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Monday-September 27, 2021

#2021-252157/North Precinct/ Second Watch: On 9-24-2021 at 1356 hours, officers responded to a 911 call regarding a person trespassing. Officers established probable cause to arrest the suspect but when they did the woman grabbed an officer’s hand and injured his fingers. The suspect was arrested for investigation of third-degree assault.

#2021-252304/East Precinct/ Second Watch: On 9-24-2021 at 1615 hours, a security supervisor at a consulate dialed 911 requesting help from the Seattle Police Department. The supervisor reported that 20-25 people were protesting outside their building. Security staff said when they tried to evacuate the building consulate employees were surrounded and prevented from leaving. Seattle Police officers declined to assist, saying they had over 50 911 calls waiting and only a handful of patrol units available throughout the entire city.

#2021-252756/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 9-25-2021 at 0107, officers responded to a hospital on East Thomas Street for a report of a patient with 15-20 stab wounds. Hospital security told officers they found the man nearby. The victim was transferred to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. The man told officers he was attacked for an unknown reason by a stranger.

#2021-253191/East Precinct/ Second Watch: On 9-25-2021 at 12:38 hours, officers responded to report of someone blocking an intersection. Several 911 callers reported the person was attempting to direct traffic while holding a firearm. Responding officers contacted the subject and asked them to drop the gun. The person set the firearm down in their car. Officers started a conversation with the person, who was in crisis, and took time to find out what they could do to assist. Officers were able to retrieve the weapon and the person handed officers a backpack, which contained a second firearm. After some time, the subject agreed to leave with officers. The person was taken to the King County Jail where they were held on investigation of unlawful use of weapons to intimidate.  

#2021-253259/East Precinct/Second Watch: On 9-25-2021 at 1357 hours, multiple callers dialed 911 to report gunfire in Judkins Park. At the time of the shooting there was a youth sporting event inside the park where numerous families and children were gathered. One witness said the gunfire originated from someone inside a sedan that was stopped at an intersection just outside the park. The witness said a passenger got out of the vehicle and fired several rounds toward the park then sped off. Officers could not find any victims or suspects. It appeared no property was damaged.

#2021-253681/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 9-25-2021 at 2148 hours, a victim witnessed a disturbance between two people. When the witness tried to intervene, he was slashed in the leg with a sharp weapon. Seattle Fire medics responded, due to the seriousness of the injury, but they contacted SPD after hearing the assault stemmed from a separate incident. The suspect was arrested for investigation of assault.

#2021-253870/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 9-26-2021 at 0120 hours, officers responded to reports of someone with a rifle shooting out a vehicle window in the 5000 block of 16th Avenue Northeast in the University District. Witnesses told dispatch they believed the vehicle related to a man who had been kicked out of a party earlier in the night. Police investigated; no arrests were made.

#2021-253836/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 9-26-2021 at 0021 hours, officers responded to multiple witness reports of gunfire in the 1400 block of East Olive Street. Witnesses said the gunfire was originating from a person who was firing from their front door. Officers spoke with the suspect, who admitted to firing his weapon in response to someone driving around the block threatening to harm his family.

#2021-253873/ Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: On 9-26-2021 at 0117 hours, officers responded to a motor-vehicle collision with an overturned vehicle in the 4000 block of California Avenue Southwest. Officers learned that one of the vehicles involved struck a parked, unoccupied, car while traveling northbound. That vehicle then flipped on its side; all three occupants had to be extricated by the Seattle Fire Department. No one was seriously hurt. Officers are investigating the possibility of intoxicants being involved.

#2021-253879/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 9-26-2021 at 0127 hours, officers responded to a nightclub in the 100 block of Occidental Avenue South for reports of a fight. Witnesses said one person punched two people in the face before pulling out a firearm and opening fire. One person was shot. Officers who were outside the club monitoring the closing time process heard the gunfire and saw the suspect trying to leave. Witnesses pointed out the suspect to officers and an arrest was made. Officers provided first aid to the people injured inside the club.

#2021-253990/West Precinct/First Watch: On 9-26-2021 at 0452 hours, officers responded to a report of someone who threatened to hurt a stranger who was sitting in a vehicle. While investigating, the person who had reportedly issued the threat shoved an officer several times and attempted to kick him. The person was arrested for investigation of third-degree assault.

#2021-254338/East Precinct/Second Watch: On 9-26-2021 at 1456 hours, officers responded to a report of a shooting. When they arrived, they met with the victim, a ride-share driver, who said they were at work when someone inside another car pointed a gun at them. The victim told officers they pulled into a parking lot to get away from the other vehicle. A short time later the driver said they inadvertently got behind the same suspect vehicle and a passenger in the other car then shot at them. The victim’s car was struck several times by gunfire. No arrests were immediately made.

#2021-254359/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch: On 9-26-2021 at 1520 hours, officers responded to a report that a person walking north on Delridge Way Southwest was damaging vehicles with a large chain. Officers responded and found eight parked vehicles with damage to either their front or rear windshield. The damage was estimated at about $1,000 per vehicle. With the help of witnesses the suspect was identified. They were arrested for eight counts of investigation of malicious mischief.

#2021-253897/West Precinct/ Third Watch: On 9-26-2021 at 0154 hours, officers investigating a shooting heard additional gunfire about a block away. Upon arriving, officers were told by witnesses that the person who fired shots got into a vehicle and left. No arrests were made.