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Tuesday – September 1, 2020

#2020-256129/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 9-1-2020 at 2121 hours, a group of approximately 75 rioters attacked the East Precinct. The Arson Bomb Squad recovered evidence from 3 Improvised Incendiary Devices (Molotov Cocktails) that had been thrown at the precinct. ABS, ATF, and FBI will conduct the follow-up. 

#2020-256191/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 9-1-2020 at 2257 hours, officers were dispatched to investigate a person starting fires in recycle bins, trash cans and in a box. Officers located the male and detained him. He was positively identified by a witness and arrested for reckless burning. 

#2020-256171/West Precinct/Third Watch: 

On 9-1-2020 at 2223 hours, officers responded to 911 reports of multiple gunshots being fired in the area of 3rd Ave/Yesler Way. Officers arrived and the area was secured. At approx. 2246 hours, officers were advised that a gunshot wound victim had arrived at Harborview Medical Center and was dropped off by a private vehicle. Detectives made contact with gunshot victim who stated that he was in the vicinity of 3rd Ave and Yesler Way when he was shot by unknown person(s) for unknown reason and that he did not see which direction gunshots came from. At approx. 2307 hours, Swedish Hospital had a gunshot victim arrive via unknown private vehicle. Detectives responded to Swedish and made contact with this gunshot victim who also confirmed he was in the area of 3rd Ave/Yesler when he was shot. Victim stated that he was just walking in the area with his brother (gunshot victim at HMC) and mother when multiple gunshots started erupting at which time he attempted to run away and got hit by a bullet. Victim also stated he did not know who was doing the shooting or which direction it came from. Detectives responded back to initial shooting scene at 3rd Ave/Yesler and with assistance of patrol officers processed the scene. 

#2020-256055/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 9-1-2020 at 1939 hours, officers responded to a reported shooting at the Atlantic City Boat Ramp. Upon arrival, officers were flagged down at a nearby store and located the victim. The victim had been shot once in the arm, with the bullet passing through to the torso. The shooting occurred inside the men’s bathroom at the boat launch. The suspect was transported to Harborview Medical Center with what was reported to be serious, but non-life- threatening injuries. Officers located blood in the bathroom. Multiple people picnicking within feet of the bathroom entrances claimed nothing had happened and that officers could go away, despite a blood trail leading past them. No suspect description was provided. 

#2020-256139/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 9-1-2020 at 2137 hours, the victim was with friends in a park in the 200 Block of Lake Washington Blvd E when an unknown suspect approached them yelling about demons and swinging a knife. While pushing the suspect away, the victim sustained 2 deep lacerations requiring transport to a local hospital. The suspect was not located. 

#2020-256169/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 9-1-2020 at 2223 hours, three adult males were eating and smoking in the front yard of a residence. 3 younger (late teens/early 20’s) males approached and asked for cigarettes. The suspects then assaulted all three victims by punching, kicking and strangling the victims. Suspects stole two wallets containing cash and debit cards. A search of the area was negative for the suspects. No serious injuries.