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Wednesday – August 12, 2020

#2020-237710/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 8-12-2020 at 0108 hours, patrol responded to a burglary at a local pharmacy. The window to the business had been broken by a rock thrown by a member of a group of protestors. The group set up an encampment inside a local park and Navigation Team was notified.

#2020-237793/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 8-12-2020 at 0557 hours, officers noticed a note attached to the entrance access box at the Southwest Precinct. On top of the access box was a coffee can. Officers notified a sergeant, who determined that the can was empty. The note said something about a computer watching the neck and throat but did not make any direct threats to law enforcement. The note was recovered. 

#2020-238410/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 8-12-2020 at 1900 hours, officers responded to a 911 call of an accidental discharge of a firearm in an apartment on the 800 Blk of NE 125th St. Officers arrived before the Seattle Fire Department and applied a tourniquet to the wounded subject’s leg. Officers learned the subject had accidentally shot himself in the leg while cleaning his semi-automatic pistol. The subject was transported to a hospital. 

#2020-238495/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 8-12-2020 at 2122 hours, officers dispatched to the report of a shooting at 4th South/Edgar Martinez South and located a man who lives in his vehicle. The suspect, who also lives in a vehicle, had errands to run and asked him (the victim) to watch his car. A short while later, known associates of the suspect arrived at the suspect’s vehicle. The victim did not confront them since he assumed it was ok. Suspect returned and was angered that the victim hadn’t safeguarded his car. The suspect then produced a pellet gun and shot the victim in the abdomen. When the victim ran off, the suspect took the victim’s unguarded vehicle and chased the victim with his own car. The victim had a minor pellet wound to left abdomen that was not life-threatening. 

#2020-238455/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 8-12-2020 at 2030 hours, officers began monitoring a crowd gathered at Cal Anderson Park who advertised themselves as the “Every Night Direct Demonstration”. The group numbered 40-50, left the park and marched briefly around the Broadway area. At one point, an officer reported a green laser being shined at them through their windshield but were unable to identify the suspect. The group eventually made their way back into Cal Anderson Park. A group of 3-5 began hanging out on the sidewalk on the southeast corner of 11 AV and E Olive St. Private security responded into the area to move the subjects away from the building the protesters were in front of. This appeared to anger the rest of the crowd and officers had to respond to conduct crowd control and ask the security to leave in order to de-escalate the situation. During this, a task force officer attempted an arrest where a female interfered, resulting in the arresting officer injuring his knee and needing transport to a local hospital. The original suspect was able to escape but the female involved was arrested and another suspect was arrested for disarming a separate uniformed officer of his long baton. Both of those arrests were documented under 2020-238585. The demonstration itself was documented under 2020-238455. 

#2020-238547/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 8-12-2020 at 2243 hours, 911 received multiple calls reporting possible shots being heard in the area of 9 Ave SW / SW Henderson St. Officers arrived and determined a nearby house had been struck several times, with some of the bullets passing through the home. The occupants of the home were contacted and cooperated with the investigation.