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Monday – March 15, 2021

#2021-063514/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-15-2021 at 1140 hours, officers responded to the report of found property in the 200 Block of Dexter Ave N. Said property was a case containing what appeared to be “military communications equipment”, and had an unknown residue. Several hours after taking possession of the property, the original reporting party, who had examined the equipment, reported to a nearby clinic with respiratory distress. Out of an abundance of caution the clinic, as well as a portion of a nearby hospital, were temporarily closed until testing of the equipment could be conducted. The case was transported to a nearby Seattle Fire facility, as it was still in the rear of an SPD patrol vehicle. Upon the conclusion of testing, it was determined the reside was most likely dried OC spray.

#2021-63545/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-15-2021 at 1214 hours, a resident of a public housing facility in the 100 block of Stewart St. began smashing out his own windows and screaming at pedestrians. He escalated to throwing items out of his apartment and hit at least one or two people, none of whom stayed to identify themselves as victims. Staff said his highly escalated crisis was unusual even for him and their attempts to calm him failed. Due to the ongoing danger to the public outside his apartment, as well as potentially to other tenants in the building, it was determined that the subject had to be removed from his apartment and involuntarily evaluated for his mental health crisis. The Crisis Response Team and Hostage Negotiation Team responded to attempt to negotiate, but all attempts to communicate with him resulted in escalated behavior and more property damage. Patrol formed a contact team with less lethal equipment and a hard rifle shield for protection and a key to his door. The door was partially barricaded however and could not be fully opened. The suspect charged the officers, swinging a metal bar overhead repeatedly at the lead officer with the rifle shield, striking and damaging the shield. Nobody was injured, but if the officer had not been holding that shield he would’ve been gravely injured. Officers immediately backed-out and obtained a warrant for the suspect’s arrest for Felony Assault. SWAT responded. The suspect continued to be highly escalated and non-compliant. SWAT ultimately forced entry and was able to arrest the suspect without injury. The suspect was evaluated by Seattle Fire and transported to Harborview Medical Center for evaluation prior to being booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Assault.

#2021-063691/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-15-2021 at 1503 hours, a trespassing male suspect refused to leave private property when asked by the property manager. After arguing with the property manager, the suspect caused property damage while directing multiple racial slurs at the property manager. The victim reported the racial slurs the next day as he was not present when the initial report was taken.

#2021-063949/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-15-2021 at 2034 hours, officers were dispatched to the area of Rainier Av S and S Hanford St regarding a male assaulting a female. Upon arrival, officers attempted to detain the male suspect, but he refused to stop and ran away on foot. Two officers ran after the suspect. After a short foot pursuit, officers were able to arrest the suspect after a brief struggle. A citywide “Help the Officer” was put out by radio. Suspect was booked into the King County Jail for Assault 4. Suspect complained of back pain. A Type II Use of Force was completed. No injury to both involved officers. Hazard report completed.

#2021-064025/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-15-2021 at 2236 hours, officers responded to multiple calls of shots fired. Officers arrived on scene and located evidence of a shooting within a two-block area of the 911 calls. Several witnesses were contacted and stated that they saw an unknown person shooting an unknown gun out of the right rear passenger window of a silver colored 4 door sedan. The area was canvassed for any property damage, but none was located. Upon further inspection, it is believed blanks were used, producing only the sound of a gun shooting.

#2021-064045/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-15-2021 at 2312 hours, officers were investigating a shoplift and located the subject on a city sidewalk. The officers attempted to detain the subject, but he immediately became combative and tried to break away from them. There was a brief tussle between officers and the subject, during which the subject assaulted one of the officers. The subject made a complaint of pain while being taken into custody and a Type I Use of Force report was completed. One officer sustained what appears to be a minor injury. A hazard report was completed. The subject was booked into the King County Jail after a short stop at Harborview Medical Center.