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Detectives Investigating Scammers Posing as Police

Seattle police are investigating a new series of threatening phone calls from fraudsters, who are posing as members of the Seattle Police Department and attempting to scare their victims into falling for their scam.

Over the last month, police have received about a half-dozen reports of two men calling victims and demanding money to settle non-existent “warrants” for missing jury duty. The elaborate scheme sometimes involves multiple phone calls, references to real police employees and judges—which are easily found online—court procedures and other bureaucratic processes, which seem aimed at overwhelming the victims and getting them to relent and pay into the scam.

As a reminder, law enforcement officials will never call you and demand payment for back taxes, a warrant fee or any other sort of bill over the phone.

SPD investigators believe there may be unreported incidents involving these scammers. If you or someone you know has been targeted in a similar scam, please call 206 625 5011.