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Can You Help Detectives Identify This Bank Robber?

Detectives have run out of leads and need your help identifying a bank robber from August.

On August 28th an unknown male entered the bank and produced a large silver revolver to the employee who greeted him at the southwest door connected to the parking garage. The suspect pointed the gun at the bank employee and walked the employee behind the teller window and demanded money.

The suspect fired his gun into the ceiling of the bank during the incident.  The victim employees described his demeanor as calm and heard the suspect apologize during the robbery.

The suspect was last seen walking east on 47th Street.

Video from an apartment complex nearby captured the suspect changing clothes in the hallway following the robbery.  The suspect appears to be a white male. 

The suspect’s build is very long and lanky, with skinny arms and large feet.  Also, in the bank surveillance video the suspect appears to be favoring his right leg.  His right leg stiffens as he walks up the few steps into the lobby.  This abnormality in his gait could be due to an injury or defect in the leg.  In the apartment video, the suspect’s right leg is shaking as he is switching clothing.

If you have any information in this case please call the tip line at (206)233-5000 and reference case number 2020-252381