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SPD Aware of Potential Street Racing Event in Seattle This Weekend

The Seattle Police Department is aware of a potential illegal street racing event in our city this coming weekend. Illegal street races create significant risk for pedestrians and motorists in our community and SPD will be detailing officers to road safety enforcement efforts.

Previous illegal street racing events in Seattle have led to significant injuries.

In July 2019, a motorcyclist sustained broken bones and a collapsed lung after colliding with an uninvolved vehicle while street racing in Southwest Seattle. The motorcyclist reportedly hit speeds over 140 miles per hour during the race

In August 2020, an illegal street race event in a SODO parking lot culminated in a member of the racing group firing a gun during a dispute with neighbors.

And in September 2020, a man reportedly sustained a broken leg after he and several other members of a crowd were struck by vehicles after several drivers lost control while attempting stunts near the Seattle Center.

Officers will be available to respond to any reports of street racing this weekend, with a focus on ensuring the safety of the public and those involved in any unlawful racing event.