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Tuesday – March 9, 2021

#2021-057819/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-09-2021 at 0302 hours, officers responded to investigate a suspicious fire in the 5800 block of Rainier AV S. A window to a business had been broken inwards and a fire started within. Seattle Fire responded and put out the fire. A fire marshal responded to the scene and took over the investigation.

#2021-58505/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-09-2021 at 1740 hours, the SPD’s Gun Violence Reduction Unit (GVRU) and Homeland Security Investigations developed probable cause to arrest a suspect for VUCSA. The suspect was arrested in the 12500 block of 27 Av NE by SWAT. The suspect’s vehicle was impounded pending a search warrant to seize a handgun observed in plain view within the vehicle. The suspect is a convicted felon and is on active DOC supervision.

#2021-058523/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-09-2021 at 1808 hours, a male caller and his wife were walking around in a South Seattle neighborhood. An unknown male in his late 30s drove up to them in a vehicle, got out and yelled racial slurs at the male victim. The suspect male came up and said to the victim, “do we have a problem, (racial slur)?”. Victim and his wife decided to walk away but as they were walking away, the male continued to yell racial slurs at the victim. Victim and his wife were very confused by this encounter because they did not do anything to provoke the male. The victim went home and decided to report this incident due to the uptick in bias crimes. Victim provided description of the suspect and vehicle license plate.

#2021-58593/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-09-2021 at 1941 hours, an unknown aged male entered a gas station in the 1500 block of Broadway. He selected a candy item and went to the check out. When the clerk attempted to scan the item, the suspect produced a black semi-automatic handgun and pointed it at the clerk demanding money and cigarettes. The clerk was able to jump behind cover and out of sight of the suspect. The suspect then fled from the store without gaining compliance from the store clerk; running SB on Broadway. An extensive area search was conducted with negative results.

#2021-058612/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-09-2021 at 2006 hours, a male approached a male suspect who appeared to be car prowling in the Westwood Village parking lot near Rite Aid. The male/victim followed the suspect into Ross where he confronted the suspect. The suspect hit the victim and they began to fight. The victim wrestled with the suspect until the suspect gave up. They went their separate ways. The victim then encountered the suspect near the MOD Pizza in the Westwood Village parking lot again. The victim said that the suspect punched him again and they started to wrestle. The suspect then pulled out a firearm from his pocket and pointed it at the victim’s head. The suspect asked him if he wanted to “live or die.” The suspect left the area.