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Officers Seize Two Guns in Pioneer Square

Officers seized two handguns Saturday in Pioneer Square after a man brandished a firearm at a couple on the street.

Around 9:45 PM the couple were walking out of a parking lot near Occidental Avenue South and South Washington Street when a man approached them and asked for a cigarette. The couple told man they didn’t smoke and began crossing the street. The suspect then began yelling, challenged them to a fight, and pulled a handgun from his pants and racked the slide.

Police responded to the scene and contacted the 21-year-old suspect and recovered a handgun he appeared to have hidden under a vehicle.

Officers also arrested a 24-year-old acquaintance of the suspect at the scene after discovering he was carrying a concealed firearm without a license.

Police booked the 21-year-old into the King County Jail for felony harassment.

Officers also arrested a second man, a 24-year-old friend of the suspect, for carrying a concealed firearm without a license. Police interviewed and released the man from the West Precinct after seizing his gun.