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Friday – January 1, 2021

#2021-000015/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-01-2021 just after ringing in the New Year, officers responded to a report of a male who pointed a handgun at people in the 7/11 parking lot on Denny Way. This male reportedly threatened numerous people with the handgun before fleeing the scene in his Audi Sedan. The victim was a clerk at the 7/11 who stated that he was in fear of being shot and had to duck for cover as the suspect pointed the gun at various people in the parking lot. The suspect then entered the store and threatened shoppers that he would return and shoot anyone who called 911. The suspect was located and arrested at Pier 69 and taken into custody. The firearm was recovered. The suspect was booked into King County Jail for Felony Harassment with requests for DWLS 1st and DUI.

#2021-000033/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-01-2021 at 0100 hours, an adult male drove his SUV north on Montlake Blvd E at E Shelby St, where he struck an adult male pedestrian who was in the roadway north of the intersection. The pedestrian sustained injuries which were incompatible with life and died at the scene. The driver left the scene, abandoning the vehicle some distance away, and continued to flee. Patrol located the car and then the driver, who showed signs of impairment. He was booked for Hit and Run death while the elements of the Vehicular Homicide are investigated. The Traffic Collision Investigation Squad responded.

#2021-000042/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-01-2021 at 0116 hours, the victims were sleeping in their van when a suspect approached the van and started yelling at the occupants. They tried to calm the suspect down and get him to leave. The suspect then produced a handgun and pointed it at the male victim. They struggled over the gun. The suspect fired off a round and the male victim ran. The male victim suffered a cut on his hand. The suspect then pointed the gun at the female victim. She started to run away, and the suspect shot her. She suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect then ran off. Officers arrived and had Seattle Fire respond to treat the victims. The female victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center. Officers searched the trail that the suspect fled on. A short time later a person called 911 about a suspicious person. The description matched the shooting suspect and was close to the area. Officers arrived and saw the suspect lying on the ground. He refused to follow officers’ commands and type 2 force was used. He was taken into custody. The suspect was positively identified by the male victim and a witness. The suspect was booked into the King County Jail.

#2021-000047/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-01-2021 at 0129 hours, someone fired several shots into the air. Two rounds struck an apartment complex. There was no injury. Evidence of a shooting was located in the parking lot of the building. Patrol processed the scene.

#2021-001110/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-02-2021 at 1406 hours, officers responded to a report of an aggressive male causing a disturbance at the Miller Playfield at 21st and E John. This playfield is the location of a large homeless encampment which has grown considerably since Cal Anderson Park was closed for cleaning and repairs. A news crew from KIRO TV News prepared to do a report from across the street from this location. As they were setting up, they were confronted by an angry and aggressive adult male from the encampment. The male crossed the street and demanded that KIRO employees stop filming and leave the area. The male then knocked over a camera tripod and grabbed at the news crew’s hand-held microphone. The male then pulled out a can of pepper spray and threatened news employees with it. By the time officers arrived the suspect had retreated back into the encampment. The victims of this harassment could not say for sure which tent the suspect had gone into or exactly where the suspect had gone but officers did search the area for the suspect. The news crew decided to leave the area and officers stood by to protect them until they could leave. This incident was documented and a part of the news footage of this Harassment/Property Damage was recovered to assist in the investigation.