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Wednesday – June 30, 2021

#2021-163466/East Precinct/First Watch:

On 06-30-2021 at 0514 hours, Seattle Police and Washington State Patrol were conducting an operation in the area of Rainier Ave S and Interstate 90. The operation was being conducted in response to nearly 100 items being thrown from overpasses onto the main travel lanes of Interstate 5 and Interstate 90. Some of these items included glass bottles, rocks, rebar, concrete, and scooters. Several of these items have struck traveling vehicles, causing motor vehicle collisions, broken vehicle windows, and injuries to drivers and passengers. The actions by the unknown suspects put the public at great risk that could result in serious injury or death. The intent of the operation is to protect life and property of the motorists traveling on Interstate 90 and Interstate 5 during the morning commute into and out of the City of Seattle as well as to facilitate the efficient flow of traffic on Interstate 90, Rainier Ave S, 23rd Ave S, and Interstate 5. The priorities for the operation are life safety, incident stabilization, and property protection. At approximately 0514 Seattle Dispatch advised that they received a report from WSP, who requested an area check for a female throwing rocks onto eastbound Interstate 90 from Rainier Ave S, near S Norman St and Poplar Pl S. The witness advised that he followed the suspect to a tent located behind 1131 Poplar Pl S. The witness advised he was standing by and provided a description of the suspect, describing her as a female, wearing a dark blue long sleeve shirt, last seen near S Norman St and Poplar Pl S. SPD officers and a WSP trooper responded to the area and located the suspect. The suspect was detained, and a show-up was conducted, and the witness positively identified the suspect. The suspect was booked into the King County Jail for Reckless Endangerment. This arrest resulted in the apprehension of a suspect who posed a substantial risk of death or serious physical injury to all the public that uses the state highways. Any items thrown at and into vehicles from above, such as an overpass (items such as glass bottles, rocks, and rebar), traveling along I-90 and I-5 at speeds in excess of 55 MPH are likely to cause substantial damage to vehicles, serious injury to the occupants of the vehicles, and puts other motorist at risk from potential vehicle collisions.

#2021-163689/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-30-2021 at 1103 hours, a victim and a suspect got into a verbal argument and racial slurs were exchanged. Sometime later, the suspect who took offence to being called a racial slur stabbed the victim for disrespecting him. The stabbing appears to have been unprovoked. Officers located the suspect leaving the area and recovered a blood covered knife. Suspect admitted to stabbing the victim post Miranda. Suspect was booked into the King County Jail.

#2021-164334/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 06-30-2021 at 2349 hours, officers observed a motorcycle with no plates at Madrona Dr / Lake Washington Blvd. The motorcycle rider was doing wheelies and trying to get officers to pursue it. A short time later it was seen by another officer at Broadway / E James St. Again, the rider was attempting to get officers to engage. It started to follow an officer and kept doing wheelies while running red lights. It made multiple U-turns to follow the officer. As more units came into the area, the suspect was seen parking the motorcycle in the 1000 block of E Pike St. The motorcycle was backed into a parking spot. Officers blocked its escape with a patrol vehicle and took hold of the suspect. The suspect revved the throttle and sent the bike into the side of the patrol vehicle. The bike fell down and the suspect attempted to flee on foot from the scene. After a short foot pursuit, the suspect was detained during which the suspect assaulted an officer. Two officers sustained injuries and were treated by Seattle Fire and Harborview Medical Center. A Type 2 Use of Force was completed. Suspect was booked into the King County Jail.