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Thursday – August 5, 2021

#2021-201358/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 08-05-2021 at 1018 hours, Seattle Fire on viewed a minor auto collision and stopped to check for injuries. Drivers were exchanging information. They did not need any assistance. Passenger of one of the vehicles was angered by the situation because of a return flight to Louisiana. Passenger stormed off yelling and cussing. Passenger turned around, approached the fire engine that still had the driver inside. Subject then verbally yelled at the SFD driver ” I’m going to beat your ass!” SFD radioed for a police response. SPD responded. Subject probably heard the response on the way and fled on foot. An area check with the SFD employee threatened was done with negative results. Report completed, notifications made.

#2021-202093/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-05-2021 at 2241 hours, officers responded to Cal Anderson Park in an attempt to locate a missing juvenile who was also the victim of a crime. The juvenile was located hiding under a blanket in the middle of a small group in the park. The group was hostile toward officers, and one person was given multiple warnings that they would be arrested for Obstruction if they did not move away from the juvenile (they were actively trying to prevent officers from recovering the juvenile). Officers arrested the suspect. A second suspect attempted to de-arrest the first arrestee and was arrested after a struggle with officers. The second suspect assaulted multiple officers during the incident. A hostile crowd gathered, and officers cleared the scene. The incident was screened with FIT and a type 1 Use of Force resulted. The suspect was rejected at King County Jail and assaulted two more officers during hospital guard.