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Police Arrest Teens Suspected in Series of Robberies in Washington and Oregon

Police recovered a handgun and arrested three teens suspected in a series of robberies in Oregon and Washington after finding the trio passed out in a damaged car near Northgate this morning.

Around 7:30 AM, a witness called 911 and said three people were passed out in a running Mercedes in a parking lot in the 11000 block of 8th Avenue Northeast.

Officers arrived and found three teenagers asleep inside the car. The vehicle had significant damage to its front end, a flat tire, and no license plates.

When officers woke the occupants of the car, the front passenger leaned forward, revealing he was sitting on a handgun.

Police detained the three people in the car and learned they are believed to be connected to a series of robberies in Washington and Oregon. 

Officers booked the suspect with the gun into the King County Youth Service Center and released the two others as detectives from multiple agencies investigate.