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Monday – November 16, 2020

#2020-321289/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 11-16-2020 at 1417 hours, a complainant called 911 and reported that he found a large open Tupperware box with PVC pipes and a possible detonator, with wires attached to a black box that had a light that was apparently still activated. South Precinct personnel responded to Lake Washington Blvd S. and S. Horton, cordoned off the area and contacted the Arson Bomb Squad. The items were determined to be spent firework motor tubes and a wireless fireworks firing system remote control. All commercially available items. A note on the box indicated that subjects were celebrating the outcome of the presidential election and apparently left their garbage in the park.  

#2020-321331/North Precinct/Second Watch: 

On 11-16-2020 at 1515 hours, a female was working inside a coffee hut in the 108 block of Aurora Ave N when two male teens approached the drive up window in a vehicle and on foot. They opened the sliding window which was unlocked and jumped through it demanding cash. One of the suspects pointed a black handgun at the victim while the other punched her several times causing minor injuries before taking money from the till and tip jar. A partial plate was acquired by the victim and additional evidence may exist. Both suspects only had eyes visible due to hoodies tied tightly around their face. The efficiency with which this robbery was completed would lead one to believe this was not the first time for these suspects. 

#2020-321463/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch

On 11-16-2020 at 1759 hours, officers responded to an assault in the 8300 block of Dallas Ave S. The victim had kerosene poured on him and the suspect also tried to stab the victim with a large fixed blade knife. Officers contained the scene and the suspect refused to exit his RV. The suspect, a 67-year old male, eventually exited the RV with the large knife and advanced on officers. Officers deployed a 40mm and took the suspect into custody. The suspect will be booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of assault. A type 2 UOF investigation was completed. 

#2020-321544/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-16-2020 at 1955 hours, a female was walking along when the suspect vehicle stopped. Three males exited the vehicle. Suspect 1 pointed a handgun at the victim’s head and said, “Give me your purse bitch.” The suspects pulled the victim’s purse from her and left SB in their vehicle. 

#2020-321558/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-16-2020 at 2016 hours, officers responded to a report of three dumpsters on fire. These dumpsters were pushed up against an apartment building. A Fire Marshall responded and confirmed it appeared to have been an arson. Residents believe they know who the suspect is, and believe the suspect is responsible for defecating on their front steps as well.  Evidence is being reviewed.