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Saturday – November 6, 2021

#2021-294795/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 11-06-2021 at 0401 hours, a suspect was involved in a residential burglary at the 2100 BLK of 41 Ave SW. The victim had evidence of the incident. On 11/6/21, a couple of hours after the Residential Burglary, the same suspect went to a Chevron at the 4000 BLK of Delridge WY SW and used the victim’s credit card. The victim received a bank fraud alert notification. Officers reviewed evidence and verified that it was the same suspect who committed the Residential Burglary. On 11/7/2021, at 0401, officers responded to a follow up at the 4700 BLK of Delridge WY SW. Initially, officers had information that the suspect was possibly inside the apartment. Hostage Negotiation Team responded and assisted with the call. After further investigation, there was reason to believe that the suspect was outside Seattle. Officers executed a warrant on the suspect’s vehicle and recovered evidence of the crimes. The suspect is known to be armed when contacted by police.

#2021-294739/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 11-06-2021 at 0416 hours, a subject was the victim of a shooting earlier in the evening at the Red Lounge (12 Ave / Jefferson St.) He and friends fled believing they were just caught in the cross fire. They chose to go to a Hookah Lounge at 22 Ave S/ S Plum St. While walking with a female friend, an unknown male adult suspect crossed his path, grabbed at his coat, and demanded he take off what he was wearing. Victim had two gold herring bone diamond encrusted necklaces on. Victim felt he was being robbed so he drew out his concealed UNLOADED 9mm pistol to scare the robber away. This failed and the robber drew his concealed pistol (.45 ACP) fired 6 rounds, 3 striking the unoccupied Honda in front of Hobson Pl. One round struck the victim’s right hand index finger. Suspect then fled SB on foot to a vehicle and drove away. Victim and the female fled behind the cars as cover, then both went separate ways. Victim was located a block away as he tried to get a friend to pick him up. Seattle Fire responded & treated the wound. Victim refused any further medical. Victim not fully cooperative with investigation. Incident screened with Gun Violence Reduction Unit Sgt.

#2021-295261/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 11-06-2021 at 1832 hours, a 911 call was received about an active shooter inside the Target at 1401 2 Ave. Employees got customers out of the store and/or had them shelter in place, then locked locations of entry/exit. Patrol and SWAT officers responded. Clarifying questions to caller and Target security revealed that no shots had been heard, just a report of a suspect who brandished a handgun. Officers split into teams to clear the store, locate, and interview victims/witnesses, and review evidence. Once the store checked clear, customers and employees were allowed to leave their shelter in place locations. A victim was located, and it was determined to be an attempted armed robbery of a customer on the 3rd floor. No shots were fired, and no one suffered any injuries. Evidence was recovered and an area search was done for the suspect, but he was never located.

#2021-295271/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 11-06-2021 at 1840 hours, a female victim was picking up to-go food at a Rainier Valley restaurant. A suspect pulled out a gun and forced the victim to give up her vehicle. The suspect stole the victim’s vehicle and drove away. Officers were able to locate the vehicle (abandoned) in a Beacon Hill neighborhood. A K9 track was unsuccessful. Officers conducted the investigation and checked the vehicle’s interior for prints. The victim later arrived and took custody of her car. SPD Robbery was notified.

#2021-295350/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-06-2021 at 2051 hours, officers responded to a residence to 34 AV SW for a suicidal suspect. The parents reported that their son was high and wanted to kill himself. Officers attempted to contact the subject at his bedroom door, and he advised that he was barricading the door and had a pistol to his head. Officers on scene immediately established a contact team, and an officer began verbal communication with the subject. The family was evacuated to a safe location and containment was established on the residence. Hostage Negotiation Team responded to the scene. SWAT was screened. After approximately 2 hours of negotiations, the subject surrendered without further incident. Seattle Fire responded to screen the subject for possible narcotics overdose. The subject was transported to the hospital for medical treatment and ITA paperwork was completed. Subject also had a DOC Escape community custody warrant that is still active.

#2021-295089/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 11-06-2021 at (no time given) a Community Meeting was scheduled at 1954 S Massachusetts St Eritrean Community Center, where members of the Eritrean community were supposed to meet with the Eritrean Ambassador to discuss issues occurring in their homeland. When members arrived who were against the current government in Eritrea, they were not allowed inside the community center. This caused the group to become very upset and begin to push the fence line of the building and throw projectiles. Initially patrol responded to assist in separating both groups, so no violence occurred. Patrol was then relieved by the Community Response Group. The Antigovernmental group again began pushing on the fence line of the building. During this second event a female victim stated a suspect on the pro-government group threw an unknown liquid at the victim. The victim declined medics but believed this assault was due to her political beliefs. An assault report with bias motivation was completed. Due to police visibility no other major incidents or issues occurred during the event with the counter demonstrators leaving peacefully before the Ambassador was seen exiting the building. This entire incident was screened with A/LT.