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Monday – March 29, 2021

#2021-075318/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-29-2021 at 0031 hours, residents called 9-1-1 to report that they believed that someone was in their basement. The caller and her boyfriend were the only two persons who should have been in the house. Officers checked the perimeter of the residence and found evidence that someone had been hiding in the bushes and had walked through the back yard. The residents let officers inside and an adult male was found in the basement of the home. The basement is fully finished and had a refrigerator stocked with food. The suspect reported that he had been staying in the basement for nearly 48 hours undetected. The suspect claimed that he was let into the residence by the homeowner. He also stated that he found an unlocked door on the north side of the house that he used to gain entry. There was a sleeping bag and pillows on the floor of the basement, suggesting that the suspect had been there for some time. The suspect also reported that he has only been in Seattle for 21 days, and he was recently released from jail in Texas where he was provided with a one-way ticket to Seattle. The suspect stated that he is not from Seattle and has never been here before. The suspect was booked into the King County Jail for Burglary.

#2021-75362/East Precinct/First Watch:

On 03-29-2021 at 0333 hours, officers responded to a vehicle into a business. The caller reported that the vehicle occupants entered another vehicle and fled northbound. Due to the location of the business, it was apparent that the vehicle into the building was a deliberate act to gain access to the business to commit a burglary. The vehicle had gained entry but there was a secondary security gate within the business, stopping any further burglary activities. The registered owner of the vehicle was contacted who stated they had recently sold the vehicle. The vehicle was impounded. The owner of the business was contacted and responded.

#2021-75598/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 03-29-2021 at 1036 hours, three suspects (2 females and 1 male) walked in the ULTA Beauty Store located at the 2600 BLK of SW Barton St. The three suspects grabbed and concealed many items inside bags. Staff at the store walked up to the suspects, and the male suspect said to them that he believed he was being contacted because of racial bias. The male suspect made a threat to shoot the female employees. The male suspect also said that he has COVID. The male suspect lowered his mask like he was going to spit on the victims. The suspects left the store without paying for the items. The suspects stole over $5000.00 worth of items. Officers conducted an area search, but the suspects weren’t located. The SPD Robbery Unit was notified about the incident.

#2021-75571/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-29-2021 at 1245 hours, the US Marshal Service’s Violent Offender Task Force, along with detectives from SPD Gun Violence Reduction Unit located and arrested a suspect for multiple warrants related to firearms and assaults. The suspect has a history of convictions for serious violent offences in Seattle and the surrounding region. He attempted to flee but was quickly apprehended. During a search incident to arrest, two loaded firearms were found concealed on his person. GRVU Detectives will conduct the follow-up for the new firearm charges.

#2021-75799/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-26-2021, an unknown male entered a grocery store in the CID and began making race-related slurs and “finger gun” gestures. Store security quickly removed the suspect from the store, and they have not been seen or heard from since. This incident was reported to SPD on 03/29/21 by the store manager and there were witnesses to the initial incident available at the time of reporting.

#2021-076030/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-29-2021 at 1935 hours, a local news station employee was in the back seat of a running vehicle that she was using as a satellite office. A suspect suddenly boarded the vehicle and began driving away. The news employee quickly exited the vehicle as the suspect drove away. Officers responded and took the stolen vehicle report and began tracking the vehicle using the victim’s cell phone, which was still in the back seat. Officers were able to locate the vehicle driving in the South Precinct area. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the suspect fled. The suspect eventually ditched the stolen vehicle and attempted to hide under a full-sized van. The suspect was located and arrested, and the stolen vehicle was recovered with approximately $97,000 worth of news camera equipment still in the vehicle. The suspect was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of Auto Theft.

#2021-76048/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-29-2021 at 1959 hours, 911 received several calls reporting gunfire near Judkins Park and a vehicle speeding away from the area. Officers responded to the area and began searching for a crime scene. A few minutes later the vehicle seen leaving the area of the shooting arrived at a local hospital with two victims that had apparent gunshot wounds. Both victims were transported by the Seattle Fire Department to another hospital for treatment. One of the victims was in critical condition and rushed to surgery. The crime scene was processed, and the victim vehicle was impounded to the processing room. Homicide detectives responded to the hospital and the scene.