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Large Police Response on Broadway After Crowd Gathers, Marches to East Precinct Following DUI Arrest

Just after 8:00 p.m., officers were flagged down about a man asleep at the wheel of his running car, which was blocking traffic in the 200 block of Broadway. Officers believed the driver was intoxicated and asked the man to step out of his vehicle, which he did. When police attempted to take the man into custody for investigation of DUI, he tried to run away and fought with officers. Officers were able to place him in handcuffs after a struggle. 

During the arrest, a hostile crowd of several dozen people formed on the sidewalk on both sides of the street. Officers called for additional units to stabilize the scene, ensuring the safety of both officers and bystanders. 

Police requested Seattle Fire to the scene because the suspect stated he couldn’t breathe. Seattle Fire medics examined him and determined he was stable and did not need further medical attention. Because the suspect continued to be combative throughout the incident, SPD determined it would be safest to transport him on a gurney, which is typically done by private ambulance. However, since the wait for a private ambulance was around 30 minutes, and the crowd at the scene continued to be hostile, SFD agreed to transport the suspect to the hospital so SPD could complete a DUI blood draw. After the blood draw the suspect was transported to KCJ for and booked for DUI, obstruction, and driving with a suspended license.

After police and fire crews cleared the scene in the 200 block of Broadway, approximately two dozen members of the crowd marched in the roadway over to the East Precinct, temporarily blocking traffic. The crowd eventually dispersed.