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Sunday – October 18, 2020

#2020-296632/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10-18-2020 at 0008 hours a group of approximately 200 vehicles entered the International District and gathered in and around a parking lot at 6th Ave S and S King St.  Dispatch received reports of reckless driving and officers responded to the area.  Patrol units provided a high visibility stationary presence near the parking lot, as well as roving patrols in the area.  Officers conducted a traffic stop on a recklessly driven vehicle, and another for a vehicle that was displaying an improper license plate from Japan.  Due to the immediate response by patrol, as well as a prompt response to witnessed violations, the gathering remained peaceful and no further criminal acts were perpetrated.  The group dispersed after approximately 90 minutes. 

#2020-296785/South Precinct/First Watch: 

On 10-18-2020 at 0646 hours, a suspect vehicle was travelling N/B on Airport Way approaching S. Portland St. at a high rate of speed when the lone vehicle struck a forty foot telephone pole (east side of roadway) and sheered the pole completely off at the base, launching the pole forward and across the first two lanes of N/B traffic. The pole was near resting on the ground but was suspended and still attached to the power lines it was supporting. The suspect vehicle came to a stop at the next pole which was still upright and did not appear to be damaged. There were power lines across the entire four lanes in addition to the adjacent train tracks. The suspect vehicle was not operable and had full air bag deployment. A witness advised that the two occupants exited the vehicle and left the scene walking N/B on Airport Way S. Area check was made for the suspects, they were not located. Traffic for both N/B and S/B was shut down and re-directed onto the Boeing commercial road which allowed for a reroute. BNSF, Seattle City Light and SDOT were all notified and responded to the scene. 

#2020-296984/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch: 

On 10-18-2020 at 1258 hours, several vehicles and subjects gathered out front of the Southwest Precinct. There have been prior demos at the SW Precinct where subjects blocked the main gate. Today the group gathered and appeared to be filming themselves at the precinct. After about 20 minutes the group loaded up into their vehicles and left. No property damage or contact with officers occurred. 

#2020-297016/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-18-2020 at 1338 hours, a suspect stole a large Seattle Public Utilities front loading bulldozer. Several SPU employees followed the stolen vehicle and gave updates to 911. South Precinct Officers located the stolen bulldozer driving in the Georgetown neighborhood. Officers were able to take the suspect into custody without any injuries or property damage occurring. 

#2020-297024/South Precinct/Second Watch: 

On 10-18-2020 at 1356 hours, South Precinct officers responded to the 9200 block of Spear Pl S. for a subject who had a gunshot wound to her lower leg. Upon arrival, all parties were cooperative and all (including the victim) concurred that this was an accidental discharge of a handgun. The victim sustained a non-life-threatening wound and was transported to the hospital. Officers collected the handgun, collected the evidence, and took statements. 

#2020-297052/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch: 

On 10-18-2020 at 1434 hours, officers responded to Junction Plaza Park located at 4545 42 AV SW regarding a fight call. Upon arrival, it was determined that a male assaulted the victim, who was another male, and called the victim a racial slur. The victim declined medical attention. The suspect was taken into custody without incident and booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of a Hate Crime. The suspect is associated with a group of people who live in the area, who frequent Junction Plaza Park, and are the cause of several disturbances and assaults at the park.  

#2020-297118/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-18-2020 at 1509 hours, suspect 1 entered a garage located in North Precinct and began taking items from it. Suspect 1 was confronted by the homeowner.  Suspect 1 then pointed a silver handgun at the homeowner then fled the scene in an Audi SUV. At 1613 hours the Audi (reported stolen) was located by on-board GPS mapping, in the area of 3 AVE W/ W Raye St. Officers located the vehicle in an alley to the west. Officers had it under observation while waiting for additional units to arrive. Officers saw suspect 1 placing items from a garage into the vehicle. When officers attempted to contact the suspect, he fled on foot and into David Rogers Park, where officers lost sight of him. Containment was established around the perimeter of the park, with civilians being escorted out by SPD. Several contact teams as well as a K-9 unit began clearing the park. The Suspect was later located in a park bathroom and taken into custody without incident.  

#2020-297361/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: 

On 10-18-2020 at 2224 hours, officers responded to a shooting call in the area of Detroit Av Sw and Sw Kenyon St. Officers arrived and located the victim with his vehicle. The victim advised that he was sitting in his parked vehicle near 1 Av S/S Cloverdale St and said that a White Chevy Silverado Pickup with a temporary plate was driving northbound on 1 Av S and stopped next to the victim’s vehicle. The victim advised that the front passenger suspect got out of the vehicle and fired 2 to 3 shots towards the victim’s vehicle. The suspect then got back into the Chevy Pickup and left the area headed northbound on 1 Av S. The victim was not injured, but the victim’s vehicle had damage to the driver window. Patrol Officers processed the scene, collected evidence and checked the area for the suspect and/or vehicle but were unsuccessful.