west lake area
10:31:00 PMpush group to boren
10:34:39 PMpush to boren then south bound
10:43:36 PMlead is at Boren and University
10:45:06 PMhead of the march is yelling they are heading to Broadway
10:45:37 PMrunning eb madison
10:46:10 PMcrowd size is approx 40, still blocking the street
10:46:44 PMarrest, boren – University
10:50:14 PMarrest at boren and Spring –
10:53:35 PMgroup going north to QFC
10:53:56 PMcrowd size about 70
10:55:01 PMa group ran through QFC parking lot, are west of harvard
10:56:20 PMat boylston and pike right now
10:56:36 PMguardian 1: group is approaching Boylston/Seneca
11:01:46 PMapprox 50 in front of US bank Boren/Madison
11:03:44 PMmadison and minor 2 groups meeting up, about 40-50 people
11:04:36 PM1/pike group breaking glass
11:04:46 PMlarge group of about 100 heading wb on madison
11:10:54 PM1432 1st ave is the store front with the damage (looters have been arrested – 3 approx 2235 hrs.)
11:12:03 PMgroup is about 100
11:14:40 PMgroup of 100 crossed 4/Madison wb
11:15:37 PM1/Virginia- loading up like the looted… they are hanging out and now crossing the street,
11:16:20 PM large group is nb on 3rd
11:21:11 PMreports of broken windows 5/pike
11:21:51 PMgroup entering ben bridge
11:22:35 PMmedical needed: 1400 blk 3rd
11:23:22 PM500 blk of union taking one in custody
11:25:43 PMgroup is still nb
11:27:01 PMgroup is eb on virginia
11:31:14 PM409 Pike is being looted
11:31:35 PMgroup is eb on virginia again
11:32:20 PMgroup running toward the pct
11:36:10 PMgroup may be heading to Amazon…
11:38:19 PMmoving nb on 6th from blanchard
11:38:55 PM190- believe the group is headed to Mary’s Place
11:43:09 PMcrowd is on the corner by Shake Shack
11:44:19 PMgroup is holding 9/Westlake
11:45:05 PMgroup holding at 9/westlake
11:46:48 PMgroup is 9/westlake- appear to be agitated
11:48:32 PMwestlake /blanchard- group is yelling at the officers
11:55:03 PMstill taking rocks at 9/westlake
12:02:00 AMSmashed window 1453 E Republican
12:06:36 AMlaunching rocks at officers 5/john
12:25:59 AMBurning column on Fire John/Broad, eyes on
12:29:21 AMFire to Broad & 5th to put out a fire on road.   Fire not needed was able to use extinguisher
12:29:59 AMProtestors are WB approaching Denny
12:30:56 AM420 Vine St Broken Window
12:32:40 AMSB from 3rd & Broad 20 Individuals
12:38:04 AME Side of sidewalk small group wearing masks 3/Bell
12:42:21 AMGroup of 4 EB on Battery approaching firestation
12:51:15 AMGroup is SB 3 & Blanchard
12:53:19 AM9/Westlake NB individual lighting trash can on fire
12:53:47 AMGroup is at 3/Virginia
1:05:45 AMSB 3/Spring group of approx 13-15
1:18:42 AMGroup is going to turn NB on 4th Ave from Spring
1:22:13 AMGroup is 4/University NB
1:25:24 AM1325 4 Av, Individual breaking car window
1:27:18 AMEB on Pike from 4 Av, they are talking about going to Capitol Hill
1:28:19 AM233, group has been given multiple warnings to disperse
1:30:44 AMEvent ended


Arrests: 55

Charges include: assault on an officer, obstruction, assault, burglary, failure to disperse

Reported officer injuries: 6

Time   Saturday May 30   
6:00:00 AM   SPOC Activated   
9:31:56 AM    Radio called to report a citizen called, stating that Antifa is to gather at Westlake at noon per a Twitter feed. RTCC informed   
11:00:00 AM   EOC Activation   
11:29:10 AM   50 People at SPD HQ    
11:42:40 AM   Approximately 100 people at SPD HQ   
12:22:27 PM   Approximately 1000 people at SPD HQ   
1:08:29 PM   Speakers at SPD HQ are encouraging them to join Westlake event   
1:58:28 PM   5/Cherry bottles thrown at officers   
1:58:41 PM   5/Madison- rocks and bottles thrown   
2:00:49 PM   5/James bottles thrown   
2:19:35 PM   Approximately 4000-5000 crowd size at Westlake    
2:32:17 PM   Crowd is more hostile on 5/Pine. Bikes from 4/Pine to 5/Pine   
2:36:33 PM   5/Pine rocks and bottles   
2:38:15 PM   rocks and bottles- unlawful assembly- need dispersal order   
2:39:07 PM   taking glass bottles 5/Pine   
2:39:16 PM   officer exposed- need medical   
2:40 PM   SPD officer injured. SFD Deployed.    
2:45:44 PM   SFD to 6/pine. Individual pepper sprayed.   
2:59:53 PM   Projectiles being thrown 5/Pine    
3:01:18 PM   Officer struck in the throat by a projectile. Minor injury   
3:09:00 PM   Patient was pushed to the ground during the protest. Transported to HMC by AMR.   
3:10:20 PM   Dispersal orders given at 5/pine   
3:35:14 PM   Large crowd headed to HQ- currently 5/Columbia   
3:43:00 PM  SPD officer injured.   
3:46:25 PM   Throwing bottles in front of Bartells at 5/Olive   
3:52:45 PM   SFD to 3/Pine for injured officers   
3:53:56 PM   Patrol car being vandalized in front of Old Navy   
3:55:53 PM   Patrol car on fire by Old Navy   
3:59:19 PM   Crowd is on I-5   
4:01:55 PM   SFD inquiring if they can get in to handle the car fire at 5/Pine.   Negative – Don’t have a perimeter around it.   
4:02:38 PM   Assault on officers 5/Olive-    
4:04:50 PM   Molotov cocktail thrown at the police vehicle   
4:05:22 PM   Hundred individuals head toward SPD HQ   
4:06:14 PM   Thousands on I-5 SB   
4:07:09 PM   Call for Resources to HQ ASAP   
4:08:02 PM   SFD is at 5/Olive needing to get through to the injured officer    
4:10:24 PM   HQ under siege   
4:14:26 PM   Radio: 6/Pine rifle from police vehicle   
4:15:03 PM   HQ is taking bottles   
4:15:41 PM   DHS Alert: Social media user stated he will join Seattle protest and has desire to kill Law Enforcement officials   
4:18:09 PM   Approximately 1200 at HQ, HQ taking bottles   
4:18:37 PM   5/Pine: Police rifle was turned in to officers   
4:21:38 PM   Large crowd headed toward the West Pct. Make sure infrastructure in place.   
4:26:12 PM   SPOC made a regional mutual aid request made via EOC   
4:26:53 PM   Paintballs being thrown at HQ   
4:27:30 PM   Officers being assaulted at HQ  
4:30:32 PM   Reports of items being thrown at HQ smell like accelerants   
4:31:17 PM   5/Union Molotov cocktail are being made   
4:31:26 PM   More resources are coming to HQ  
4:32:11 PM   Crowd attempting to break windows 5/Olive   
4:36:40 PM   Reports of a fire at Pacific Place   
4:39:24 PM   Vehicle torched   
4:39:24 PM  Car fire. No reported injuries. Unsafe for crews to operate.   
4:43:12 PM   Report of man walking up the stairs at Yesler/5 Ave overpass with rifle   
4:43:58 PM   Mayor’s office will announce 5pm curfew   
4:45:22 PM   Smoke coming into Nordstrom’s building.   
5:02:00 PM    SFD en Route to Auto fire Alarm at City Hall    
5:12:55 PM   HQ is under control – Crowd about 100   
5:16:33 PM   4/Battery – Approximately 1000 in the street   
5:22:30 PM   5/James officers taking rocks. Molotov cocktail 1500 blk of 6th. Need resources   
5:25:39 PM   4/Pine occupied vehicle windshields shattered   
5:28:27 PM   Starbucks is being looted   
5:29:54 PM   Reports of break in at King County Admin building   
5:31:15 PM   300 individuals heading toward the West Pct   
5:31:59 PM   Nordstrom on 6th windows broken   
5:34:04 PM   2 city owned vehicles burned  
5:35:26 PM   6/Stewart officer is surrounded in his vehicle. Units en route.  
5:38:00 PM  Reported arson, dumpster fire with no exposures. No injuries reported.   
5:40:27 PM   KC admin building damage. Windows broken.   
5:40:43 PM   Looting at Nordstrom’s. Resources en route.   
5:42:35 PM   5/pine injured officer hit in the face. Medic needed will meet at 1500 blk of 5th   
5:43:00 PM  SPD officer injured.   
5:56:15 PM   Taking rocks at 6/Olive   
5:56:40 PM   Objects being thrown 5/Pine   
5:57:09 PM   Injured officer 6/Olive  
5:57:00 PM  SPD officer injured.   
5:58:13 PM   6/Olive way objects thrown   
5:59:06 PM   6/Olive – Lasers pointed at officers   
6:43:16 PM   Potential fire at North Face   
6:47:32 PM   Large group throwing rocks and bottles 9/Pine   
6:50:53 PM   9/Pine need assistance- heavy rocks and bottles    
7:02:00 PM   Broken Windows East Side 1500 blk of 5th   
7:10:29 PM   Breaching additional stores/breaking windows    
7:12:00 PM   2 vehicles on fire. No injuries reported.   
7:14:13 PM   Significant property damage 1500 blk 5th.   
7:15:53 PM   Car fire in front of Ben Bridge, subjects breaking in Ben Bridge   
7:18:01 PM   WSP car damaged at 4/Pike   
7:18:40 PM   SFD waiting on an escort to 4/Pike   
7:21:04 PM   20 people trying to break into Target   
7:29:25 PM 300+ to north and another 150 + to the south – approximately 500 total. 
7:34:00 PM  Reports of arson via security camera. Small fire extinguished on its own.   
7:48:00 PM Reports of Arson 
7:59:43 PM Large group forming in front of Pacific Place  
8:03:00 PM  Caller reports person starting fire at construction site.   
8:06:14 PM 2 in custody for looting Carhart  
8:09:00 PM  SPD reports car fire. No injuries reported.   
8:09:00 PM  WSP officer injured.   
8:17:05 PM Multiple locations being looted  
8:23:17 PM Report of a fire inside Nordstrom  
8:24:12 PM Multiple windows being broken at Post Office.  
8:26:03 PM Group of 200-300, 3/University, breaking windows as they move. 
8:27:19 PM Group of looters 6/Olive NW corner  
8:39:06 PM Valley CDU released to attend to obligations in their own jurisdiction  
8:39:51 PM Looters at Walgreens at Pike  
8:41:04 PM Looter reentering Bartell  
8:42:27 PM Officer hit with projectile on the head   
8:46:51 PM Walgreens- 2 in custody  
8:47:53 PM Looting, Tabaco store 3/Pine  
8:48:42 PM Individual spray-painted kill cops on the side of the building – Pendleton store  
8:49:50 PM Handgun at Robins Brothers jewelry store  
8:54:15 PM Large group near 4/Pine smashing windows  
8:58:41 PM Citywide: all traffic resources to block traffic coming into downtown  
8:59:16 PM Multiple looting occurring, bikes to go mobile to deter  
9:05:10 PM Rocks and bottles 5/Pine, transport needed for 4 prisoners at 5/pine  
9:13:39 PM Westlake center reports of 10 individuals with crowbars attacking security. Units there not seeing anything.   
9:20:10 PM Looting at Pacific Place  
9:28:46 PM Per South ACT officers: 2 rifles, handgun compact, gloc 9mm in a fanny pack  
9:32:20 PM 10 Sheriff deputies to west to handle 911 calls, 8 going to East, 20 will rove downtown  
9:33:14 PM Men’s Warehouse looting 
9:37:22 PM Looters at Bartells 5/Olive resources being requested  
9:39:01 PM Jewelry store 5/University broken into  
9:39:49 PM 5/pine highly agitated male with body armor and rifle  
9:42:21 PM Stabbing 5/pike need medic, stab wound to abdomen  
9:45:25 PM Requesting 5/Pike for scene security  
9:46:35 PM Reports of bats being swung on 1st- units responding  
9:47:29 PM 523 union – Bank has live feed of 2 people in the bank  
9:51:50 PM 10-20 subjects lighting items on fire 2nd floor pacific place  
9:52:56 PM Bellevue SWAT enroute to check on fire at Pacific Place.   
9:54:38 PM Looters back at Vans  
9:54:54 PM 3 in custody at Walgreens 3/Pike  
9:55:24 PM Units in the area of Westlake, reports of people on the roof of Pacific Place… Radio: its security. They locked themselves up there, Bellevue SWAT enroute.  
9:56:18 PM Fire enroute to NorthFace looters are setting fire. Units are clearing the building.   
10:04:32 PM Looting at Nordstrom’s.   
10:10:39 PM Looting at Patagonia.  
10:12:14 PM Units taking bottles, explosives from the crowd 6/Pine.  
10:20:28 PM Reports shooting from a silver Malibu 3/pike 
10:27:59 PM Pursuit en route NB I-5  
10:29:56 PM Vehicle in pursuit has crashed  
10:32:58 PM One in custody I 5 onramp Dearborn  
10:38:00 PM Looting at Northface  
10:38:14 PM Looting at Verizon  
10:41:24 PM Vans and Bartells waiting for transport  
10:51:13 PM Looter inside Target, 2nd floor  
11:03:59 PM 1/Pine subjects breaking into Seattle T shirt Shop  
11:04:12 PM 1/Blanchard subjects in the Robins Brothers Jewelry store  
11:08:21 PM 3 in custody at Pacific place 7/olive need additional resources  
11:10:38 PM 2 arrested at Target  
11:10:51 PM 2/Union firearm recovered  
11:11:04 PM Looters at Arcteryx  
11:12:28 PM Need additional units at North Face  
11:13:03 PM Bellevue SWAT enroute to Arcteryx  
11:14:05 PM Request for assistance at North Face  
11:14:43 PM Large group entering Smoke Shop  
11:16:17 PM Bellevue SWAT heading to North Face  
11:16:25 PM Units under control at NorthFace  
11:26:34 PM T mobile Looting  
11:26:54 PM Looting at Cupcake Royale  
11:27:32 PM Looting Elliott Ave/Bell St  
11:29:11 PM 2/Pike for another arrest  
11:30:45 PM Target – 2nd Ave on 3rd floor man destroying electronics area with garbage can  
11:34:48 PM Bellevue SWAT – citizen reporting someone stuck in the elevator on McDonalds side 
11:48:18 PM Looting at Carhart 

*Please note this ends at midnight for 5/30/2020*  

5/29 East and West Precinct

Two arrests

9:55:12 PM20 Protesters Walking South
9:56:26 PM150 people
9:57:24 PMMale with Golf Club bashing buildings
10:02:14 PMWest on South Main
10:08:11 PM12 Jefferson Blocking eastbound
10:20:45 PMBroke window at bus shelter
10:29:43 PMmale on roof 5 / Washington
10:40:11 PM11 people walking around
10:55:33 PMMale with Handgun NW
10:56:01 PM60-80 people
10:59:02 PMGroup moving south on 5 AVE
11:00:27 PMEast On Jackson Street
11:07:04 PMSome fireworks
11:19:55 PM100 people by King County Children and Family Justice Center – North on 12 AV
11:23:42 PMThrowing rocks at center, need more units
11:25:30 PMThrowing rocks and fireworks
11:25:58 PMGroup of 30 at 4th and Main
11:26:19 PM10 AV and Jackson to stand to protest
11:27:25 PMArrest – resisted transporting to precinct
11:37:38 PMJackson blocked between 4 and 5 Ave
11:41:23 PMThrowing Rocks at 5 Ave /Jackson
11:41:24 PM100 trying to move towards East Precinct
11:45:21 PMRock took out rear window of patrol car – 12th/Marion
11:55:00 PMMoving west – Assault on officer
11:57:28 PMMore windows broken at 4th and Jackson
11:59:20 PM3 / Jackson small group (30) North on 4th Ave
11:59:42 PMShattering windows south of East Precinct
12:03:36 AM100 approaching Broadway / Trash in roadway
12:04:05 AMThrowing objects at officers
12:06:16 AMQFC window broken – running west
12:06:16 AMMoving East
12:08:42 AMProperty Damage/ windows broken
12:08:53 AMFemale injured – Pike Harvard
12:09:38 AMGroup Moving west on Pike
12:12:43 AMBroken window of Amazon Go / Attempted Looting
12:17:58 AM ACT team window broken out
12:19:47 AMSouth on 7th Ave
12:21:24 AMEast on Union Street from 7th – going upstairs into freeway park
12:23:52 AM2nd and Jackson – one additional arrest
12:25:30 AMbroken windows in the convention center
12:25:45 AMgroup at 8th and seneca
12:28:23 AMgroup moving southbound
12:31:52 AMGroup moving South
12:37:22 AMBreaking windows. Attempting to loot
12:40:22 AMBlock on union from 6 Av
12:48:50 AMMetro bus blocked in
12:49:01 AMBaseball sized rock thrown at officers
12:49:16 AMCourt house windows broken
12:56:03 AMnorth on Bolyston from union
1:00:13 AMBroadway and Union – Rocks thrown at officers
1:00:38 AMSouth on 10th at Union
1:24:54 AMAdditional rocks thrown / Officer hit in leg
1:27:51 AMneed to deploy blastballs / Group still throwing rocks
1:32:32 AMSomeone throwing rocks above unit
1:33:29 AMRequest Fire for injured female
1:34:48 AMWest on Madison – set line
1:40:04 AMSouth on Broadway at Columbia
1:51:03 AMSpot lights on crowd to see who is throwing objects
2:04:52 AMAttempt to open traffic
2:29:16 AMDowntown no one out / Braodway/James group breaking up