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Thursday – December 17, 2020

#2020-346279/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 12-17-2020 at 0100 hours, officers responded to the area of Cal Anderson Park to assist Seattle Fire for a reported overdose. Upon arrival, officers contacted multiple unidentified people from within the park who stated they located a male they believed was overdosing. The unknown complainants dragged the male out of the park and SFD began to work on the subject. After a significant amount of resuscitative effort, the subject was transported to Harborview Medical Center. As of the writing, the subject is being kept alive by mechanical life support devices but is clinically deceased. 

#2020-346423/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 12-17-2020 at 0800 hours, an elderly couple were stopped at the light at 16 Ave SW/SW Holden St. The suspect, who is a stranger to the victims, was stopped behind them. The suspect exited his van and shot through the front passenger window. The round grazed the front passenger on the cheek and struck the driver in the stomach. The driver drove away. The suspect followed the victim westbound on SW Holden St to the SW Precinct. The suspect drove off, and the victims notified an unknown person to call 911. Officers checked the area for the suspect and evidence. Officers located evidence from the crime scene. 

#2020-346845/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-17-2020 at 1704 hours, a suspect entered a home and was confronted by the owner. Patrol units arrived and took the suspect into custody. 

#2020-346859/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch: 

On 12-17-2020 at 1723 hours, officers responded to a burglary in the 6300 block of 34 AV SW. The suspect, who does not live at this apartment building, made entry via the south stairwell door and then proceeded to the 2nd floor. Once on the 2nd floor, the suspect forcibly kicked in the victim’s front door after she refused to let him in and then entered the apartment. Suspect was still inside the victim’s apartment when officers arrived on scene. Suspect was arrested and booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary without incident. 

#2020-346982/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: 

On 12-17-2020 at 2040 hours, officers were on a call for service at Westwood Village Shopping Center, 2600 SW Barton St when they heard a volley of gunshots from nearby. This was later determined to be at the shuttered gym at this shopping center. The officers determined that a shooting had taken place and a person had fled from the scene on foot. That person (17 years old) returned to the scene and had a gunshot wound to one of his legs. Officers provided life safety first aid including a tourniquet. The victim was transported to the hospital where he was being treated. He was expected to survive. The initial investigation showed that a fight may have broken out between a work crew member that was removing the gym equipment and the person who had a gunshot wound. The victim and work crew were not hostile but were also not uncooperative with the investigation. Evidence was located inside the gym. Bullet holes were located in several exterior facing gym windows. The Gun Violence Reduction unit responded to the scene, took photographs and processed the scene for evidence. No other victims were located. No bystander witnesses. No firearms were located. 

#2020-346991/East Precinct/Third Watch: 

On 12-17-2020 at 2056 hours, a law enforcement officer from a neighboring jurisdiction reported hearing gunfire just outside of a hospital in Capitol Hill. Officers from both East and West Precinct responded to the scene to investigate. The investigation revealed that an occupant of a possibly older Gold or Silver Lexus SUV fired several rounds at an unknown person that was standing at the bus stop. The victim ran away, and officers were not able to locate him. The suspect vehicle fled E/B from the area. It is unclear if the victim was struck by the gunfire. 

#2020-347074/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 12-17-2020 at 2345 hours, a large explosion was reported near the 1700 block of 11th Avenue. Patrol officers responded to find a vehicle fully engulfed in flames, parked on the west side of 11th near Cal Anderson Park. Seattle Fire was on-scene to extinguish the fire, and a fire marshal and the SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad responded. It was determined that the fire was intentionally set by means of an unknown incendiary device. ABS Detectives will handle the follow-up investigation. 

#2020-346731/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-17-2020 at 1420 hours, a female had taken a phone cord from the community room. She returned to her 5th floor room, where she threw a clothing iron out her window. The iron nearly struck a pedestrian on the street below. Officers were on scene and saw the iron hit the street. The suspect was contacted and taken into custody. She had a previous injury to a finger on her left hand. This injury had minor bleeding. She was treated by Seattle Fire at the scene (band-aid). Type II UOF initiated. The suspect was booked into the King County Jail.