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Tuesday – August 10, 2021

#2021-206233/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-10-2021 at 0251 hours, a male victim in his 20s got dropped off at VA Hospital in Seattle with gunshot wound to his right leg. A bullet went in and exited out his left leg just above his knee. The victim refused to speak to police about the shooting and gave police several (false) names. A friend of the victim stated that they received a phone call from him telling them that he just got shot. The victim provided a pick-up location in the 29000 block of Pacific Highway South, Federal Way, WA. They drove to that location, picked up the victim, and drove him to VA Hospital. The victim was later transferred to Harborview Medical Center by Medic One. Federal Way PD responded to HMC and assumed the primary investigation.

#2021-206448/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 08-10-2021 at 0921 hours, a victim driver was traveling south on Sand Point Way NE. The suspect vehicle suddenly decided to make a left turn in a congested area and stopped abruptly and short of a stop line. The victim gave a short tap of his vehicle horn. The suspect apparently became enraged by this and immediately followed the victim. Two shots were heard by the victim, one shattered the rear window of his vehicle. No persons were injured. An area check was negative for the suspect vehicle.

#2021-206850/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 08-10-2021 at 1646 hours, the occupants of two vehicles engaged in a disturbance. Shots were fired. The victim vehicle had a bullet hole in the hood and a flat tire. No injuries were reported. The suspects are still at large.

#2021-207151/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-10-2021 at 2230 hours, a suspect was described as a 35-40-year-old male wearing white Baseball Cap, White T-shirt, Black sweatpants and brown shoes. The victim, a female in her 20s, was walking out of the Rainier Valley Safeway. The victim never had any contact with the suspect in the past. As she was walking out, the suspect came up to her and blocked her walkway. The suspect also prevented the victim from walking around him. The victim politely asked the suspect to let her walk by him, but he did not move. There were two customers of the same apparent racial background as the suspect, walking behind the victim at the time of this incident. The suspect allowed these two other customers to leave, but he refused to let the victim exit. The suspect then grabbed the victim by her hair, picked her up, and slammed her to the ground. During the assault, the suspect called the victim a racial slur. The suspect ran away when store employees came to the victim’s aid. During the investigation, an interracial couple told police that the suspect attempted to assault his wife, who was of the same race as the victim, but he was able to scare the suspect away. Officers searched the area, but they were unable to locate the suspect. Alert email was sent.

#2021-207193/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-10-2021 at 2329 hours, witnesses reported that 2-3 males exited a vehicle at the corner of West Lake and Thomas and fired numerous shots at a male who was mid-block on Thomas between West Lake and 9th Av W. The victim fled in the alley. The 2-3 suspects got back into the vehicle and fled the area. No victims were injured however several vehicles and buildings were struck by rounds. The victim later returned in a vehicle which had a firearm clearly visible on the floorboard.

#2021-207199/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-10-2021 at 2340 hours, two Vehicles – a black Mercedes and a white possible Chevy Camaro (suspect vehicle) – were in a parking lot that butts to the victim’s residence. The cars were there for several hours. As the victim was walking up to his house, one of the drivers was “revving” the engine. The victim yelled out “Your car sounds like shit!” one of the suspects responded verbally. The victim went inside his house and locked the door. Minutes later the suspect vehicle drove past the house and the suspect fired a number of rounds at the house causing damage. No one was injured. Evidence of a shooting was recovered. Gun Violence Reduction Unit advised.