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Sunday – January 24, 2021

#2021-19763/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-24-2021 at 1326, a male was with his son accepting donations for a local food bank. A suspect came up to the collection area and tried to remove several bags of donations. The victim/father stated the items were for a food drive and that the local food bank in the neighborhood would be happy to provide him food. The suspect became upset, punching the victim several times in the face causing visible injuries. The victim held the suspect down until officers arrived to take him into custody.

#2021-19768/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-24-2021 at 1333 hours, officers responded to a shots-fired call in the 4800 blk of 25 AV SW. Caller reported a shot was heard and a black 2 door vehicle left the scene driving northbound. Officers located a vehicle a couple of blocks away matching the description in the area of SW Genesee from 26th Ave SW. The driver of the vehicle appeared to be in a hurry as officers observed it traveling at a high rate of speed and tailgating the vehicle in front of it. A traffic stop was initiated. The officers identified the driver but did not have probable cause for an arrest at the time of the stop. The driver was DWLS 3rd and decided to leave the area on foot leaving the vehicle parked at the location of the traffic stop. After the driver left the scene, officers observed what appeared to be a loaded rifle-type magazine, possibly an AK-47 type, on the front passenger seat. The vehicle was impounded, and the officers obtained a search warrant. Once the warrant was obtained, the officers recovered a gold AK-47 from the backseat floorboard of the vehicle along with 7 rounds of AK-47 ammo and a pair of brass knuckles.

#2021-19801/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-24-2021 at 1423 hours, a female caller stated that while she was walking on Post Av and Yesler near a tattoo shop to the bus stop on 2nd Av for bus 578, she was approached by three unknown males in an older style passenger van. The unknown male passenger asked the female if she needed a ride, multiple times. The female declined multiple times at which point two male passengers got out of the vehicle and tried to grab her. The female stated that she kicked one of them and started running East Bound on Cherry St. The female stated that the three unknown men then drove away East Bound on Cherry.

#2021-19973/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-24-2021 at 1826 hours, witnesses reported that 3 people got into a verbal altercation next to Williams Place Park. The altercation originated from the homeless encampment at Williams Place. The altercation then led to one of the subjects being stabbed multiple times in the abdomen. The victim of this stabbing ran across the street to the Safeway located at 1410 E John where employees called 911. The victim was treated by Seattle Fire medics at the scene and transported to Harborview Medical Center. Officers set up containment and a K9 responded to the scene to attempt a track. The victim claimed that he had not gotten a good look at the suspect, but officers found witnesses who could provide a description. The suspect was not located but officers did locate a crime scene on E John Court just south of the park. At last check, the victim was in stable condition at Harborview and awaiting surgery.

#2021-020034/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-24-2021 at 2003 hours, a male called in reporting he had been robbed of his vehicle by a male with a firearm. As the car left, one of the victim’s associates got into it as a passenger on what appeared to be her own free will. Officers responded, contacted the victim, and reviewed evidence. It appears the associate who got into the stolen vehicle knew the suspect(s) as they had a conversation prior to the robbery and were seen walking with each other around the parking lot.

#2021-020036/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-24-2021 at 2005 hours, two suspects known to a male victim contacted him because suspect 1 owed the victim $7.00. The victim told the suspects that he was driving to his girlfriend’s house. As they pulled up, the suspects were waiting in a vehicle. The suspects stepped out of the vehicle and spoke with the victim. Suspect 1 put a pistol to his head and stole the victim’s wallet. Both suspects then ran NB. The victim originally said that there wasn’t a vehicle before changing his story.

#2021-20108/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-24-2021 at 2211 hours, officers located a vehicle driving with no plates. It matched the description of car stolen in an earlier carjacking at gunpoint 21-20034. Officers attempted to initiate a stop and the car fled. Officers then initiated a pursuit. Three blocks and only moments later, the suspect vehicle stuck a pedestrian signal pole and was rendered inoperable. The driver fled on foot and was arrested in the McDonald’s parking lot at 5 Ave/ Broad St. A pistol was located under the driver’s seat. After a brief investigation, the car was determined to not be the one involved in the earlier carjacking. The driver was arrested for investigation of eluding, investigation of unlawful possession of a firearm with requested charges for DUI and hit + run. Blue team entries were made for the pursuit and a Type 1 Use of Force.