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Friday Evening Brings Snow, High-Priority Calls

While most Seattleites were hunkering down to weather the winter storm, the officers of the Seattle Police Department responded to a surge of high-priority calls Friday night.

From approximately 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., officers responded to nine priority-one calls throughout the city. Priority-one calls typically involve a life-threatening emergency or in-progress crime. The nine priority-one calls during this 90-minute period included a knife-wielding trespasser, a domestic violence assault, a deceased person (not weather-related or apparently criminal in nature), a robbery at gunpoint, a person in crisis, a motorist/pedestrian collision, a burglary, a welfare check for a possible overdose, and a threat with a firearm.             

Also during this time, officers monitored a demonstration involving dozens of pedestrians, twelve motorists, and several bicyclists near the Judkins Park neighborhood. The demonstration blocked multiple lanes of traffic, amplifying the already hazardous driving conditions.

With the possibility of significant snowfall this weekend, the City of Seattle recommends residents stay prepared and follow the tips provided here. If possible, avoid calling 911 for non-urgent incidents.

No matter the conditions, the Seattle Police Department will continue to provide community safety services to the citizens we serve.