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Thursday – August 13, 2020

#2020-238627/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 8-13-2020 at 0300 hours, a man interrupted what he believed was a motorcycle theft in progress and confronted the suspect. The suspect pointed (and possibly shot) a handgun at the victim. The victim fired a volley of shots at the suspect vehicle as it fled eastbound. The victim then called 911. No injuries were reported and no property damage from the shooting was located. The handgun (appearing to have been used in self-defense) was left in the victim’s possession. 

#2020-238708/South Precinct/First Watch: 

On 8-13-2020 at 0632 hours, employees who arrived to work at a local business located a burglary suspect inside. Officers arrived and the suspect was taken into custody. He was well-known to officers and had a lengthy history of property crimes. The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the King County Jail for Burglary 2nd Degree.  

#2020-238868/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 8-13-20 at 1021hours, South Patrol on-viewed a group of approximately 30 vehicles staging near 15 Av. S./S. Lucile St. The vehicles were occupying two lanes of traffic and had their flashers on. The group members were next seen at S/Albro Pl./Swift Av. S. at which time they parked their vehicle blocking both W/B and E/B traffic. They exited their vehicles, held signs, and played musical instruments. After disrupting traffic on the overpass for approx. 20 minutes, the group then loaded back into their vehicles and drove away W/B on S. Albro Pl. without further incident. 

#2020-239030/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 8-13-2020 at 1309 hours, officers responded to a disturbance at an encampment near the 2100 block of S Hill. Upon arrival, officers located one subject who was in crisis and who had been shot with a BB gun, resulting in minor injury. Another subject was detained. 

#2020-239053/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 8-13-2020 at 1335 hours, a dispute in the 300 blk of Pike St turned into a shooting.  Units in the area apprehended the shooter, preventing further casualties in the busy downtown core. Responding patrol units located the victim in the 1500 blk of 4th Ave and rendered life-saving aid by applying a tourniquet to each leg – one of which had an arterial bleed. The victim was transported by Seattle Fire to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition.  Suspect was booked into jail. 

#2020-239062/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 8-13-2020 at 1342 hours, a City of Renton PD marked Chevy Tahoe patrol unit with weapons on-board was reported stolen by Renton PD. It was spotted driving erratically NB on Rainier Av S in South Precinct. Callers updated the stolen vehicle location as units responded from South, Southwest, East, and West Precincts, Traffic unit, KCSO, and Renton PD. The stolen patrol vehicle was driven by the suspect from South into the East Precinct, and then into West Precinct. The vehicle was located abandoned near 1 Av/S Washington St. A witness saw the suspect exit the vehicle, and he was detained moments later in City Hall Park by a King County Sheriff’s Office Deputy working security at the county courthouse, assisted by SPD. Witnesses and Renton PD positively ID’d the suspect. Renton PD verified there were no additional outstanding suspects and that the weapons in the vehicle were accounted for. The suspect and recovered patrol vehicle were turned over to the custody Renton PD. 

#2020-239176/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 8-13-2020 at 1618 hours, officers responded to a report of a shooting and located the victim in the 1000 block of 4 Av S. Victim had been shot in the arm with a pellet gun in an encampment in the 3 Av S/Royal Brougham area. Victim declined to be treated by Seattle Fire Department but did allow the Seattle Police Department to bandage his arm. 

#2020-239279/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 8-13-2020 at 1820 hours, a suspect entered a beauty salon in the 8800 block of Rainier AV S as the business was closing. The suspect was armed with a handgun and demanded employees open the cash register. The suspect pulled out the money and then fled on foot. Neither of the employees were injured. 

#2020-239315/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 8-13-2020 at 1939 hours, police were dispatched to the 900 block of NW 45 St. It was reported that a driver drove recklessly through a construction site, brandished a gun at a worker and threatened to kill him, then drove away. Police searched the area for the suspect but were unable to locate him. 

#2020-239426/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 8-13-2020 at 2309 hours, South radio received calls of shots fired near Rainier Ave S and S Adams St. Patrol arrived and secured the scene. It appears the victim vehicle was legally parked and occupied by at least two people just west of Rainier Av S. The suspect vehicle drove southbound on Rainier, stopped in front of the victim vehicle, and began to fire. The victim’s vehicle was struck several times, but nobody was injured.