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Saturday – June 5, 2021

#2021-138527/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 06-05-2021 at 0000 hours, there was a large gathering at Seward Park that drew an estimated 1,000 people, mostly juveniles. The parking lot and side streets for blocks were completely filled with vehicles. During the course of the shift, we received two separate reports of shots fired in the park (no injuries, no scenes located), one assault (4 on 1), and two missing people (later found by patrol). Many of the attendants appeared to be underage and highly intoxicated. It appeared that a “rave” style party had been coordinated in the park as amplified music could be heard coming from the upper loop. Patrol attempted to get the people to leave the park and were mostly successful however as of the writing of this there were still an estimated 100 people in the park. Associated even numbers and times are as follows: 21-138505/ 2259 hours – 21-138527/ 2339 hours – 21-138544/ 2350 hours – 21-138593/0153

#2021-138587/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 06-05-2021 at 0145 hours, officers responded to a shots fired call at N 137 ST / Aurora AV N. Officers were unable to locate any victims and/or property damage. Evidence of a shooting was located, collected, and placed into evidence. Evidence collected in the area shows a small sedan driving by and firing from the vehicle as it drove past.

#2021-138614/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 06-05-2021 at 0230 hours, an adult male was the victim of a stabbing in the 2200 block of SW Barton ST, Seattle WA. Officers applied tourniquets to his affected limbs. Seattle Fire transported the victim to a local medical facility for further treatment.

#2021-138623/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 06-05-2021 at 0252 hours, officers responded to a business in the 5700 Block of 1 AV S in reference to an in progress commercial burglary call. The business owner was viewing a suspect inside of his business via cameras. An employee of the business responded to the business quickly, located a suspect inside and detained him until officers arrived. Suspect was subsequently arrested and booked into the King County Jail for Burglary 2.

#2021-138660/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 06-05-2021 at 0422 hours, officers on-viewed a female subject in active behavioral crisis at the intersection of 3 Av S and S Holgate St. The female was partially nude and screaming incoherently. Officers attempted to speak with her, and she fled from them on foot. Officers were then alerted by a nearby BNSF worker that the female was previously throwing rocks towards him. Officers then learned the subject was attempting to enter someone’s tent that did not belong to her. Concerned for her safety and that she was unable to care for herself, attempted to contact her for an ITA. The subject ran to a nearby gas station where she was stopped by officers and subsequently transported to the hospital by AMR. Type 1 Use of Force investigation was completed. Two officers sustained minor injuries (no medical attention needed).

#2021-138667/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 06-05-2021 at 0427 hours, a male was driving a red pick-up with a female passenger southbound on Aurora. Another car was following them and pulled up alongside them likely in the 7400-7600 block of Aurora. One of the occupants of the suspect vehicle then fired at least one round at the pick-up. The male driver was struck with a bullet on the upper left side of his chest. He pulled over and ran to 7-11 and collapsed. Seattle Fire arrived and transported him to Harborview Medical Center where his is in stable condition. Suspect vehicle was a silver sedan and fled northbound on Aurora Ave.

#2021-138840/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 06-05-2021 at 0929 hours, officers responded to a threat call in the 5000 Block of 50 Av S. Upon arrival, officers learned the victim discovered an unknown subject passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle. Concerned for the subject’s safety, tapped on the window, and awakened the subject, who became irate. The subject sparked a taser at the victim and threatened to shoot her. During the incident, the subject made references to the victim’s race. The victim fled inside to call 911. After the subject left, the victim discovered the subject had written more biased language referencing her race on her vehicle. The victim believed the subject was in crisis. The subject was not located.

#2021-139125/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-05-2021 at 1400 hours, officers were monitoring a march as it wound through downtown Seattle and blocked traffic. The march approached the SPD Headquarters building. A line of officers was formed to prevent protestors from causing property damage to SPD HQ. One protestor approached officers and splashed water into the officer’s face and eyes. The suspect was arrested and booked for investigation of assault without incident. The officer sustained no injuries.

#2021-139161/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-05-2021 at 1701 hours, officers responded to a report of a man assaulting a woman in a wheelchair in the 400 block of Broadway. It was reported that citizens had gotten involved and were trying to make a citizen’s arrest but were unable to do so. Officers responded to the scene and detained the subject. The adult male suspect had just attempted to steal over a $100 worth of merchandise from the QFC when store security stopped him at the door and took the merchandise away from the suspect. The suspect became enraged when store security wouldn’t allow him to take the stolen items. The suspect left but then returned to the store and lunged several times at the adult male security guard as if he were going to hit him. As the suspect did this, he began screaming racially biased statements at the victim. When the suspect left the store for the second time, he grabbed a woman in a wheelchair that had witnessed the event and threatened to punch her with a closed fist. The suspect was arrested by officers and booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Malicious Harassment for threatening the security guard and targeting him for his race. Officers also requested additional Misdemeanor charges for Assault and Harassment for the woman in the wheelchair as well as charges for a Dangerous Weapon. The reporting Sergeant responded to the scene to screen the arrest and to speak with both victims in this incident. Bias Crimes Unit was notified of this event.

#2021-139226/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-05-2021 at 1844 hours, officers responded to multiple 911 calls of numerous gunshots being heard with possible shooting victim within the 4500 block of Holly Ave S. Upon arrival, officers were able to locate a shooting victim lying in the yard suffering from a gunshot wound. Officers on scene were able to provide first aid until arrival of Seattle Fire. Additional officers arrived in the area were able to locate evidence of a shooting within the school parking lot in the 6700 blk of 45th Ave S. Additionally, a second gunshot victim was located in a vehicle parked at the Red Apple parking lot (Beacon Hill). Victim #2 confirmed he was within the area of the school parking lot with a group of friends and acquaintances when numerous gunshots were being fired at their direction at which time victim #2 immediately drove away before stopping at the Red Apple parking lot. Both gunshot victims were transported to Harborview Medical Center for further treatments of their injuries. Two (2) firearms were recovered at scene along with other evidence. Gun Violence Reduction Unit detectives responded to scene and processed same for further investigation.