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Monday – August 31, 2020

#2020-254566/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 8-31-2020 at 0352 hours, a male said he met up with the suspects at a local grocery store. The suspects asked the victim if he wanted to get high and he agreed. They began to walk away from the store. At some point the victim stated he was “knocked out.” He then woke up several hours later in the trunk of an unknown car. The victim called 9-1-1 and said he could smell smoke. The suspect was able to exit the vehicle without injury. When officers arrived, the vehicle was fully engulfed in fire. Seattle Fire arrived and extinguished the fire. A Fire Marshal responded to the scene and notified the Arson Bomb Squad. 

#2020-255399/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 8-31-2020 at 2331 hours, officers responded to the report of a female with a knife attacking people on the street. Officers were able to take the suspect into custody without incident and found that no one was injured. The suspect had an outstanding warrant for assaulting police officers. The suspect then assaulted one of the arresting officers by kicking him in the upper thigh, near the groin. The suspect was taken to jail to be booked for the warrant and the new assault 3 charge. While at the jail the suspect assaulted another officer, again kicking the officer in the upper thigh. No officers required medical attention.